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  1. you can build it from the terminal # docker build -t <image name> . This will place an image in the internal builtin registry.
  2. [Resolved] NFS share not mountable

    change the mount to be /mnt/Videos nfs defaults,user,auto,noatime,intr 0 0
  3. Screen Rotation

    you can't rotate the local CLI (console) you might be able to rotate the local GUI but I haven't used it to understand any limitations as implemented. you can't install drivers for the IGD, as unRAID is basically a limited run from RAM linux with everything (drivers) hardcoded in. Why don't you just run a terminal on a local desktop OS (Mac/Windows/Linux), rotate the display there and run a ssh session / web browser window there?
  4. Screen Rotation

    Please elaborate, the screen on the left, what's displaying it? a) your unRAID in local GUI mode? b) your local workstation? because if its b) your desktop should have the rotation controls but if its a) we'll have to wait for anybody here who has run the local GUI and knows if rotation is supported.
  5. UNC paths in containers?

    Don't know anything about sagetv, but a docker container cannot have a host mount that is a UNC path. The underlying system doesn't understand UNC paths as they are windows specific. The best you can do is to have Unassigned Disks mount the UNC path, then the docker mount it as a slave mount. I don't use this option either, but might solve your problem.
  6. UPS for unraid

    That data port is actually a USB port (the device end is non-standard). The UPS comes with the cable for that. Check the box again.
  7. Shoko Server for anime container on unRAID

    I tried rebuilding the docker image and I see that the new commits by the developers seem to cause the Linux build to crash shortly on startup. I'm going to ask if they have a stable-enough tag/release for the Linux version to use with the docker image.
  8. Shoko Server for anime container on unRAID

    @deusxanime You can't set the user the container will be running as without modifying the image. To modify the image, you'll need to change the Dockerfile and rebuild the image. I tried modifying the Dockerfile to have the resulting files owned by nobody and it seems to work, but as I don't have access to a windows PC, I can't test the desktop part and the current WebUI feels incomplete.
  9. ls vs find problem.....

    Pipe your find commands through sort, you'll see they are all there... root@QNas:/mnt/user/TV/Mine/Star Trek TOS/Season 3# find . -type f ./Star Trek TOS S03E01-Spock's Brain.mkv ./Star Trek TOS S03E02-The Enterprise Incident.mkv ./Star Trek TOS S03E03-The Paradise Syndrome.mkv ./Star Trek TOS S03E04-And the Children Shall Lead.mkv ./Star Trek TOS S03E05-Is There in Truth No Beauty.mkv ./Star Trek TOS S03E07-Day of the Dove.mkv ./Star Trek TOS S03E08-For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky.mkv ./Star Trek TOS S03E10-Plato's Stepchildren.mkv ./Star Trek TOS S03E13-Elaan of Troyius.mkv ./Star Trek TOS S03E15-Let That Be Your Last Battlefield.mkv ./Star Trek TOS S03E16-The Mark of Gideon.mkv ./Star Trek TOS S03E17-That Which Survives.mkv ./Star Trek TOS S03E21-The Cloud Minders.mkv ./Star Trek TOS S03E22-The Savage Curtain.mkv ./Star Trek TOS S03E23-All Our Yesterdays.mkv ./Star Trek TOS S03E06-Spectre of the Gun.mkv ./Star Trek TOS S03E09-The Tholian Web.mkv ./Star Trek TOS S03E11-Wink of an Eye.mkv ./Star Trek TOS S03E12-The Empath.mkv ./Star Trek TOS S03E14-Whom Gods Destroy.mkv ./Star Trek TOS S03E18-The Lights of Zetar.mkv ./Star Trek TOS S03E19-Requiem for Methuselah.mkv ./Star Trek TOS S03E20-The Way to Eden.mkv ./Star Trek TOS S03E24-Turnabout Intruder.mkv ./files2.txt
  10. NAS build

    Answer 1: From the documentation, it is only for failover. Answer 2: That would work, though your terms are all wrong. You would build/get another enclosure, and wire it up to the 2nd port of the HBA. but your HBA is 8i (internal only) so you would either run a SFF-8087 across chassis, or do conversion with 2x 8087-8088 converters and and 8088 cable. If you used a similar/same case as the enclosure, you'd need to make sure the chassis powers up properly even without a functioning motherboard installed.
  11. Your Emby Container is configured by the image author to use the following ports 8096 8920 7359/udp 1900/udp cf emby/embyserver Dockerfile You can try mapping 80 to 8096 instead (and maybe 443 to 8920) - But I don't know if the container will return correct urls. docker run -d --name=Emby-server --net=embynet --ip= -p 80:8096 -p 443:8920 -p 7359:7359/udp -p 1900:1900/udp -e TZ=America/Sao_Paulo -v "/mnt/user/Media/":"/mnt":rw -v "/mnt/user/appdata/EmbyServer":"/config":rw emby/embyserver
  12. [Support] ken-ji - Dropbox

    Not sure what's causing the errors. What I do know is the linking issue and I have yet to figure out why its occurring, because AFAIK, docker wrongly assumes that the dropbox is now running on new hardware the server is restarted. the Docker link should survive container restarts, just not host (unRAID) restarts
  13. Can dockers have their own IP address?

    If you're using the latest stable (6.3.5) - Try using the builtin Docker capability for Dedicated IP addresses rather than the complicated Pipework - see:
  14. Guide to getting SSH working?

    Its redundant... the snippet above is from the /etc/rc.d/rc.sshd script
  15. Question Docker with seperate IP

    I've updated the details in this post
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