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  1. /boot in unraid is the root of the flash drive.
  2. Sounds like you need to do a load test on the UPS to make sure it isn't faulty. Temporarily plug the UPS into a switched outlet so you can kill the power without breaking the ground circuit, plug about 350W worth of load into it, switch off the power, and see what happens. Incandescent lamps make good loads, if you have a halogen work light many of those are 300W all by themselves. For this exercise, you can also test the shutdown function of the server if you leave the USB plugged in to the server, but temporarily run the server on a surge protector plugged into another outlet. That way when you switch off the power to the UPS, you can observe how the server reacts without the possibility of dumping the server if the UPS is bad.
  3. Plugged into the wrong outlet on the back of the unit? Many units have a strip of surge only outlets, typically notated by only a lightning bolt instead of a lighting bolt + cell icon.
  4. Deluge has an extractor plugin, I imagine many torrent clients have the capability.
  5. What path did it create it in? The USB stick should be mounted to /boot when unraid is running, so if it created it elsewhere, copy it to /boot and it should show up on the flash if the flash was prepared and mounted properly.
  6. No VT-d, no passthrough. Onboard or card, it's all the same in that sense.
  7. Security. Either isolate all containers, or just allow them all to play in the same pen.
  8. For a given snapshot in time, you could argue that it would work. The sad fact is that MS keeps moving the bar with their software, and security concerns along with feature creep in the linux and unraid world mean that you would be chasing a moving target. I would not be comfortable forecasting your ability to keep an office running continuously for a year or more without significant downtime figuring out the latest quirk that pops up. If you asked the same question about linux based VM's instead of MS, then I would be a little more optimistic. A registered 501c3 has access to EXTREMELY cheap MS licenses, basically free, I think you would be better off stability wise with terminal services if you are set on Windows environment.
  9. I would also recommend researching whether your current hardware can run the latest version of unraid successfully, as staying so many versions behind has seriously hampered recoverability just based on knowledge, as well as enhanced features available in newer versions. If your hardware was cutting edge high power for 4.7, it may be acceptable for 6.X, but I would research your specific CPU, and also see if you have enough RAM to be happy with 6. The requirements have increased a little since 4.7
  10. You obviously care about the data, or you wouldn't have posted about losing it. That means it needs to be backed up. You will need to buy more drives to back it up, regardless of whether you choose to use unraid or stay on ubuntu.
  11. Physical stability is only one part of the equation, I'd be more concerned about the software stability. Keep an eye on the syslog for messages referencing that drive and any errors associated with it.
  12. Unless the torrent contents are actually archive files. Fairly common in some circles.
  13. So much for that theory. Have you changed other "performance" settings in an attempt to increase speeds? Is your cache BTRFS or XFS?
  14. /mnt/user/appdata/application and /mnt/cache/appdata/application are actually the same location in most configurations, if you specify the appdata share to be cache only. The problem is, some configurations have issues accessing those files through the FUSE /mnt/user paths. Limetech thought they had all the issues with it straightened out, which is why the official documentation and preconfigured settings use /mnt/user. There are definite advantages to accessing it through /mnt/user, not the least of which is that if you set the share to cache:prefer, it doesn't crash stuff if you accidentally fill up your cache drive. Did you happen to set Tunable (enable Direct IO) to Yes in the Global Share Settings? If so, try setting things back up with /mnt/user with that setting to auto or no. I'm working on a hunch that setting is responsible for the errors.
  15. unRAID != FreeNAS
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