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  1. Since the Red are often OEM where did you buy them? I won't buy an OEM drive from NewEgg. Had same problem with WD Green when I RMA'd to NewEgg. Finally RMA'd to WD directly and they were fine. Refurbished but OK.
  2. Here the info from the first post did you use one of these links? If they have problems you could start with the raw bjp999 script and just do the modified JoeL changes that Zan suggested: I believe that is the version I am using. It doesn't work with notifications based on gfjardim notes not sure what problems that could cause but I've never seemed to have any.
  3. You need to edit the script to be compatible with 6.2+. It has the same problem as the original JoeL script in that it needs to be updated to be compatible with 6.2+. I am searching for the update instructions now.
  4. That is the idea yes. Just make sure you export it so that it is visible on the network. I also have mine public but that is only because my servers have no users defined (one has a user for native FTP access but that is it). Once you have the flash exported you should see it in explorer and you can copy files from/to it like any other share.
  5. Me too. -20 lows in Winter potentially (usually around 20-30 inside the detached garage ) and summer 115 in the garage just two weeks ago.
  6. Have no idea really but this is my guess: Sounds like your flash drive has been dropped and unRAID is trying to read it but since it is missing it is reporting the vendor of the USB stick as 0. I would check to make sure your flash drive is fully accessible. That is my guess hope it is helpful.
  7. That's how I do it too. I go into setting and turn the flash drive share to enabled and then copy to and from my flash drive. That is how I backup my flash drive. NOTE this is not the recommended way because the super.dat file will indicate an unclean shutdown if I were to restore from a backup. Unless you stop the array before backing up from the flash share anyway.
  8. I just use the fast bjp999 preclear script dropped into the ".../flash/config/plugins/preclear.disk" directory as and the file readvz in the root of the flash. Then in the plugin I switch to the listing for bjp999 for which to use. Specifically: switch from gfjardim 0.8.9 beta to bjp929 1.15b.
  9. First an explanation: I run same manufacturer on a server. I don't normally like to mix - probably OCD. I have 2 servers with HGST only, 1 WD only and 1 Toshiba (with some old HGSTs that overheated) and two disassembled Seagate servers. The worst drive I have is the Seagate ST3000DM001 drives followed by the Seagate ST4000DM000 drives both are disassembled from their servers currently. I have 5-7 out of 17 ST3000DM001 drives in a weakened state - lots of smart errors (no pending or relocated however) and slow access in spots. The ST4000DM000 drives were in a HP N54L so small drive number only 6 but one is bad. That is one reason why those servers are disassembled now. The best drives I've got are my HGST drives. I overheated (bad fan and parity check) 12 of the HGST drives before I got my Norcos. The temp history show several > 45, even more > 50 and two > 60. Of those 12 only one of the > 60s is dead - well significant smart read error counts anyway. No pending or relocated even on that one. The others still work and the lowest temp ones are supplementing my Toshiba server. I mostly retired them because I don't really trust them even though they have given no signs of problems (other than the one anyway). The next most reliable is my WD server followed by my Toshiba server. So my ranking would be from high to low reliability: HGST, WD, Toshiba, Seagate. With that said every drive that has failed (except for the overheated HGST drive) was an OEM drive. All of my HGST were in Retail packaging when purchased. I suspect if my Seagate's had been in retail packaging they would have fared a lot better. Maybe not as well as the HGST but probably better then the Toshiba and maybe even better than the WD.
  10. Have you tried the script and this plugin? When I was having problems with this plugin's native mode I switched to using the script with this plugin and my problems went away. It still works with the script as far as I know anyway. I haven't had to preclear a disk in a while so things could have changed. I should add I did have to patch the script to work with 6.2+ but after that this plugin worked without problems for me.
  11. That is how the 9201-16i works - YES.
  12. It's possible the 9300-16i would work but you need to find out what chip set is used on it. I say that because it is possible that chip set is used on another board that IS being used by someone. The 9201-16i for instance uses the "Symbios Logic SAS2116 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2" chip set which is the 16 port version of the SAS2008. Also someone that is using a 9300-16i with unRAID or tried it with unRAID might stop by. I just wanted to make sure you were not purchasing it because you wanted faster access with HDD spinners since the slower controllers are able to maximize their throughput.
  13. Has nothing to do with unRAID. Your drive was likely on it way out before you added it to unRAID. The usage to build your array just exposed it. My question to you was where did you buy it and was it a retail package or an OEM? I don't buy OEM any more because most sellers do a lousy job of packaging and cause premature HDD death because of that lousy packaging.
  14. The way that SageTV works does not allow you to have back to back shows recording on the same channel and have padding. So I have to have two tuners to record those back to back shows on the same channel. Plus I don't have bit perfect backups of a show I have multiple recordings on different boxes. Plus with signal problems like multi-path I need multiple recordings of each show to sometimes get just a single acceptable recording. Plus I like to archive shows for watching later. I have every episode of Game Of Thrones recorded I think but I haven't watched any of them yet. This lets me record everything and then only watch shows that last more than one or two seasons. Although one of my favorite shows only lasted 2 seasons so I've yet to delete much at this point. I have deleted some after having watched some episodes and deciding the show wasn't worth it - but there haven't been many of those.
  15. I would look for a used one pulled from a server. Those are not likely to be counterfeit. It's what I've stuck to when buying my 9201-16i's.
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