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  1. You could give this plugin a chance.
  2. Hi, welcome to the unRAID forums. Can you please PM me a screenshot of your problem?
  3. The Perc 6/i is not convertible to IT mode. Try to get the 1078 IR firmware (preferably the DELL software) to recover the card.
  4. In the past, AMD builds had difficulties in handling 4 memory slots at once. Maybe things have changed, maybe not...
  5. Can you PM me the logs from within the logs directory?
  6. You need to fix the permission issues (run "newperms path_to_folder") - on the source AND on the target directory! Then run exactly the same move command again that you used yesterday. The sources should get removed then.
  7. I did some massive file movement - in fact it was consolidation of shares to dedicated drives, as the spread led to significant spin-up times. I'd like to feed back some of my experience and suggest some points that can possibly be improved. 1. Most of my issues rooted in missing permissions. Unfortunately rsync's failure messages are very cryptic thus useless most of the time. It will never tell you that you have permission issues! The plugin does, but not "strong enough". Therefore it is a matter of usability to add this utility to the plugin. Maybe provide a "change permissions" button if the dry run finds a related issue. It's annoying if you do the "dry run" and are told to "install docker xy first". Much more simple and without the need of a docker is the "newperms" script that comes with unRAID. Long story short, it is recommended to run the "newperms" on the source AND on the target! The plugin should have this option included. 2. Due to 1) I had many aborted runs which left me with lots of duplicates. Obviously the command aborted at some point during the copy so it didn't even come to the "remove sources". After figuring out that the permissions were the issue, I ran the job again and that removed the sources but I had to remember the exact task! My task was consolidating so it was easy to find the dupes as they were the sources, but I imagine this can turn into a problem. e.g. I have some shares spanning multiple drives and I found a couple of identical files on different drives of the share. Must have been moving the source to different drives in different sessions. Need to hunt the dupes now. I have no solution how to handle this, but if an rsync-command is failing at some point, dupes will be created. Maybe there is an rsync option to "remove sources" right after the "copy" of each file? Also a more comprehensive log of commands issues could be useful. Maybe somewhat like: date - rsync xyz source target etc. success - 0 errors - run again knob At the moment the log is too much. Maybe let's have some log levels (normal/debug/full)? That leads straight to 3. Logs are fine but it turned out that the unRAID OS update aborted due to space shortage. You know what I'm gonna say...there must be some sort of log handling. Rotation, size limit, whatever. I had hundreds of MB unbalance log data... Anyway, many thanks for the hard work! ...sry, it got quite long
  8. I also have a N54L microserver and experienced similar speed issues. After some fiddling in the BIOS settings it suddenly ran full throttle. Check this thread for further info. Maybe the BIOS mod is also of interest?
  9. Can't say about the task scheduler, maybe that is a different sleep state? If your router is rebooted, he will loose the reference where the server was plugged to. The packet won't reach its destination and the wake will not take place. Maybe this happened?
  10. I don't understand why you think it does? If I understand correctly, you used a Windows machine to send the WoL packet to your server!? I feel that there is some misunderstanding somewhere. Probably related to this? You mean it won't wake when you send the WoL packet?
  11. A scheduled wake up is configured in the BIOS. Check your mainboard's manual if this functionality is available. Look for something like "RTC" settings or "wake on RTC" or "resume by RTC" Most of the time the possible settings are quite basic and you will probably loose the WoL functionality. Perhaps you can run a WoL script on something like your router or mobile phone?
  12. Did you try replacing the SATA cable?
  13. Telnet into your server or log into console if you have a screen attached. Then type smartctl -s on /dev/your_drives_mount_point For more options type smartctl -h or see here.
  14. Yes, shipping to the US is ~20€ + tax.
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