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  1. How to change SSH Port?

    FYI, most people port scanning don't just target 22. Modern port scanners scan all available ports on a network looking to see what's responding to a basic connection attempt. Changing which port you are using doesn't really do much in terms of enhancing security any more than moving the location of a door to your house. It's the deadbolt inside the door that protects you, not the location of the door itself.
  2. Can you.guys try updating your virtio drivers in the guests you are using to the latest to see if that makes a difference?
  3. Request for GUI logout

    Logout is something we have added in an internal release. Will have this for you guys in the future.
  4. You are on a very outdated version of unRAID. I would suggest updating to 6.3.5 and see if you can recreate the issue.
  5. messed up my VM by 'sorting my shares'

    Edit your VM and delete the entire entry for the virtio iso and the VM will boot.
  6. Delete Files For More Space

    In the future, please include your system diagnostics in any posts requesting support. The information inside is vital to helping you diagnose and re-mediate problems. One possible issue could be that you do not have minimum free space values configured for your shares. Click on the share you're attempting to utilize for this copy and increase the minimum free space value to the size of the file you are trying to transfer. Now try to copy it and see what happens.
  7. Try guest for the username with no password.
  8. Thanks to everyone for participating in this logo creation process! We are super impressed with the work you guys came up with and will be passing along our favorites to help inspire the final artistry for the logo. Thanks again!
  9. VM creation error

    You can run a VM, but you cannot pass through any PCIe devices (including graphics cards) because your hardware doesn't support it. I'm very interested to see a photo of the BIOS settings you reference here. Very clearly in their product documentation it says there is no support for VT-d. If it shows up on the motherboard BIOS settings though and you can enable it, it should work.
  10. VM creation error I do not see VT-d listed on that processor spec sheet, only VT-x. Here's your problem: So your hardware does NOT support VT-d / IOMMU according to Intel's own spec sheets. If you click "Info" on the webGui (in the top right), does it say IOMMU enabled or disabled?
  11. VM creation error

    The i3 likely does not support GPU pass through. See the hardware requirements page for more information on what is required for doing this (its under our support menu on the main website).
  12. VM creation error

    You need to pass through a GPU if you wish to see graphics appear on the monitor like that. Otherwise you can use VNC to connect to your VM(s).
  13. VM creation error

    Hi again, In the future, when we ask for diagnostics, it is best to just attach the entire zip file. I think your mouse is the issue. If you can try a different one I bet it would work just fine (different make / model). - Jon
  14. VM creation error

    I think the issue is the USB mouse you are trying to assign. It has a vendor ID that starts with four zeros and libvirt apparently doesn't like that very much. Please try using a different USB mouse and see if that works for you.
  15. VM creation error

    I was asking for the full diagnostics file, but as a quick test, can you try starting the VM with no USB devices assigned?

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