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  1. Timeout errors on parity, check/replace cables and try again. There's file system corruption on disk12, you'll need to run xfs_repair.
  2. No, this you see the link I posted above? It explains how it works.
  3. It's working exactly how it should, writes will start on disk 4 only when all other disks above it have less than 1,5TB free.
  4. powerdown -r If may not work, if it doesn't you need to do a hard reboot,
  5. You already have array autostart disable, so you'll need to reboot and start the array in maintenance mode.
  6. This happens if array is not started in maintenance mode.
  7. File system issues on disk2 (md2), see here:
  8. You can select which NIC is eth0 by changing the MAC assignments, use eth0 to eth3 for the Quad NIC, you'll need to reboot to take effect.
  9. Post your diagnostics:
  10. Probably a file system problem, can you use the console, if yes get the diags by typing diagnostics, they will saved on your flash.
  11. Are you using latest unRAID? It should work:
  12. No, it works the same.
  13. Yes, change from virbr0 to br0.
  14. You need to enable Advanced view on the VM editor, only then there will be an option to change the network bridge.
  15. No I can't, br0 is select on the VM template
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