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  1. [Support] - Plex Media Server

    Dude. Seriously. CHILL. I meant no offence, and was trying NOT to be a smart alec. I stated the only possible reason I could think of that drive serial numbers would be remotely sensitive, and you seem to think I was attacking you. I was asking a serious question, and got attacked in return. You say your reasons are private, that's fine, I was just trying to figure out if the anonymizer could be improved to help people be more comfortable posting their diagnostics, which are imperative to troubleshooting many issues. The internet is sometimes difficult to read someone's tone, and I apologize if you interpreted what I asked as improper. I will refrain from trying to help in the future.
  2. [Support] - NZBGet

    Isn't that listed at the top next to the current speed?
  3. New motherboard problem.

    Why? If you use the original drive, everything should come up exactly like it was.
  4. [Support] - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

    Look up NAT reflection or loopback.'t_I_access_forwarded_ports_on_my_WAN_IP_from_my_LAN/OPTx_networks
  5. [Support] - Plex Media Server

    Genuinely curious here. Why? Are you afraid someone might find out if your drives are still in warranty? What about the serial numbers can be linked to you? If you present a good case where serial numbers should not be freely shared, I'm sure we can get them partially obfuscated in the anonymize script.
  6. getting the text

    If you are asking if unraid can send you text notifications, yes, if your cell provider has an email to text gateway, and most do. Just set up email notifications, and for the email address to send to, use the email to text address, as shown here.
  7. Go to apps and search for disk speed.
  8. shuts down itself during parity check?

    Redundant should mean either has enough juice to run the server on its own, so pull one and run for a while, see what happens. No need to purchase a spare just for testing when you have the luxury of redundancy.
  9. Some routers handle things a tiny bit different, where dhcp addresses that should be mapped to specific MAC addresses must still be part of the dhcp pool range. PFSense works that way, IIRC. If you assign an address manually on the device itself in the dhcp pool range, you will create issues if you don't also reserve that address in the pool. Different routers handle it in different ways, but as long as there is no way the dhcp server can hand out one of your manually assigned addresses, you are good. Remember though, if you manually set an IP address on the device itself, many times you are responsible for setting the rest of the network info as well, gateway, subnet mask, dns, etc. If you let the dhcp server hand out that same address, typically all the other stuff will be set correctly as well.
  10. SSD Array Drive Experiment

    Thanks for playing, not exactly the result either of us expected, but, hey, apparently things are more complex than they seem. Go figure
  11. Ubuntu 14.04 VM not booting

    Yes, but mistakes happen, and this isn't the end of the world, just irritating. The developers do the best they can, but with literally thousands of possible OS and VM configuration options, it's not easy to get them all right every time, especially when they are chasing moving targets with both the virtualization platform and the randomly updated OS's.
  12. default shares folders

    Disable dockers and VM's if you don't want them.
  13. Shut down the VM, copy the vdisk image to the new location, change the XML or use the GUI to point the VM to the new location of the vdisk, start the VM. Easy. Now, depending on the format of the new SSD, and how you copy the file, it may change from a sparse file to full size, if it was sparse to begin with. This may or may not be a concern or a bad thing. Some people would rather not run a VM sparse, others won't have it any other way for most instances. Depends on usage and what you want. Sparse means the file has a maximum defined size, but doesn't reserve that full size on the disk, it only uses the amount that is actually allocated.
  14. Faulty Disk Drive - SMART Report Passed?

    This is a marvell based controller, there are known issues with them. Try disabling any virtualization options in BIOS, and make sure the firmware on the card and your motherboard's BIOS are up to date.
  15. SSD Array Drive Experiment

    Question... does parity have an unformatted partition defined? In my head, I had envisioned something like a 250GB for parity, and a couple 120's for data drives. That way parity would probably be faster than either of the data members, and not constrained by the same write limits as far as trim goes. What type of data is in your test set? I envisioned a media library, with a good mix of small metadata files and large media files. Thank you very much for testing this, it really would be nice to find a way to use cheap SSD's as array devices without speed penalty over time.
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