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  1. Drive red X

    Maybe the disks dropped offline again, post new diags.
  2. Bad SSD?

    If you haven't yet replace both cables and connect it to a different SATA port, if the issue persists it's probably a bad SSD.
  3. Disk to Disk Transfer Speeds

    You should see a small improvement, but don't expect a lot, IIRC I got about 75MB/s sustained with the same disks, you'll get more with turbo write (copying from other computer, not so much disk to disk)
  4. Disk to Disk Transfer Speeds

    No current HDD can exceed SATA2 speeds during sustained transfers, speeds are mostly a result of the disk's rpms and number of plates, search for the diskspeed plugin, it will give you a graphical display of your disks speeds.
  5. Disk to Disk Transfer Speeds

    SATA2 vs SATA3 won't make a difference with HDDs, but speed should improve some if/when you also replace parity with a similar disk, current parity is WD green with similar speeds to the Samsungs, so you can't take advantage of the Toshibas higher speed.
  6. Best would be to use an old PCI VGA, if you can find one, then you'd have the x16 slot free for an HBA, like an LSI.
  7. Reformatting drives

    It's normal for xfs.
  8. Drive red X

    If the disk is already unassigned you just need to assign it and start the array to begin the rebuild.
  9. Mover not working

    Sep 13 04:41:10 Tower shfs/user0: err: shfs_setxattr: lsetxattr: /mnt/disk1/. (95) Operation not supported IIRC these errors are because reiserfs has issues with extend attributes, consider converting to xfs, IMO you should already have converted anyway.
  10. New drives reporting errors

    I'd say 1 once in a while it's OK since no cable is perfect, but not more.
  11. New drives reporting errors

    Not really, most of my disks, including several with years of use, have 0 errors, 1 error once in a while it's OK, anymore that that there's a problem, usually the SATA cable.
  12. New drives reporting errors

    He means you should add 199 to the monitored attributes: Settings -> Disk Settings -> Global SMART Settings -> Default SMART attribute notifications: If this attribute increases by 2 or more in a short period of time it usually means there's a bad SATA cable, but if there are old errors it will show them, as it never resets, you can acknowledge it on the dashboard.
  13. Drive red X

    SMART looks fine but there are a lot of UDMA CRC errors, this is usually a bad SATA cable, though they can be old errors, either way recommend replacing the cable to rule it out and rebuild to the same disk, to do that:
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