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  1. You would need to copy the data twice. Once from your operating FreeNAS box to your operating unraid box with the 3TB as a data drive, then again from the 3TB to the other unraid data drives after you scavenge them from the FreeNAS box. There is no need to clear or preclear the drives to use them in unraid, as you will not have a valid parity drive at any point of the copy process. Clearing is only necessary to maintain parity protection when adding new drives to additional data slots in a parity protected array. Healthy drives are a necessity in a parity protected array though, as all bits from start to finish of all drives must be read perfectly, regardless of whether they actually contain any sensible data. Do not add any drives to unraid that you do not know to be in perfect health. If that is what you were referring to when mentioning preclear, go right ahead, preclear is a very good way of testing a drive.
  2. Possible, but rather risky. It would be a much better idea to source enough drive space to leave the original drives intact as a backup.
  3. Tom's not just an admin, he's the company founder and for the longest time was Limetech, all by himself. He isn't very active on the forums, so your best bet to get a response directly from him is email, or if it's urgent and you are in trouble with the boss, you need to schedule a paid session. Posting here or PM'ing on the forum is a random chance of getting a timely response, not what you need for business. The forums are mostly user to user support, and AD is not a very large part of the community. I can only think of a very few regular forum members who use it.
  4. Sorry, but honestly unless you are willing and can fully support unraid yourself, or are willing to pay Limetech for ongoing support, it's probably a bad choice for active use in a business outside of generic SMB NAS usage. All the extras like docker and VM's are in an ongoing state of change, and active directory support has been spotty for a long time. Limetech does have paid support sessions available now, so if it's business important, and you are serious about using unraid in your business, I'd suggest setting up a paid support session instead of relying on forum support.
  5. That's not a backup. If you immediately sync changes, corruption or deletion will propagate to the second location. I know that's not immediately helpful, but wanted to be sure you were chasing the right solution. You want the ability to recover from corruption and accidental deletion, right? For that you need something that keeps older versions for some period of time.
  6. I wouldn't bother with 9p. Just use SMB (cifs) to map unraid shares like you would from any other network client. The virtual network connection the VM uses is as fast or faster than 9p anyway.
  7. Are you using unraid's VNC server, or do you have a VNC server installed in the VM? You will see much better performance with the server running directly in the VM.
  8. His head? I suppose in the right lighting, it is a golden globe.
  9. Not sure precisely what you are asking to do, but firing up VM's and dockers can all be scripted at the unraid console. Either using cron for timed events, or even using telnet or SSH from the container or VM to log back in to unraid and issue commands that rely on timing inside the container or VM. Maybe if you laid out your desired end result we could help you to find the most efficient way to get it done. For example... When I fire up VM(a) I want docker(a1) to start after VM(a) has fully booted, then when both VM(a) and docker(a1) are up VM(b) and docker(a2,a3,a4) need to be started. After VM(b) is finished with a job, shut down VM(a,b) and docker(a1,a2,a3,a4) and send a notification. Or something like that.
  10. Single drive you can use XFS instead of BTRFS. Pool has to use BTRFS. If your server is perfectly stable and you never experience lockups or crashes, BTRFS is awesome, it has several features that XFS doesn't support. However... the chances of a BTRFS pool becoming unmountable with data loss or extreme recovery efforts needed after a lockup or unclean power down are anecdotally much higher, at least on these forums. In either case, single XFS or pool BTRFS, you are advised to use CA Backup and keep up with backup of any other data that resides on your cache permanently.
  11. It's not that simple. If the file is currently open, it will not be moved. If the torrent client doesn't actually have the file open, it will move. However... as long as the path is referencing /mnt/user, the application shouldn't even be able to tell the file was moved.
  12. Only if you do a new config. If you simply add them, unraid will clear them before allowing them to be formatted. Are you sure they are all perfectly healthy? Good smart reports, etc? You really do not want drives in your server with health issues, and failing to preclear and / or running slowly doesn't give me any warm'n'fuzzies about the health of the drives. How is it connected? If the total bandwidth to the enclosure isn't good, you will be slowing down parity checks or rebuilds to the point of being unusable.
  13. Depends. Some USB adapters pass SMART info generically, some don't. Apparently that specific one doesn't. Try using the drive manufacturer's specific utility.
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