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  1. v2.7.0 is now available ! Place your commonly used tabs first ! You can now customize the order in which you want your tabs to appear (look in Settings). Additionally, the following changes were made: - Fix unaligned columns in Disks page - Fix background refresh functionality - General improvements and other bug fixes The idea was to include additional features in this release, but a bug is preventing this from happening. Hopefully they'll come up in an upcoming release.
  2. Glad to know it worked. Yes, newperms (or the docker-safe version by Squid) helps a lot in this matter. Alas, you're right, rsync is quite cryptic in its error descriptions and googling around, error 23 can be many different things
  3. Did you invoke it as root ? The problem is that, if run as nobody, it probably can't read/write files if the files are owned by some other user or have "incorrect" rights.
  4. Hi joedotmac, Would you mind sending a screenshot ?
  5. montagejs was definitely not a good choice, but there has to be something fundamentally wrong in that release's core, for it to be canned.
  6. I'd like to know if it will be possible for a plugin to add an nginx reverse proxy instruction during installation.
  7. Thank you for the report wgstarks ! That's definitely the case. I've fixed it in my development environment. It's not a show-stopper, so I'll hold publishing it to work on a couple other things in the app.
  8. v2.6.0 is now available on the App Store and Play Store ! This is minor release to upgrade core libraries, along with some general improvements. The previous release brought the following changes: - Fixed a bug with hostname validation in the Add Server page. - Added a link to to the app's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) website (available in the Settings page). Stay tuned for some new features in the next (or so) release
  9. That would be a good test, yes please. I'll look into this a bit deeper anyway. I can't think of a reason for the different outcomes.
  10. Not sure to be honest. Try running the command that failed from the command line, with more verbosity cd "/mnt/disk1" rsync -avvPRX "Media/TVSeries/House MD" "/mnt/disk5/" to see what happens.
  11. Yes, that's fine, the plugin takes that into consideration. Not sure what your issue might be though
  12. Hi BillClinton, I checked your logs and the error is generated by the "/mnt/disk1/Media/" folder. The error was thrown when trying to copy from Media/TVSeries and later from Media/Movies, although one of movies was copied. I didn't see any permission errors, but just in case could you post the output of ls -al "/mnt/disk1/Media/TVSeries/House MD" I don't think it will show anything out of the ordinary though. My only other guess is some issue with the disk itself, have you checked disk1's smart status ? Are you getting any disk errors in the system log ?
  13. So, by lowering the rsync process priority it actually completes faster ? That sounds interesting.
  14. Some users reported issues when pressing the server on the main screen to go to the server details screen, so this setting enables an alternative logic. I think it was an issue with older versions of Android.
  15. hi tapar, Thanks for the comments! Currently, the only way to stop a move is through a brute-force approach: killall unbalance killall rsync I will eventually look into stopping the operation from the UI.
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