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  1. Updated to v2.0.2 2017-06-20 - 2.0.2 The plugin will now start on the same protocol as emhttp. If both http & https are enabled, it will start on https. Additionally: - Fix Mixed Content error - Improve link to the UI in the Settings page
  2. Yes, I hope to publish next week the updated app supporting 6.4.x, depending on some factors
  3. v2.0.1 is up ! 2017-06-16 - 2.0.1 - Add https port to unRAID UI settings - Fix issue with empty ip address I think this fixes both issues brought up by ljm42
  4. I think you can trust the certificate, but that's browser-specific. The first time I accessed https, I got the warning, subsequently it didn't show up again, but I haven't closed the browser, nor rebooted the workstation (using Chrome).
  5. Yes, port 2379. I need to add this to the UI settings. That's strange, I didn't touch that part. Does this happen on your 6.4.x server only ?
  6. v2.0.0 is up ! 2017-06-15 - 2.0.0 This release provides initial support for unRAID 6.4.x+. The app is now reachable via both http and https. When connecting via https, you'll get a warning since it uses a self-signed certificate, but you can dismiss it. It will generate the certificates if they're not present in their default location (/boot/config/plugins/controlr). You can use your own (maybe Let's Encrypt created), to prevent the warning from showing at all. Additionally, the following features/fixes were added: - Upgraded packages - Improved port detection - Modified jwt secret generation
  7. Yes, that's the use case I'm thinking for the copy feature I'll try to add it this time around.
  8. Internally, it uses rsync invoked (by default) with flags -avPRX So, by default it doesn't preserve hard-links. You can customize the flags passed to rsync though.
  9. Yes, I've seen the empty folders too. I guess it depends on the use case, generally those are folders names after user shares.
  10. Thanks, yes, it felt that way to me too, I do have many small files One more question, I formatted the drive to xfs and it shows it's using 4Gb. I checked on the command line and it's empty. Is that filesystem overhead ?? root@wopr:/mnt/disk13# du -bs /mnt/disk13 6 /mnt/disk13
  11. So, I'm thinking about adding a copy option after all. Users of the app will need to be aware of duplication and deal with it. I'm also considering adding a consolidate option (similar to consld8 from Freddie). I would really like to hook into the new "mover" functionality in 6.4, although that would mean losing realtime progress update as far as I can tell (as of now). Any thoughts ?
  12. So, I converted my first reiserfs to xfs. A full 4tb, took approx 26 hours. bjp999, I used turbo write and write speeds went up about 10Mb/s (roughly 44Mb/s from 34Mb/s). Is that an ok gain from turbo write ?
  13. Finally came around to migrate to 6.3.5 from 6.1.4 Went without a hitch, running parity now.
  14. Thanks bjp999, I'll look into turbo write
  15. I'm about to start my conversion process (RFS to XFS). I thought 6.4 would bring some tool to help with the subject, but that isn't the case I have a 4TB empty disk currently being precleared. I will go for the "Share based, no inclusions, preserving parity" method - Move all data from a source rfs disk to the empty xfs disk - Once the source rfs disk is empty, format it with xfs - It becomes the new empty xfs disk - Repeat from the top Data will exist in a different disk, but I won't need to swap disks around. I'll monitor how long it takes. If it's unbearably long ( (I expect it to be, as experienced by Harro), I'll probably test migrating one disk with the "Share based, no inclusions, no parity", to feel the difference in data transfer times. If it makes sense, I'll consider moving forward with the no parity dreaded feeling
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