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  1. This address is coming from your assignment. It will vary as different addresses are taken from the ntp pool.
  2. Configure the port and select "none" to have an assignment without IP address.
  3. Yes your switch must support VLANs (trunking). Your second connection needs a gateway to the outside world, hence your router needs to understand VLANs too and must have a separate connection configured. .
  4. Both your motherboard and processor must support ECC if you want to go that route.
  5. Can't say if it solves your problem, but it is recommended to set an include or exclude list for folders to cache with the cache_dirs plugin. Right now it caches folders which you problably don't want/need and consuming unnecessary memory resources.
  6. Can you also check the file /etc/hosts, it should contain the new name.
  7. Are all your devices in the same workgroup (see SMB settings)?
  8. JENKINSUNRAID is the new name of your server?
  9. Can you install the "Dynamix Local Master" plugin, see here and verify which system is your local master, this is the system which keeps record of the names.
  10. It is sufficient to change the name from the GUI. What config file did you change manually?
  11. You need to configure the interface from the GUI. Once configured it will bring up the interface after each reboot.
  12. I somehow interpreted "previous testing" as copied from "previous" folder, thanks for steering this in the right direction...
  13. The "previous" folder doesn't hold all settings files, it is used to revert back the OS. Share settings, docker settings and VM settings all can be found under /config.
  14. Correct
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