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  1. Issue is back with latest version of system. 6.3.3 with webgui v2017.03.30
  2. yes, if I can watch the splash screen not progress, then I have logged in. Yes version 4.3.0. Yes that splash screen just sits there indefinately. I don't see the "can't connect to engine" message.
  3. I'm seeing that the the crashplan desktop app is not ever finishing the desktop app load. It isn't the "cannot connect to engine" error - I can see that my machines are able to back up to it - it just never finishes loading the desktop app. I also saw this happening on a second unraid setup today. Both are the unraid 6 with docker and the desktop image. Both were working fine. Both aren't working now (never gets past loading screen). I was hopeing to configure the servers to back up to each other (you know, off site backup) and without this working, I guess I'm stuck. Any insights appreciated.
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