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  1. No, it worked fine on the stock heatsink.
  2. It may come as surprise, but I'm saying that from my own experience, just not regurgitating internet folklore. They're shit drives, always were, always will be.
  3. Slightly off topic, any thoughts on those Toshiba drives? Are they Hitachi drives with different labels still? I quite like the look of the 8TB Toshiba NAS drive, and to my eye it looks identical to my old HGST 4TB NAS drives.
  4. To be fair, anyone still using the ST3000DM001 deserves everything they get...Marvell controller or not.
  5. Indeed, I have two Marvell controllers (one is the Supermicro SAS2LP-MV8, the other an elcheapo 92?0) and neither give any trouble. Nor does the 4-port Marvell that soldered on to my Supermicro X10SBA board. I think the problem is more the firmware revision on the Marvell controller, rather than the chipset in general.
  6. I used one of the brackets sold by scoondoggy on the HomeServerShow forum. It bolts to the side of the PSU and gives space for 2 or 4 2.5" drives. Powered off the optical power cable using a cheap adaptor.
  7. Data corruption can happen on any OS, using any controller. A bad cable can royally f**k things up, and the OS is oblivious. That's one of the reasons backups are important.
  8. I used an E3-1230LV2 in a Microserver no problems, replacing the 1610T.
  9. I'm not sure an i5 will work in the HP - i5 doesn't support ECC RAM. You can use an i3, or a Xeon.
  10. So, my understanding is you're running Docker off the array, and not off the cache? Er...you should be running Docker off your cache. If you're running it off your data array, you're doing it wrong.
  11. Well, no. SOME Marvell chips give problems in SOME circumstances. unRAID does not burst in to flames, eat all your data, or kill your cat if you plug in a Marvell chipset controller.
  12. Yeah, you should really have migrated away from rfs long ago. It's old and creaky, and really has no place in 2017 on modern hardware with big drives.
  13. My server downloads a lot, and there's very little left over. I only use a 256GB SSD for my cache, and I maybe once a month clear out maybe a gigabyte of stuff left over. Sonarr, Couchpotato and NZBGet all get along well and there's not much stuff left, if any, when they've done their thing. Check Sonarr is set to clean up after it's imported, for example. That gets rid of the .nfo, .samples, etc. Running another drive for sabnzb is overthinking things and finding a solution to a problem that doesn't exist, in my opinion.
  14. I've never had any problems with the SAS2LP cards on unRAID. I tend to use WD drives, though. The Seagates I have are 6TB Ironwolfs, 8TB Archives and the venerable 4TB Desktop ST4000DM000.
  15. Very disappointed AMD didn't release desktop Ryzen APUs yesterday.
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