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  1. You shouldn't be having the problem with UD hanging up when a SMB or NFS share goes away.
  2. And then it would spin back up. Figure out why it is spinning up to keep it from doing that.
  3. I don't see any value in this. UD issues a 15 minute standby/sleep command to a drive and a drive will spin up as needed when accessed. There is no need to do a manual spin up/down from the GUI.
  4. On two occasions of shutting down my main server and test server I've gotten a message on the console. stopping_svcs ca.turbo line 14 unknown... I didn't get the message exactly right because it flew by so fast, but you get the idea. There wasn't anything in the log that indicated any issue. I don't think it's necessarily a big deal, but might be an indication of a gremlin in hiding.
  5. I would uninstall UD and delete the /flash/config/plugins/unassigned.devices directory and then re-install and start over. Your disk configuration is missing.
  6. I don't see in the log where UD mounted any drives. The nvme disk does not have the '+' and the drive says it's mounted, but it doesn't show a Temp, or FS; Look at the smart report on the drive and see if there are any issues. Download the uD log and post it. Also post your /flash/config/plugins/unassigned.devices/unassigned.devices.cfg file. It looks like the UD configuration for that drive is corrupted.
  7. I found this in the syslog: Mar 22 16:26:28 Excelsior inotifywait[11860]: Failed to watch /mnt/disk11; upper limit on inotify watches reached! Mar 22 16:26:28 Excelsior inotifywait[11860]: Please increase the amount of inotify watches allowed per user via `/proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches'. Install the Tips & Tweaks plugin and increase the 'Max user Watches'. I need to look into this further though because File Activity should not show as running.
  8. Post a fresh diagnostics and I'll have another look.
  9. Your drive arrangement is not the problem. Without any error information I don't know how to fix the problem either.
  10. How about some more information. What version of unRAID? What version of UD? That problem should have been fixed in UD.
  11. There's no reason File Activity won't work with your setup.
  12. His vars shows 24 disks, so I just assumed that's what he had in his system. Strange setup but File Activity should work fine.
  13. You have a problem not related to File Activity. Your diagnostics shows 24 disks, but they are not all mounted. Sort that out and File Activity should work.
  14. File Activity is not including all of your disks. Please post the result of this command 'ls /mnt/'.
  15. Got a minor typo in one of the FCP log messages: Mar 20 18:39:29 Tower root: Fix Common Problems: Error: Probable 32 Big package ntfs-3g-2010.3.6-i486-1.txz found on the flash drive in the packages folder I think you meant to say "32 Bit package..." not "32 Big package...". I'm not sure a "Big" package is necessarily a problem.
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