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  1. [Plugin] ControlR

    It happens on my servers too, but I'm not sure why. Seems like unRAID is trying to execute the plugin (stop/start?), as part of the startup process?, but the files are still not available.
  2. ControlR (Android/iOS app for unRAID)

    Oh ok, that sounds better. What's probably happening is that when you open the app back again, it sees the server is (still) up, since it has already rebooted. The apps waits a bit for the server to go down (reboot/powerdown), by checking if it's still online. I've reduced the time it waits checking for this, to about 4 min. I'll probably lower it a bit more.
  3. OpenVPN woes

    I was testing today my OpenVPN access and found out I wasn't able to connect. Banged my head against my car's window for a while, but that didn't solve anything. When I got back home, I looked at my vyos logs and found out it was a matter of my client's certificate being expired Nov 17 09:49:46 xxxxxxx openvpn-vtun0[3205]: 1xx.1xx.xxx.xxx:47946 VERIFY ERROR: depth=0, error=certificate has expired: /C=xx/ST=xxxxxx/O=xxxxxx/OU=xxxxxxxxx/CN=client1 I'm setting my next certificates to have 5yrs expiration (previous had 1yr). So, this post is just a heads up !
  4. unRAID OS version 6.4.0-rc12a available

    yes, this* is it.
  5. [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    Hi, took a glance at the log, I see the very small files you mention. Let me know if you find anything else.
  6. ControlR (Android/iOS app for unRAID)

    You're right. When I rewrote the app, I missed trimming the input in these fields. Will fix it. Currently, they're sorted by ip address/hostname. I'll look into sorting by name.
  7. [Plugin] ControlR

    v2.6.1 is available ! - Fix plugin invocation (default to false, pass the flag for true) Thanks @wgstarks, this should fix it.
  8. [Plugin] ControlR

    Was going to say that Can you send me the output of ps aux | grep controlr ?
  9. [Plugin] ControlR

    v2.6.0 is available ! 2017-11-08 - 2.6.0 - Implement system sensor scanning - Enable optional UPS status display
  10. ControlR (Android/iOS app for unRAID)

    v3.2.0 is available on Play/App store ! 3.2.0 Allow a custom server name to be set, to account for multiple references to the same or separate servers. Also in this release: - Fix for hardware back button handling (android only) - Improve logic to obtain system stats (temps, fans) - Other bug fixes and improvements Make sure to also install the latest version of the plugin (which will be up shortly)
  11. [Plugin] ControlR

    No, I didn't hardcode ups@, I read both variables from nut.cfg. But I do so only on plugin startup, I don't monitor the config file for changes. If you restart the plugin, does it work ? Got it. I'll improve that. Didn't know about your IPMI plugin. I'll check it out.
  12. [Plugin] ControlR

    Thanks for the heads up @dmacias ! I'm not using those variables, although ... I probably should ? Are they used to access nut's UI ? The status report from the nut binary seem to work ok without presenting those credentials. I'll take a closer look. Is it possible that you don't have the dynamix.system.temp plugin installed ? That log entry should be coming from the ControlR app trying to get the system temp, but failing to do so since it's not installed.
  13. ControlR (Android/iOS app for unRAID)

    Ok, that makes sense. The name is used as the key for storage. I'll add a name field to the Manual add page: if a name is given (optional), the app will use it, otherwise it will use the name from the server itself. This way, in cases like yours, you can name (on the app) one of the servers differently and it will be added normally.
  14. [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    Hi, thanks for the suggestion. It doesn't seem to be much different from what the app currently does, I'll give it some thought when I work on it again.
  15. ControlR (Android/iOS app for unRAID)

    Hi olympia, is it possible that the servers have the same name (despite different ip addresses) ? If that's not the case, the server isn't being added at all. Are you adding it from within your LAN ? Let me know, to further troubleshoot.
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