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  1. You can also add a device and maintain the single profile, still needs to be converted to raid0 in the end, so it's the same number of steps, one less balance though, method 2:
  2. Forgot to say, if your current cache is already btrfs there's no need to move the data, replace procedure will take care of that, although it's always a good idea to backup any important data.
  3. 3 steps, all in the FAQ, first replace current device, then add the second device, finally convert to raid0.
  4. [ 3946.015584] ata10: SError: { 10B8B Dispar BadCRC Handshk } CRC errors 9 times out of 10 are a bad SATA cable, but it can also be a bad SATA port/backplane or even disk
  5. It's easy to confirm by using the disk in a different backplane, unless there's a general problem with the server/controller.
  6. Replace the SATA cable.
  7. Since there are no device errors it's probably a corrupt docker image.
  8. It means some files are failing checksums, btrfs will give a read error on any corrupted file, diagnostics may help find the reason, also post the output of: btrfs device stats /mnt/cache
  9. Found it, see if this helps:
  10. Sometimes, and if shares are set to public and windows ask fro credentials, entering any username without a password works, e.g, user (leave pass blank)
  11. No domain, and no password for unRAID shares.
  12. Sorry, I remember some users needed to change something to do with NT auth? for recent releases, but can0t find the thread. Lot of users using Windows 7 with current unRAID, including me regularly at work.
  13. Reported uncorrected only or do they have pending sectors also? Successful parity sync needs to read every sector from every data drive, reported uncorrected only it may be OK, pending sectors no.
  14. Yes, copying while parity is syncing it's a bad idea as it will slow down both operations and take a longer total time.
  15. You can make unRAID forget all assignments by going to Tools and clicking on New Config, but this won't delete any data, if you want to do that easiest way is change to a different filesystem, format, change back to the intended filesystem and format one more time.
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