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  1. [-rc15e] IPMI Issues

    No issues here on a X9 motherboard. I have another X9 and X8, but have yet to upgrade them.
  2. Rails, Fan Wall, and since we live in wonderful California, no sales tax!
  3. Selling a used Norco 4224 with 120mm Fan Wall and Norco Rack Rails. No fans included. Great cosmetic shape, no dents, or chips. I blew out most of the dust and wiped it clean. All back-planes work. It served me well for many years, now it's just taking up rack space I need for other projects. $400, local pickup preferred. If I get no interest I'll consider shipping it to lower 48 states. Happy to attach and send actual pictures for interested buyers, just too lazy to walk to the basement at the moment. Give me some motivation!
  4. Sparklyballs' Repo- Sparkly Stuff In Here

    @gmac13 @richardsim7 Answer found to how to bring back up the file transfer status window in Krusader once you've clicked away.
  5. Krusader Transfer Window

    If you know of a better place to post it, let me know. I'll post a link back to it from the Sparky-Repo thread. I found this thread by searching to see a answer existed. If someone ever takes over the Sparky Krusader to update it, this was one of two possible solutions to the problem, the one I posted is the easiest and requires no changes to the container. The other solution (assuming it works) that I first started going down the path of trying to build wmctrl inside the container. Seems like wmctrl would make it possible to add a button inside the container on the Krusader GUI and Menu, but it requires some additional work.
  6. Krusader Transfer Window

    @tillkrueger @jenskolson @trurl @unrateable @jonathanm @1812 @Squid since all of you were active in this thread. I found a way to get the file transfer back. Bring up the Guacamole left panel menu (CTRL ALT SHIFT) Input Method = On Screen Keyboard In the On Screen Keyboard, use ALT (it'll stay on, 'pressed') then TAB, select it using TAB, then ALT again (to turn off) A tip I found too, is that anytime doing a copy or move, always best to use the 'queue' button in the pop-up confirmation dialog so that multiple transfers are sequentially handled. It's easy to get to the queue, I found using this it often mitigates much of my need to see the file transfer progress window. The 'Queue Manager' is easy to get back on the screen by using the top menu, Tools > Queue Manager
  7. This is probably the 4th time this has happened after upgrading to the latest release. Maybe it's happened more, and I just wasn't paying attention. After applying a new unRAID rc, upon the first reboot, it fails to detect the NIC. Only br0 and loopback are present when I login at the local terminal and do ifconfig. Doing a power-down and cold boot fixes it, and every reboot from then forward is fine with no issues. Seem to only be the reboot after the upgrade. Sadly I didn't get a diagnostics. I will next time. Otherwise everything else works great.
  8. This is 3 minute mock up I cooked up in MS Paint while at my in-laws away from my graphic workstation. It's just convey the concept and if it's of interest, then I can take it further with some more concepts. Vector is easy as you can see, and Adobe Illustrator is also easy. It's the logo build of blocks of different sizes to represent the different hard drive sizes, one of unRAID's long-time core features: I got a bit lazy one I got to the 'AID' letters in terms of the blocks
  9. ISCSI Support

    Wow this is big idea. You have me thinking of an array where each disk in the array points to a iSCSI target that is another unRAID server. OMG fun!
  10. How much room to leave on a disk?

    Thanks, I did some research on this. Ok first the problem... First I attached a picture below to illustrate the problem. Warning is set to 99%, Critical 100% using a 8TB drive as an example. 1% seems to be equal to roughly 40GB in size based on how unRAID is calculating it. The GUI then recieves this 'critical' state and shows red. 40GB doesn't seem like that big of a deal as a single drive, but when I multiply this across all my drives, potentially the unRAID max drive limit (28? 30? I forget) Let's just use 28 for the math... 28 * 40GB = 1.1TB of free space remaining, yet I'd be in critical state. That sounds like a lot, but if I had 28 drives at 8TB in size, that means I'd have 224TB of total space. Am I really going to care about only having 223TB out of 224TB due to this loss? I think the decimal place is still a good idea. It's curious that it's not a setting in the /config/disk.cfg, how does this work @limetech ?
  11. @limetech I tested two area's where they may be action that can be taken to remedy. I also noted one related new issue. Two possible actions: (1) /config/smart-one.cfg - Seems viable to add disks by name. Would need change to allow disk name to be handled differently than today. Presently it works on [array disk] and would need to be updated to allow [array disk or disk (ex: sdX)] (2) Global Disk Settings - I saw @bonienl post regarding Global Disk Settings and found that yes this seems viable, however selecting a Default'Smart Controller Type' = 'Areca' may have a defect. The GUI does not then dynamically show the fields needed to define it (since those settings are really at the device level, so this seems to be correct function) However, once I press 'Apply', the GUI refreshes and the selection switch from 'Areca' to 'Automatic' Related new issue While my work-around as detailed previously for my [parity] disk works correctly, only once the array is started. When the array is not started, the logs are filled with the Sense error again for sde, which is my [parity] disk. Seems that the 'Smart Controller Type' is not applied at the per disk level for array disks until once the array has been started. Seeing all these items makes me wonder if the real solution is to apply this at the disk level in /config/disks.cfg, but I don't know. Before I proceed any further, what are your thoughts?
  12. @limetech Honestly wasn't going to ask since. But... ha... you're question inspired to research for the last 30 minutes... Possible solution found. PROBLEM: The workaround is limiting, as what I need is to define the 'Smart Controller Type' for any disk that is not assigned to the Array. Since disks that are unassigned are not visible in the GUI, there is no way to assign them in the same manner that unRAID supports now. This limits the workaround to only working for Parity or Cache disks, but not for unassigned disks. Possible Solution: UD Plug-In Next seemed like the logical step would be to see if @dlandon could add 'Smart Controller Type' as the UD plug-in has the same GUI device details settings. No luck in his reply, I understand. Possible Actions: unRAID GUI - No. Not sure where an action could be taken in the GUI for sure, because I don't see an easy way to define on a per disk basis, what 'Smart Controller Type' is to a disk that is not in the array. flash/config/smart-one.cfg - Yes? this might be possible for action. Given what I found, this is where 'Smart Controller Type' is stored. Right now I have this: [parity] smType="-d areca" smPort1="10" Disks seem to use [Disk Would it be possible to add this? [sdX] smType="-d areca" smPort1="10" In my example it would be [sdc] as that is my unassigned disk. I'm testing this now to see how it behaves. Will report back if it already works or not. [sdb] smType="-d areca" smPort1="10"
  13. Increase 'Like' quota

    It's middle of the day and I''ve reached my 'Like' quota. Can you please increase this? Not sure what problem this quota limit is trying to solve. Don't care. I'd recommend make it 5x what it is now.
  14. As the title says... What happens is that while reading the backlog of 'unread content', there will be new content posted on the forums before getting to the bottom of the unread content backlog. When pressing 'Mark site read' it marks everything as of then as 'read' including new posts. Any new posts between the time I started reading 'unread content' and when I press 'mark site read' is marked read. Confused? So am I LOL. Anyway, easy workaround for this, so not a big deal. Workaround: when finished reading 'unread content', simply repeat again, and read the delta of new posts, and then hit 'mark site read'.

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