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  1. I'd be suspicious of your USB drive. Reverting to previous setting sounds a bit like a USB stick that's on it's last legs.
  2. Well, seems FreeNAS Corral, the huge pile of crap that it is, has been canned. No real surprise, I tried it and wasted a week of my life battling the GUI, Docker that kept corrupting itself, and fundamental missing features. It was more of an ALPHA than RELEASE. Terrible OS. https://www.servethehome.com/freenas-corral-canned-development-essentially-halted-now/
  3. Good choice, I always go for a really good drive for parity.
  4. I have a ST8000VN0002, which is basically an IronWolf Pro. It's a nice drive, seriously quick, quiet, and runs reasonably cool considering it's a 7200rpm enterprise drive. I think the only difference is some diagnostic software stuff that's available on the IronWolf Pro. I would have no hesitation in buying another 8TB NAS drive from Seagate.
  5. SAS drives might not support spinning down, as spinning down is a fucntion of one of the IDE/SATA commands. As SAS uses SCSI commands, it might not be able to spin down, or not understand the spin down command. So, unRAID might be saying "spin down, boyo" and the drive is saying "you want me to do what now?".
  6. Well, no. My X99-A refuses to boot off BIOS reliably. It's the reason I had to stop using it. Yes, I've reset BIOS, done all the sacrifices and dances, but still it only really boots off UEFI reliably.
  7. It's not typical at all. You shouldn't see any more than 25W idle with any recent Intel. Some will idle in single figures (my old Fujitsu TX1310M1 server with E3-1226v3 idled at 8W). I think there's something not set correctly in the BIOS of the Gigabyte,
  8. I have a 1230v3 running 6.3.2 just fine. And a 1230Lv3. Both machines at work which run solidly.
  9. I've had good results from my Gigabyte Z170N-Wifi - M.2 slot, 6xSATA, 2xIntel NIC, and low power consumption. Nice board for unRAID.
  10. ST3000DM001 are the famously terrible drives from hell. See any article about BackBlaze. I wouldn't prop the door with them.
  11. Just so you know: - There is no compatibility issue between unRAID and the 1230 - There is no need at all for water cooling on a 1241. You have either: - Not fitted the heat sink correctly - Your motherboard is f**ked (either hardware issue, BIOS setting, or temp reporting). I have a E3-1275v3 running just fine on a random aluminium Intel heat sink, even running 100% CPU load it doesn't go much over 70C. At work I run an old E3-1240(v1) on an Asus server board, again with a stock heat sink and have had no issues, and it's running a heap of VMs.
  12. Consider the new G46xx Pentiums - they've got 2 cores with Hyperthreading, so are basically an i3 only cheaper.
  13. I tried FreeNAS Corral, the new version. I struggled for a week or so with it, but there were some retardo missing features (like you can't replace a failed disk!?!), Docker blew up twice on it, and a few other major bloopers. They released it as STABLE, but it's little better than an ALPHA really. unRAID just works, most of the time, and when it doesn't it's usually very easy to fix.
  14. Any Intel retail cooler will cool a 1241 no problems. I'm of the mind that it's not seated correctly too. On the last picture it looks like the right-hand little black catch hasn't caught on the ratchet thing on the clear part of the clip. You need to push those black clips down HARD until you hear the sharp click. They should be approx 2mm further down. When you twisted the black bit to release the clips, did you twist the clip back? It looks like you haven't on one of those pictures.
  15. WD40EZRZ? Hmm...I got 4 of those about a year ago. I used them for about a month. 2 died. Totally dead one day, not a peep, no sign of life. One of the others is noisy, and the last one is bad sectored. I've RMA'ed 3 so far, just waiting on them coming back. I think the EZRZ is a bit shit in all honesty.
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