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  1. Yes, the plugin uses a different internal port, so as to not interfere with the webGUI's normal operation. When adding a server, the app expects the webGUI's port.
  2. Hi dranani, Make sure that - you're adding the server from within your LAN - the port you enter is the same as the webUI/Admin UI (generally 80) If that still doesn't work, let me know - are you on iOS/Android ? - did you add the server by ip or by hostname ? - What version of the app you're running (look for it in Settings) In any case, check for additional info here
  3. Awesome, thanks for the confirmation Stripe !
  4. v2.5.2 is available as an over-the-air (OTA) release ! This release fixes a bug with hostname validation in the Add Server page. Additionally, a link to to the app's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) website is provided in the Settings page. The FAQ is located at https://www.apertoire.com/faq/controlr/ and is accesible from the app's website. For those of you on Android, let me know if you get the update.
  5. Thanks for the comment ! trurl, it looked like a download problem to me too. But it also seemed like the "nohup" is not quite welcome, so just in case I removed it from the plg file (it's embedded in the actual script anyway) So, plugin v1.2.3 is up, check release notes in
  6. v1.2.3 is up ! 2017-03-20 - 1.2.3 - Fix start script invocation when installing/upgrading - Improve bundle script to account for slash character in the release notes - Stop execution if an error occurs during plugin file text substitution
  7. Sure, click on the minus circle on the top left corner of your server. It will ask for confirmation.
  8. Hi skylark, power on from the app sends a wake-on-lan magic packet to the server's motherboard. The app can't access the array at that moment (emhttp isn't running yet). It's up to how you configure autostart, as trurl mentioned.
  9. v1.2.1 is available ! 2017-03-17 - 1.2.1 - Start the plugin on install (if it was running previously) This should fix the issue.
  10. Doesn't like my app ????? The nerve some kids have these days ! I'll check the user script plugin to see can what can be done in the app.
  11. Hi dscdsc, You're right, the app assumes the lan is a /24 subnet and scans it accordingly. I'll look into expanding this (probably a setting?).
  12. I remember reading that btrfs has some "issues" reporting space: https://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Problem_FAQ#I_get_.22No_space_left_on_device.22_errors.2C_but_df_says_I.27ve_got_lots_of_space https://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/FAQ#Why_is_free_space_so_complicated.3F https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/37489/when-using-btrfs-why-size-used-and-avail-values-from-df-do-not-match (older) Not sure if this is the case here, though.
  13. Hi squirrellydw, The warning is due to the 1 folder with a permission other than 'drwxrwxrwx'. If you don't want the warning to show up, look for a line starting with "perms:Folder perms != rwxrwxrwx" in the log (/boot/logs/unbalance.log). Then change the permission for that folder: chmod ugo+rwx 'folder'
  14. I updated via CA on one of my servers and I was able to replicate your issue. But then I went to the plugin settings and noticed it was down, even if "Enable ControlR server" read "Yes" (but the text on the upper left was orange). Can you check if that's your scenario as well ? I'd need to (re)start the plugin after the upgrade.
  15. Cool !
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