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  1. That feature is in unRAID and I can't implement it for UD. I would recommend you post a feature request for that to be added by LT.
  2. Yep. It may all be related. If this solves things for you, I will come up with a setting to get past it.
  3. @Squid sorry to be slow in responding. I just got back in town. Here is what I think is happening. Several releases ago of the rc series I made a change to how remote smb devices mount because the samba default protocol was changed from version 1 of smb to version 3. All legacy devices will use the smb 1 protocol, so there were no issues when mounting remote devices. With the change to smb 3 as the default, I had to make a change in the protocol used to mount the cifs device. I believe your issue is that the smb 2 protocol mount is causing your issues because the device was mounted with smb 1 in the past. Go to the/usr/local/emhttp/pluginins/unassigned.devices/include/lib.php file and make a change at line 995. Change: } else { $ver = "3.0"; $params = sprintf(get_mount_params($fs, '$dev'), $ver, ($info['user'] ? $info['user'] : "guest" ), $info['pass']); to: } else { $ver = "1.0"; $params = sprintf(get_mount_params($fs, '$dev'), $ver, ($info['user'] ? $info['user'] : "guest" ), $info['pass']); This will force the cifs mount on your remote smb share to smb 1. Let me know if it works. If it does, I will have to provide a way to force smb 1 mounts if needed. This sure is fun trying to keep up with changes in samba!
  4. Anything in the log from unassigned.devices?
  5. So you are mounting a remote SMB share and then sharing it with NFS to the docker?
  6. I don't think they need to be updated. Mine show a date of July.
  7. Hopefully that also fixes the attributes for a UD disk from the dashboard. URL: http://mediaserver/Dashboard/New?name=
  8. I was hoping to see the log from trying to mount the disk, but I don't see it in this log. Please try to mount the disk and then post diagnostics again so I can see the mount error.
  9. Is this a new disk? I would try a few things. - Try formatting another file system like XFS or ext4. - Use preclear to check out the disk and see what it comes up with. See if it can read the complete disk. - Try to format the disk on another computer OS. Windows?
  10. Are there any other partitions on the drive you are trying to format? Can you post a screen shot of the drive after you've clicked on the '+' sign? This will show all the partitions on the disk.
  11. I changed the wording and help description. The processes are actually killed at an event before the unmounting of the disks.
  12. Getting tired of the constant "Unmounting Disks" message when you are trying to stop the array and forgot you had a bash or ssh session open? Tips and Tweaks now has a new feature where you can specify the processes that will be killed when the array is stopped. For example if you specify bash and ssh, any bash and ssh sessions will be killed when the array is stopped so the array disks can be unmounted. Of course there is a risk in doing this because you may lose data when the session is closed, so be careful when using this feature.
  13. Sounds like a disk caching issue. Install the Tips and Tweaks plugin and adjust the disk caching. See if that doesn't help.
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