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  1. Don't have to ask, it's right there. Hasn't moved. In the words of Mr T: "What you talking about, crazy fool?"
  2. Everything should move over no problems, unRAID is very good when moving between machines. I don't think you'll have any issues.
  3. Yes. You'll have to try very, very hard to find a board that isn't compatible.
  4. Also consider using NFS - less overhead than SMB. MC is a two-pane file transfer program, a bit like xtree Gold in DOS days if you're old enough to remember that. Very useful program to get familiar with.
  5. 2 weeks seems a very long time. Last time I transferred 8TB it took about 2 days. 20TB is certainly doable in a week on gigabit.
  6. I would use Unassigned Devices on the unRAID box to mount the shares from the Synology. Then I'd run Putty on a Windows machine to ssh to the unRAID box and use MC to copy the data across. That means it's a direct Synology to unRAID connection, the Windows box only controlling the transfer. I use this method quite a lot, and it works great. With turbo write I pretty much get full gigabit transfers (115-120MB/s).
  7. Losing - to have lost Loosing - making less tight The pstate thing is from ages ago - 6.xbeta which didn't work so well with Haswell and didn't throttle. Not needed any more. Might be worth running a memtest86 and see if your hardware is stable.
  8. Sounds good, I had to give up on my X99 rig, because it wouldn't boot off legacy reliably. Asus X99-A.
  9. X299 with a Kaby Lake X CPU is lunacy. You're paying more for the motherboard than the CPU, and not using half the features on the board. Just buy the normal Kaby Lake on Z270.
  10. I ran the same board with a FX8320E for years, only thing I did was put in an Intel NIC (A HP-branded i210AT). The bonus is, the FX CPUs support ECC RAM, and the motherboard has rudimentary video built in to the chipset, so no need for a separate GPU.
  11. I forgot to complete the saga. WD eventually sent me a 5TB Purple to replace the 5TB Red. It's fine, it works. I had to return one of the 4TB Blues, of course it was the one of the three I used, so I had to clone that on to one of the others I hadn't used.
  12. No, a timber framed semi-detached house. A cheaply-built-during-the-property-boom timber framed semi-detached house.
  13. Oh, and there's two 'L' in 'cancelling' and 'cancelled' too.
  14. Yes, and 'colour' is spelt wrong.
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