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  1. It certainly depends on the severity of the issue. Things that unRAID can fix are probably the lesser problem. I was thinking of the "fix outside" scenario. Anyway, no need to argue about that. Just wanted to express my concerns about encryption when it comes to "unexpected behavior". One should check the tools, methods and precautions that are available/recommended before going that path.
  2. I agree when it's up to copying from a healthy disk. But what about corrupted disks, headers etc.? Passphrase may not be enough in that case. Bitlocker for example comes with it's "BitLocker Repair Tool"
  3. A nice feature of unRAID is the capability to recover data from any array-drive on any PC that can read ReiserFS respectively XFS. This comes in handy if your array breaks e.g. due to multiple drive losses and you can't recover through parity. In a classical RAID scenario, all of your data would be gone. Encrypting the drives will make things more complicated. Also data recovery tools need to be taylored specifically for this task. Not sure if it's worth the effort. 1. Given, the drives are in the backup machine, they won't run very long. 2. Assuming they made it through the preclear (2 or 3 passes) they will most probably not fail on you during warranty period. Just for your consideration.
  4. Disk in same slot "Faulty" again

    SATA cables may be prone to crosstalk if tied together. Depends on cable quality and source of EMI.
  5. Disk in same slot "Faulty" again

    Have you tried another cable?
  6. Disk in same slot "Faulty" again

    How is the disk itself connected to the sata port? Through a backplate/hot swappable bay? Directly via cable?
  7. Thanks for your feedback! Can you post the content of the your (stock) config.sys? v4 config.sys looks like this DEVICE=c:\fdos\himemx.exe DOS=HIGH,UMB BUFFERS=25 I wonder what rufus does to get more xms.
  8. HDMI has way higher data rates than Gbit ethernet! Are those externders/converters using some kind of compression? Lossless? Lag? I'm very curious about the performance. There are expensive ones too. Are they performing better or what? Seeing 2k and 4k video on the horizon, I feel it makes little sense to install max. 1080p capable hardware. I have Cat7 running all over the place, going to a patch panel in the basement. Pulling HDMI is no viable option, that's why I'm interested in those things.
  9. WOL

    Maybe you can check if this post offers a solution for you? It seems there is one more option you need to set. Sounds like it is a windows specific setting... Is your WOL packet send correctly? Have you tried another tool/app? I'm also using the Ben Finnigan's app on my mobile - works perfect. Windows clients may have firewall issues you need to take care of first. one last edit: Some routers offer to wake up clients from within their GUI. Not practical, but interesting for testing.
  10. WOL

    No, only if you interrupt the mains to the machine or in case you reboot your router. I just checked the manual of your board. For me, it's not so clear if the option PCI-e/PCI includes the NIC.
  11. WOL

    The BIOS setting affects only the onboard NIC. If you're using an add-on card it might not work. Also the unRAID server has to run once because the router needs to learn his MAC/IP.
  12. Shrink Array question A cleared drive is not affecting the parity bit as it has all "0" on it.
  13. I had to google that...never heard of. Interesting read Seems the enterprise grade SSD's do the DZAT
  14. iirc, drives need to be on the mainboards controller for TRIM support. can tell us more.
  15. Is this a normal HDD curve in speed test

    bjp999 you changed your nick?

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