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  1. Ok, use port 80 in the app. It should work (unless you've set a custom emhttp port in the /boot/config/go file). The app uses the same port as the unRAID webGUI's, it doesn't use the plugin's port defined in the plugin's settings.
  2. Hi, a couple of things to check - Make sure you're connecting to the unRAID webGUI's port (most likely 80) - Make sure you can access the webGUI from a browser on your device - Make sure you don't have an adblocker/firewall rule/etc preventing access to the webGUI from your device If none of the above applies, let me know to further troubleshoot.
  3. v2.8.2 is available as an over-the-air (OTA) release ! 2.8.2 - Restore log functionality This fixes a minor bug that was preventing logs to be shown.
  4. MacDaddy/wgstarks, thanks for bringing this up ! It's a minor bug in the app itself. I'll publish either an ota or full store release later
  5. Thanks johnnie.black, followed these steps and parity rebuild has already finished. All is good now
  6. I have 4544 errors on the parity drive. Diagnostics are attached, where I can see a LOT of read errors on the parity drive. Time to replace it right ? I can't find the procedure to replace a parity drive on the wiki, is it similar to the one for a new data drive ? Stop the array Unassign the parity drive if still assigned (to unassign, set it to No Device) Power down [ Optional ] Pull the parity drive (you may want to leave it installed for Preclearing or testing) Install the new drive Power on Assign the new drive in the slot of the parity drive Go to the Main -> Array Operation section Put a check in the Yes, I'm sure checkbox (next to the information indicating the drive will be rebuilt), and click the Start button (or similar) The rebuild will begin, with hefty disk activity on all drives, lots of writes on the new drive and lots of reads on all other drives wopr-diagnostics-20170720-0446.zip
  7. v2.8.1 is now available ! 2.8.1 Initial support for 6.4.x's https. It's still subject to pending changes in unRAID. Additionally: - Updated screen navigation component - General improvements and other bug fixes This should enable you to connect to an unRAID server via https, provided the server is configured to do so. Also install the latest ControlR plugin for full compatibility. Let me know of any issues.
  8. I can tell you what GATHER will do with an example. Let's say you have Breaking Bad's season 1/2 on disk2, season 3/4 on disk3, season 5 on disk4. GATHER will help you consolidate all 5 seasons in a single disk. It will let you choose to consolidate on disk2, disk3 or disk4 (provided there's enough available space) or any other disk that has enough space. What it won't do is fill an empty disk to "rebalance" the space among all available disks. Hope it makes it a bit clearer.
  9. P.S.: Turbo Write really helps with write speeds, at the expense of having all of your disks spun up.
  10. Ok, you're not running the latest unBALANCE version (which is 3.2.0, it would have logged which transfer operation you ran: move/copy). Yeah, rsync's error 23 (Partial transfer due to error) is almost like a catch-all But it's generally associated with permission errors or date-time issues with some of your files/folders. Did you get any permission issues during the calculate phase ?
  11. Thanks for the comments ! It should run at approx the same speed as copying data to a parity protected drive. Can you check what the log says (/boot/logs/unbalance.log) ? Send a pm if you prefer.
  12. v3.2.0 is out ! ---------------------- 2017-07-07 - 3.2.0 VALIDATE operation is now implemented !! Available after a COPY operation, it performs a checksum copy, thus validating the integrity of the data. It works by replacing the rsync flags from -avPRX (default flags) to -rcPRX If you set custom rsync flags, "-a" MUST still be the first one. Also note that this operation takes a long time to complete. -------------- I'd like to stress how long this operation will take. I will take a LOT of time I'll now tackle the GATHER operation. I would like to thank all the people that has contributed to the beer/coffee/soft drinks fund I have enjoyed reading the notes on how unBALANCE helped you. Thanks a lot !
  13. v3.1.2 is available ! 2017-07-06 - 3.1.2 Before removing a file/folder on the source disk, make sure it exists on the destination disk. This is for the MOVE operation, as an additional check.
  14. It's still work in progress. I'll edit the first post.
  15. Those first 3 handshake errors are strange. Only thing I can think of is you were accessing via http rather than https (maybe in another browser tab?) The good news is that it works
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