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  1. Power Consumption != TDP. TDP - Thermal Design Power. Not power consumption. The low-power chips are only useful in really thermally constrained machines. My i5-6500T came out of an Ultra Small Form Factor Dell machine, which has a really tiny heat sink on it, almost the sort of heat sink you'd see on a 486. It works out fine for me, as my NAS is basically passively cooled (Arctic Alpine 11 passive cooler, passive cooled PSU, single 140mm Noctua fan running at 400-600rpm). Although, the i3-6100 worked just fine in that machine, too.
  2. Wendell over at the Level1Techs forum (and YouTube channel) is all over IOMMU like a rash, and is working with AsRock and possibly Gigabyte to get the IOMMU groupings working properly on Ryzen. Might be worth checking that out.
  3. 1GB per 1TB is nonsense spread by the FreeNAS neckbeards. It's total balderdash even for FreeNAS. ECC likewise, it's not required. If you're not running VMs, 4GB is plenty for unRAID. I have 16GB in my main unRAID and it rarely goes over 15% RAM utilisation. I'm only using that RAM because it's left over from an old X99 build.
  4. The SAS2LP still works fine in unRAID. Of course, a failing card will cause all sorts of grief, but don't tar all SAS2LP cards with the one brush. I have two unRAID boxes at work as backup destinations, both use SAS2LP cards, and both work fine.
  5. As far as I can tell, the only difference is the lack of Intel logo, and the black choke things are no-name items where real Intel cards would use Delta or similar. Oh, and it's only two port rather than 4 port as per most i350 cards. They work exactly as expected, using the normal Intel drivers. But, considering the price I think they're worth it. If it dies, it's cheap to replace.
  6. Absolutely, I just recommended this set up because I use it and I know it works. I don't see any reason why H270/Z270 wouldn't work fine.
  7. I'm using an i350-T2. It's an elcheapo chinese Intel clone, and works great. You'll need an x4 slot. This is similar: http://www.ebay.com/itm/INTEL-I350-T2-Dual-Port-Gigabit-1000M-PCI-E-Network-Server-Adapter-I350-AM2-/142319731685 I also added a stick-on RAM heatsink to the controller chip, as it was running at about 80C in my very low airflow case. Probably fine, but I have heaps of those little heatsinks and only takes a second to stick one on.
  8. Just checked the price of the 10TB Gold here in the UK. About Ā£570. That's US$741. That's expensive.
  9. I don't think I do, I said exactly what you just did. Gold->Red Pro->Red->Purple->Blue.
  10. Ah, yes, my Google-fu was weak and missed the extra ports. 10 are off the Intel, the other two AsMedia. unRAID has worked with any AsMedia chips I've come across, so I recon it'll work OK. Yes, the booting issue was very frustrating. It wasn't just unRAID that had issues booting, even depending on how I created Windows boot sticks would mean booting or not.
  11. Why would the SATA ports not be usable? They're Intel chipset ports. I struggled with an Asus X99-A and unRAID, mostly because the board was unreliable at booting off a non-UEFI USB stick. It would boot OK if manually told to from the F8 menu, but would never boot automatically, no matter what the boot priority was in the UEFI menu. You'll need a video card, too, as there's no onboard video. I used a Matrox G690 PCI-E card. My old 8MB RageXL PCI had to go in to retirement due to the lack of PCI slots.
  12. The 10TB Red is a 10TB Gold that didn't make the grade. The 10TB Purple will be a 10TB Red that didn't quite make that grade, and the 10TB Blues will be the crap that's left over that sort of works. Same as all other sizes of WD drive...
  13. I never bother preclearing. I just run a single full format of a drive in a Windows box, and that does it. Any early failures of drives I've had have crapped out almost immediately.
  14. You're going to have to upgrade to 10G now, it's clearly the only way forward. Edit: Oh, you have 10G. Hmm...carry on!
  15. Indeed, that's how it's worked in the past. Same with Seagate. This is a very odd situation indeed. Coincidentally, I've found WD's refurb drives to be much better than the new ones. The 4x new 4TB Blues I got were all very noisy and vibrated really badly. All 4 of them. The two replacement units are totally silent, and run much cooler. Same with a 5TB Red I RMA'ed about a year ago, the original drive, a retail boxed 5TB Red I got the same time as this one I'm having the RMA issues with, also vibrated more than I'd like. The refurb is also totally silent. I have two really noisy 6TB Greens, I'm thinking I might return those and see if I get quiet ones in return. The 6TB Greens vibrate so badly, when they're running I can hear them humming in my neighbour's house. Really.
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