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  1. I have a question about Duplicati. I am backing up about 1.7TB of data to Amazon Drive. Photos, work archives, emails, etc. I ran the backup and it took a long time, but eventually it finished. Now that I am running it every 2 days, it looks like it's backing up the entire 1.7TB again. Is this normal? In thinking about it, if its encrypting,compressing and uploading the data in 50MB chunks, it doesn't know what it backed up before in order to only do incremental. Am I correct? I would HATE to backup/store everything unencrypted. Any thoughts or suggestions? Many thanks, Hernando
  2. I guess releases and structure changes are less often that the stuff I am used to. Thank you Bonienl... you work is greatly appreciated.
  3. If we copy and edit to create our own version, how often would the original CSS's change in structure (add sections, rename sections, etc.) so that we would have to create all the changes again? I used to fiddle with the CSS's from sonarr/medusa/nzbget to get it to my liking. But then in some version they would change something that would necessitate re-figuring out all the changes I made. These were very time consuming edits.
  4. I would love this feature. I like to tweak as well. +1
  5. Any chance we could get a Midnight Comander or terminal window in a tab? With full F-key support. I know there is a cli plugin, but it's a bit buried to get to the ui. Something one could change the font size like in putty. Thanks
  6. I believe w Spectrum/TW in my city, everything but the over the air local channels is drm'd. Lucky brits have it all easy... with tv, health care, monarchs...
  7. Thanks. Sounds like it's easier to stick with the cable boxes. I keep seeing the live tv kodi feature and I hope for something functional. I guess when enough people cut the cord, they will loosen-up the drm crap. I mean even ms is not supporting wmc any longer. Going to to read up on the link provided. thanks again, H.
  8. Please tell me about wmc and extenders. Do I have to have wmc htpc's at each TV set? Are extenders things like xboxes? Thanks!
  9. I get nervous not having cable for the news and stuff. I guess it's a 9/11 scar. Nasty, are you in US? I have not switched to hdhr because my spectrum/tw channels are all drm. I have LibreElec mini pc's at each tv.
  10. Hard to find good index sites. They are invite only. And it's not permitted to discuss about them here. In sick rage you enter the site's username and the API key they give you. Some indexers ask you to donate to get more than a handful of API hits per day. Sonarr vs sick rage is like a mac vs pc thing. I use sickrage/medusa because it has subtitle downloads. But they both perform the same function.
  11. Sick rage is awesome. What is the prob? Btw use medusa which is lates port of SR.
  12. @darbronnoco thank you. I saw a few tutorials on this.
  13. Thank you for this. Where do I get the values for username, pin, app_id, and access_token? H.
  14. 'How about making the side menu flip-able, rotatable, positional, reversible, investable, objectionable..... Mine eyes thank you!!!
  15. Nice! Any chance of a "light" variation of this layout? With my aging eyes, I find it hard to read the darker schemes. thanks, H
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