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  1. [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    Have you ensured that permissions are all set correctly? There is a 'newperms' command you could issue on source and target and give it another try.
  2. Dynamix - V6 Plugins

    OK, but if this was the case, all drives in that share would have to spin up, or not? I'm using the Total Commander file manager.
  3. Dynamix - V6 Plugins

    It seems cache_dirs doesn't cache properly. I noticed several times now that I have to wait for a drive to spin up until content of the share is shown. I thought that I'm running short on RAM, so I upgraded the RAM to have more capacity for caching. But when checking stats, a fair amount is still free. The server didn't perform any copying or other heavy duty task before. It was booted, served a show for the kids and then went idle. Somebody here to confirm this? How to troubleshoot this issue?
  4. I have a couple of used controllers, crossflashed to IT mode. Card types are: Dell H310 Dell H200 Fujitsu D2607 Firmware is LSI P20.00.07.00 IT-mode. Ready for unRAID, just plug'n'play. Price per controller is 50€ + shipping + Paypal fee. Payment via Paypal or SEPA. Location is Germany, so I'm prefering EU buyers. Just because world shipping is expensive, risky and customs are a pita. Just send me a PM if interested.
  5. SATA Controller Cards

    If you have 4 cards in one server, it may be easier to use 16i cards. Else, yes use 9211-8i if you can have them for a reasonable price. Alternatively get the rebranded 9240-8i as tdallen suggested and crossflash em to 9211-8i. Check the hardware wiki for more info. See link in my sig.
  6. Switching from onboard sata to dell raid card

    There is also a toolset specific for the DELL cards which tries to make life a bit more comfortable. Either way will do.
  7. OK, indeed a memory issue. Right after start of memtest everything came up red. Server is up again with some other RAM and the movies play just fine. Rebuild was successful. Will run a check against my backup server to see what those 80 errors during rebuild were about. The GUI says now: Last check completed on Sat 23 Sep 2017 12:04:28 AM CEST (today), finding 0 errors. Thanks for your quick help guys!
  8. OK, got the syslog already but need to shutdown/reboot to pull it off the stick. Anything else I should get before rebooting? Will do a memtest afterwards.
  9. Hey guys, I was running out of space and decided to upgrade one 1.5TB drive that was not so healthy either. During the rebuild it found 80 errors, I was able to see the GUI by that time. 2 hours before estimated finish of the rebuild, I fired up a movie but the one I chose was failing after 2 or so minutes. Tried another one and my Popcorn (media player) ended up in an unstable condition. Rebooted the media player and tried again, same thing. Well, I thought I check the issue on my PC. Browser said something about connection refused. Checked the shares and I noticed it was laggy when opening the directories. A few seconds later the server did not respond any more. Well, I thought by myself to let the rebuild finish. Sleep will powerdown the rig after finishing and tomorrow everything will be OK. This morning I checked the server status and found it up and running. Still not accessible via GUI nor shares nor telnet. Plugged a keyboard and a screen to grab the diagnostics. Fist issue, see attached pic. What should I do now? The server is still running and waiting for yor input.
  10. LSI SAS9201-8i temperature monitoring?

    It looks like Avago is now Broadcom. They took the opportunity to get rid of some old tech data on their site. A similar controller (not to say the same) is the 9210-8i They specify a air flow of 200 LFM
  11. OK, I guess fdisk will come up with the same story. Presuming the crossflash went OK, I don't believe it's the controller. You could also try another PCIe port and/or another board. Maybe drop it into the unRAID and see what happens.
  12. Welcome to the unRAID forums. You have a typo in there "Fujitsu D2067 A11". It's D2607. Haven't heard of this kind of issue yet. P20.00.07.00 is working fine. Maybe one of your old drives is causing trouble? Have you tried increasing drive count step-by-step? Where do you check drive presence? In the card BIOS or fdisk -l? Maybe another cable, just to rule that out?
  13. Hi, welcome to the unRAID forums. I cannot download the mediafire link at this location, but if you took it from a post in this forum, it probably contains an IT mode firmware. The unRAID OS, which is the main topic in this forum, needs controllers in IT mode. Your original firmware seems to be IR mode. Maybe this is the reason of your disappeared tape drive. You should search the LSI/Avago site for an up-to-date IR firmware for your controller and give it a try. Also, firmware flashing is best done on DOS.
  14. Tower cases with 5.25" drive bays top to bottom...

    Not sure how 15 hot swappable drives could fit in there - at least not 3.5" drives. They don't state if the drives are hot swappable on the various configurations shown on their site, but from the pics you posted i see room for 10x3.5" drives plus maybe some 2.5" in the center .
  15. Program Acess to SMB Share

    Welcome to the unRAID forum! Did your setup work with freenas? Maybe you have to map the share as a windows drive?
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