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  1. 'Try copying a file through iOS to a thumb drive; you want to pull your hair out. I rely a lot on a thumb drive that boots a semi persistent PartedMagic. With it I can read array drives, test them, try to recover data, etc. I run it on my real desktop, and also boot windows or Mac OS. I have a swapable hdd drive cage. Very handy.
  2. Only reason I would never make my working desktop as a vm is' what happens if unraid runs into an issue that requires you to shut it down. Then you don't have a computer to search for a solution.
  3. Ps. No need to open any ports with this.all your Dockers, etc will be available when connected.
  4. The vpn you guys are talking has nothing to with PÍA. Vpn on your router does. If you set in your router, add a reallllyyyyy strong password. On remote computer you add a vpn connection to your wrt router (win, mac, iOS have it as a network type). You need to know your ip, or if dynamic, you have to set something up like no-ip.com. Once you you connect to your wrt router, its like you are in your home network. With unraid you do everything you normally do. did I say the password has to be strong?
  5. Is that Walter White in the photo above? That guy is amazing with chemicals.
  6. Thank you guys... @garycase This is a good option... I have a lot to think about... Perhaps I have to cull my median library a little. Or maybe I will start a Kickstarter campaign to buy me the 8TBs. Min. donation $250. I'll give you access to my Plex Server. No SD, no cams, 720p minimum, 1080p on the high visual stuff. Even includes chick flicks. 8TB buys you 31TB of media. Any takers? It's a bargain!
  7. What happens if you type'exit'?
  8. Thank you guys. I still have 5.8TB free. Just thinking about the future. I do have a free slot and I could add. I am also entertaining the idea of culling my media library a tiny bit. I know know that to add 4TB more, I need to spent around $600 for 3 of them 8TB USB shuckable drives-- on sale.
  9. Thank you!... If I have 1 parity at 8TB, second parity at 4TB, can I then add one 8TB drive to the array? Meaning I would only need to buy two 8TB's
  10. I currently have two 4TB drives for dual parity. If I want to update to 8TB, do I have to buy three new drives? Two for parity, at least one for array to justify the increased parity. is this correct? Cant spend the money now on 3 drives at the moment..
  11. So many negative statements based on ignorance. Some even showing disdain to this community. Every statement above is so 'wrong" and a waste of time trying to respond. But in the spirit of how supportive we all are, there have been countless Linux newbies that have adopted unraid and "get it". Lime-tech is not a giant multinational corporation with thousand of employees. It is a framework system that has built in the capability for individuals and the forum support community to add functionality that would blow your mind. It did for me 10+ years ago, and I check this forum several times a day just to find what new awesomeness I can add. 365 days x 10 years = 3,650 days 3,650 days / $129 = $0.035 per day Take care of yourself. Speaking only for myself, It was nice knowing you. Really. Bye.
  12. Going back to op; you mention you want win10 for kodi, web browsing etc. If kodi is 95% of what you want, is kodi and plugging into a TV set; I would recommend LibreElec. I find it awkward to use win as a 10 foot OS. if you have a powerful unraid, you could run multiple vm's one for kodi, one for general win usage. I don't have experience and I think I would not recommend a VM as your primary pc. If unraid has an issue, you cannot browse for a solution to the issue.
  13. i tried android tv on one of these $60 cube htpc devices about 2 months and it was simply awful. It made me want to go back to: Seriously, android tv feels like it's pre-alpha. At least from my experience. Maybe things have changed recently. i also managed to get a chrome os going in a vm, and it was jump out the window bad.
  14. I think you have to add a driver for the setup to recognize the virtual hard drive. I wish I could remember this better, but I think there is a limetech video on installing normal windows; which tells you how to do this.
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