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  1. Thank you. I was able to simply start the vm with the converted downloaded file directly. I hate to say, but I am not liking this os. It is too bare. thanks for your help! H.
  2. Bummer... I cannot get the VM to start... I copied the exact XML and I get the following error: operation failed: unable to find any master var store for loader: /usr/share/qemu/ovmf-x64/OVMF_CODE-pure-efi.fd The ONLY thing I changed was the path to the CloudReady .img file. My goal was to do this step first and then I would edit the XML to pass through my GPU and USB controller card. Any ideas? @thatnovaguy ?
  3. Hi, I have a folder on a drive connected to my Windows machine. I want to be able to mount this folder in unRAID so I can use it as a Crashplan destination.When I add the share in Unassigned Devices, it loads but does not mount. I do not have any user names in unRAID. The folder is shared with "Everyone" read/write in Windows. I also tried creating a user and trying to mount with a user/pw. with the same results. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks, H.
  4. Thank you Strike... I have found the answer... please read my post above.
  5. Looks like it has both of those features you want. I would like to re-visit my initial question about Medusa. Anyone here successfully implementing the failed download feature with NZBGet? Specifically, does one have to use the NZBtoMedia third party scripts for this to work? I hear some say that you do and some that you don't... curious to know exactly how to configure this. Many thanks, H. EDIT: Found the answer... https://github.com/pymedusa/Medusa/wiki/NZBtoMedia
  6. Found a good guide to getting iMessage to work with this Sierra install" Sierra iMessage Guide. I did do steps 6-10 and skipped step 11 (not available in Sierra). Good luck. H.
  7. Bingo....! It all works!!! 1812 thank you for guiding me with this. I would have never know about disabling the card in syslinux.cfg I still get to use the little hub I just bought, and I am not passing the kvm swith directly. I plug the kvm USB items into the little hub connected to USB card. I am one happy camper. Thanks again! H.
  8. Wow... thanks.... how do I get the id's of my card? The lb73:1100 part in your case? If I disable it in the syslinux.cfg, will it show up as a passthrough in the VM template? In the pass-through template is is where I would get the <hostdev> section with the proper values? Thanks. H. EDIT: Using the command "lspci -nn" returned this: 09:00.0 USB controller [0c03]: Fresco Logic FL1100 USB 3.0 Host Controller [1b73:1100] (rev 10) It does look like our cards match. Proceeding with your solution... stay tuned...
  9. No luck with the USB hub.... unRAID will not see it as a device that can be passed through. At this point, I have no audio... The way I see it I can either 1) I need to buy some hardware that @DoeBoye uses to se if I can pass through the audio and conncet to my external powered speaker. Or 2) buy another USB adapter card that actually shows up. Does anyone have a USB adapter card that works better with my SuperMicro mobo? As a reminder, if I add a USB card, it will work, but does not show up as a pass through item. The on board USB is listed as: ATEN International Co. Winbond Hermon. 3) Perhaps it's possible to pass through the USB Adapter card by specifying the hardware code. @1812 I bought the same card as yours... what does the entry for the card look like in your XML? Something like: <hostdev mode='subsystem' type='usb' managed='no'> <source> <vendor id='0x0d8c'/> <product id='0x0014'/> </source> <address type='usb' bus='0' port='2'/> </hostdev> Thanks for all your patience guys...
  10. Thank you 1812... unfortunately I got the same error message when starting the VM... I tried taking out the kvm switch, and it does allow me to start the VM with the audio. So something with the kvm switch interferes with adding the audio. I do like the ability of using the kvm... Waiting for the USB hub I ordered. Hopefully it will show up to allow me to pass through.
  11. 1812... Problem is that when I pass the USB Audio device (plugged directly to mobo), I get this error message when trying to launch the VM: internal error: process exited while connecting to monitor: 2017-04-13T03:09:08.889483Z qemu-system-x86_64: -device usb-kbd: tried to attach usb device QEMU USB Keyboard to a bus with no free ports This is a copy of my current XML: Pastebin Link Thanks, H.
  12. The problem is that I am not finding the new USB adapter card to pass-through. It seems like the only USB device that is showing up is the motherboard's. Even with everything unplugged (my kvm, usb audio dongle, new usb card), the same USB device shows up. I ordered a cheap usb hub. I hope that if I plug that in, it will be recognized and that I can pass it through. Thank you guys. H. @DoeBoye Could you please let me know what hardware you use to make this work.HDMI Matrix?
  13. I received my USB Audio adapter (Mac compatible) and the USB 3 Adapter card (Link to USB Adapter Card). With the card UNINSTALLED, I get the following options for items to pass through: ATEN International Co. CS682 2-Port USB 2.0 DVI KVM Switch (0557:2213) ATEN International Co. Winbond Hermon (0557:2221) Cyber Power CP1500 AVR UPS (0764:0501) When I install the card, I get the same list above!! If I plug in a thumb drive into the new card, I get the card showing up in unRAID's Main page in Unassigned Devices. If I plug the USB Audio Adapter (USB Audio Adapter link), then the following new device shows up in the VM setup page: C-Media Electronics (0d8c:0014) I tried passing through the device in red above, and in OSX I will not see a thumb drive nor the USB Audio when plugged to the new card. I tried passing the USB Audio (without the one in red above). But when I try to Start the VM, I get the below error: Internal error: process exited while connecting to monitor: 2017-04-12T11:09:56.211283Z qemu-system-x86_64: -device usb-kbd: tried to attach usb device QEMU USB Keyboard to a bus with no free ports! Not valid! This link has the XML that causes this error: Pastebin Link I have an older 30" DUal DVI Link monitor (it needs this to get the high resolution). It does not have built in speakers. Any idea how I can get audio on my VM? I have external powered speakers. Many thanks! H.
  14. Man, I am loving this... I finally got it all working. It took ages and days until I finally came up with a method of installing after running into issues w/ the install videos. Long story short, I have to source online a vmware sierra image, which I then had to boot with the Sierra install disk as the Primary HD (it had Clover) and the sourced .img file as the secondary. Just like everyone said, it does feel like a real Mac... Passing through my GT 710 GPU. I am using an old kvm switch which shows up as a hub and I pass that for kb and mouse. This way I can simply toggle between my Win desktop and the Mac VM. Waiting for new USB card and USB sound to get it all finalized. Loving my new computer! Thank you all.
  15. Answering my own post above... I was able to source a VMWARE Sierra image somewhere online... I am golden now. Natively supported GPU passthrough. Machine is snappier than my gold old desktop. Gridrunner... again, a big Thank You! H.
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