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  1. Didn't Receive Your Registration Key?

    Since the data is not STRIPED on the disks just use a bootable Linux CD and you should be able to access your data. Also you should email lime tech directly as you would likely get a faster response that way. But like I said if you use a bootable Linux CD/USB Flash you should be able get to your data while you wait for a response to the email.
  2. Onboard SATA or 6GB/s LSI board?

    Correct. My ASRock - EP2C602-4L/D16 has a Marvel 4 SATA port controller that I do not use at all. The other 10 SATA ports are from the Intel chips and work fine both for the array and passed through to VMs. I would do like you said and transfer all drives to LSI controllers and have nothing connected to Marvel controllers. My guess (and it is a guess since some people do not have problems with Marvel controllers) is that will fix your access problems. It is suggested it is a combination of drive manufacturer and SATA interface version on the drive that causes it. I haven't found a combination that works for me except switching controllers to LSI. If I had more time to experiment I might be able to come up with something else but swapping controllers is just so much easier.
  3. Onboard SATA or 6GB/s LSI board?

    Beware Marvel controllers and unRAID v6 however. You might be one of the lucky ones where you won't have any problems with Marvel controllers but you might not. I say this because my ASRock - EP2C602-4L/D16 has 14 SATA ports but 4 of them are on a Marvel MB controller and I had dropped drives all the time. Luckily I was passing it through to a VM so I never had problems with dropped drives from my array. But it was annoying having to reboot the server every time it happened in order to get access to the drives in the VM.
  4. Completely agree! It's not the only reason I downgraded back to 6.3.5 on the backup server I setup with 6.4 but it is one of them.
  5. Harddrive failing

    When I RMA'd a drive to WD one of the choices was "drive access is sluggish" in other words nothing obviously wrong showing in a smart report. So I don't think you have anything to worry about.
  6. I mentioned this is one of the beta threads a while back myself. I definitely like the "Narrow" setting for "Table View Spacing" from 6.3.5 and earlier.
  7. Guess I'm in the minority then. I always flash the bios. I want to see the drives the controller thinks are connected to it. I turn off the quick boot in MB bios as well. I don't reboot often so it doesn't matter how long it takes as long as it is 15 minutes or less.
  8. In desperate need of help after failed drive swap

    I would get 2 8TB drives and store one at a relatives house. Then as you add photos you swap your drives with the relative so that you have backups at an off site location. You might even consider a cloud backup as well for a third off site location. If I had any pictures that precious to me I wouldn't take any chances.
  9. Didn't think about that very well. SATA isn't SAS but SAS can use SATA devices.
  10. Unraid 6 Setup from existing machine

    My take on why SSDs are not recommended in the array is that Trim would not work on an array drive because if you did use Trim it could invalidate the parity protection.
  11. Feature request: Working with Marvell SATA chipsets

    What linux kernel is the QNAP using? I know 32 bit unRAID has no problem that I ever saw with Marvel controllers. But 64 bit unRAID would drop drive on me all the time.
  12. They also make PCI/PCIe cards that contain a com port - you could try that as well.
  13. I knew he was in prison but I thought he was convicted in California and was serving time there?
  14. 6.4.0_rc14 Hard Drive Errors

    Yep I have the following cold spares precleared and ready to insert in my unRAID arrays (note the plural there): 8TB WD Red non-pro, 4TB HGST cool spin (non-NAS), 6TB WD Red non-pro, 5TB Toshiba, 6TB HGST NAS & 4TB WD Red non-pro. This way I don't need to shut down for an extended period just minutes. I just pop in the replacement and buy a new drive to preclear and become the new cold spare. The 6TB WD Red non-pro is a waist at this point because that server is in the process of being converted to 8TB WD Red drives. But I have the 6TB available from when it was composed of 6TB and 4TB Red drives. The 4TB drives were replaced with half that many 8TB drives when I bought 8 drives at once last May. The only array drives I don't have a cold spare match for on my servers is 3TB toshiba. Those could become 5TB toshibas potentially but I'm really thinking I might just go to 8TB HGST NAS drives instead.

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