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  1. To give some background information on the current VLAN implementation on unRAID. It is purposely done to keep the untagged interface as is, while adding additional VLANs, this prevents that unknowing people shoot themshelves in the foot and cut-off their GUI communication to unraid. As a site-effect you can not mix tagged and untagged traffic. There is no support to set a native VLAN. Your phone example is valid - we use that too, but it is not intended way for unRAID to work. The simple solution, as you have already found is to create a separate VLAN tag for each VM you have and wish to isolate.
  2. Had to change mine... it was 6 lines (not known as a novelist)
  3. Just wrote my own interpretation of the open question, which till today isn't asnwered by LT, but perhaps they will... Below unRAID in Dutch to give you an impression
  4. Some time ago I did start multi-language support. Created the necessary code for doing language lookups, while defaulting to english language. This approach however requires ALL pages of the GUI to be adapted, which is no mean feat. Relatively easy to implement, but a lot of work to get it done. I started with a Dutch translation (my own language) and showed a translated Main page to LT with the question whether this is useful to continue (knowing much more time is required to do a complete translation). The question is still open! It may require more support to handle such translations and perhaps may give the impression that LT can answer their customers in any language In short it isn't just a translation thing.
  5. A little teaser...
  6. Sure, no problem to ask. And as usual put on my todo list.
  7. I have placed it on my todo list for an upcoming version.
  8. Under "normal" circumstances you should have port eth0 up, this is the main port used by unRAID. Try the following: delete the file "network-rules.cfg" in the folder "/config" on your flash device and reboot your server. Expectation is that eth0 is connected.
  9. On the settings page of each port you can change the port state between up and down. For those ports currently listed as "not connected" can you change the state to "up" and see if that makes a difference?
  10. In active-backup mode only 1 interface will be active, all other interfaces won't carry traffic unless the active interface goes down. You can check if any interface is used by connecting just a single port and move the ethernet cable through all available ports. Communication should be possible on any interface.
  11. When you create a bonding interface, you'll need to select which other ports are member of the bond besides eth0. See network settings page.
  12. I don't know D3.js and need to look into this. The Stats plugin has lots of javascript code to interact with highcharts, I guess this would need to change to accomodate D3.js unless it is (fully) compatible.
  13. Yes, still on my todo list.
  14. Is there a particular reason to change?
  15. The default value of 30 minutes (1800 sec) is there from the time unRAID v6.0 was introduced.
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