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  2. Say you are transcoding a video. While that is in process, 2 or more drives must be spun up, depending on single or dual parity, source vs destination, etc. The actual transcode is heavily CPU dependent, so the T version will take some arbitrary amount of extra time to complete the task. When the transcode is done, all drives can then spin down. The transcode CPU cycles will be similar, so total power consumed by the CPU will be similar. The drives will consume extra power comparatively, because they were in use longer. Same task, extra power.
  3. No. The thermal limited processors will consume the same if not more power for the same tasks. They just take longer to accomplish the task to keep the average consumption lower, which in turn will keep the drives spun up longer taking more overall power, not less. As long as you can physically dissipate the peak power consumption, it's always better to get the task over and done sooner.
  4. It's got to be a windows issue, have you looked in the system log after making the connection attempt to see if there is something listed there?
  5. Should be fine. If you are risk averse, I'd do it one at at time, that way you are still protected from a data drive failure during the whole procedure. You are physically removing the old parity drives for the procedure, correct?
  6. Just for giggles, try installing a VNC server in the VM and see if you can connect to that.
  7. Pro or better?
  8. What IP is your VM assigned? What IP is your unraid machine? Which IP are you RDP'ing to?
  9. These responses were directly from limetech support, so I wouldn't say you haven't gotten a response.
  10. 1. How do the devices in your network get IP addresses? All DHCP, or are some statically assigned? 2. Do you know how to log into your router and look at the DHCP assigments? 3. Can you verify the actual address that are in use by your machines? 4. Can you use the ping command to verify low level connection between your machines? I suspect you may have multiple routers or wifi access points that may be complicating things.
  11. Ok. What all do you know / not know / can guess at / about the way your computers get local IP addresses in your network? Do you know how to ping?
  12. Yep, I was under the same impression. I wanted to work through WHY the server was unreachable, my best guess at the moment is that there are two DHCP servers broadcasting on the network. Since the OP dodged my questions, I suspect the root issue still exists.
  13. What is your computer's IP address? Can you ping from your computer? Can you ping your PC's IP address from the console of unraid?
  14. Does bring up anything?
  15. /boot/config or \\tower\flash\config
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