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  1. [Support] brettm357 - UniFi

    any chance of you creating a docker for UNMS? They are adding unifi to it. Of course they do this after I got rid of my edge stuff so I could manage everything in one interface......
  2. I might get power back on after 6 days today, screw you Irma! I do not know when I will have internet again. I am currently on the latest Prerelease. If I remember correctly, the beta require or used to require internet access to check in? Am I going to be ok or do I need to downgrade to the latest stable version until I have internet again? Thanks
  3. unRAID OS version 6.4.0-rc8q available

    My server is reporting the date and time! (I reported an error before where it was telling me unknown date and time).
  4. DOH! I didn't know about the bug. Dang. the drive I cleared yesterday is almost done with the new clear to add it back to the array. maybe I will retry this method then. Thanks for letting me know about the assignments. I wasn't sure if it was ok to have a slot empty between disks or not.
  5. Removing some older smaller drives. I am doing one at a time, I tried following the The "Clear Drive Then Remove Drive" Method but when i started the array it told me none of my drives were mountable. So added the drive back and everything fine. going to try the The "Remove Drives Then Rebuild Parity" Method now. After the Retain current configuration step and you check all assignments, when you remove the drive do you leave it blank or do you reassign a current drive to the slow. Example. You have 15 disks. You are removing disk2. Do you unassigned disk 2 and leave it empty when starting the array or do you move disk 15 into its slot? Thanks
  6. wow. anything i ping is coming up to weird ips. i am not at home so i can't check the pings from a different computer. the gui web browser on the server had no problem getting out. I cant even ping correctly.
  7. think the token error is nothing but would like to know why its settings is telling me unknown date and time but logs and everything else is fine.
  8. Preclear plugin

    43 hours. Good to know.I just started my 10TB. My first pre clear should be done in time for me to move my server back to its normal location then start round 2.
  9. had problems last week that have been resolved. link below. have a new Nic installed and everything is running great but I saw in logs something about a npt threshold error or something. looked at date and time in settings and says its unknown. if I ssh into the machine and the date command returns the correct date and time. Also then saw a token error for a dynamics plug in. Before I copied them, they went away but attached are my logs. Thanks
  10. Long lines wrap poorly in SSH

    this has always happened to me in terminal on osx. i always thought it was the normal.
  11. eth0 not found after adding a pci sata card.

    its nzbget. i deleted and recreated it. no matter what i do, when i try a transfer i get this. Aug 22 11:55:57 Tower kernel: xhci_hcd 0000:04:00.0: ERROR Transfer event TRB DMA ptr not part of current TD ep_index 2 comp_code 13
  12. eth0 not found after adding a pci sata card.

    As far as losing my networking with the usb3 device, it seems to be either my NZBGET or Unify docker. All the others are running and have had network for 30 mins none stop. Emby is doing a scan, which it hasn't been able to do since all this started. Well test the other 2 dockers when I can. I did start nzbget first but killed it after i got red errors in my log. something about "transfer event TRB DMA ptr not part of current TD". will try to get full error when i can but it should be in my uploaded logs.
  13. eth0 not found after adding a pci sata card.

    Hey. Was wondering if someone could look at my current logs. Like I said earlier, my temporary usb3 ethernet adapter stops working and if I change the IP it works again till it stops. I wanted to run a parity check while I wait for my replacement card. I booted into gui safe mode no plugins. Network was running fine. I decided to do a test and enable dockers. Network stopped working after a few minutes till I changed IP like before. after it stopped working again, I disabled dockers and everything has been fine. I noticed a usb high speed error in the logs before network failure. Just wanting to make sure I will be ok with my pci ethernet card arrives. Thanks
  14. eth0 not found after adding a pci sata card.

    waiting on a PCI ethernet card to come in. Not easy to find them in stores on the weekend. I did buy a USB 3 ethernet adapter and its getting me buy but network just stops after 10-15 mins. If I change the IP it works again for 10-15 mins. My replacement card should be here tomorrow. Ended up formatting the cache drive. I backup the data every week so it wasn't that big of a deal. Thanks for the help.
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