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  1. unRAID OS version 6.4.0-rc13 available

    Seems emhttp lost the part to include the SAS format after the last temperature reading revision.
  2. Installing on UEFI-only systems

    unRAID 6.4 supports UEFI, did you try this version?
  3. No network access

    Try to access your server by
  4. DO NOT USE NEWCONFIG, it will make it impossible to rebuild your disk. Place your original disk 10 back. is way smarter than me
  5. unRAID OS version 6.4.0-rc13 available

    Maybe that explains the slow progress on Linux, the other 999 engineers work on Windows
  6. Can't update dockers

    Any ad-blocker or anti-virus running? Make sure the GUI is white-listed / excluded.
  7. Segmentation Fault email

    The error line refers to the localmaster script which executes the command "nmblookup". This is part of samba, I recommend to upgrade to unRAID 6.3 and see if it resolves.
  8. unRAID OS version 6.4.0-rc13 available

    All unassigned devices use the general thresholds (see settings -> disk settings). You could adjust these and make further individual changes for the array disks.
  9. Where does disk encryption stand?

    5. When the keyfile is deleted in step 4 (which is stored on unRAID itself), then next time the array is started it will ask to enter the previous passphrase or previous file (don't forget your pasphrase or don't loose the file).
  10. Docker Troubles. Moving from eth0 to br0

    After changing the network settings, docker still has eth0 assigned. Currently the only way to get docker in sync is by deleting its current settings and have them recreated. See:
  11. unRAID OS version 6.4.0-rc13 available

    No, this is enough and append statement is correct. I presume your system was rebooted after the statement was added.
  12. unRAID OS version 6.4.0-rc13 available

    Changes to the syslinux file can be done via the GUI, no need to edit multiple files manually. Post a screenshot of Main -> Flash device -> Syslinux configuration
  13. unRAID OS version 6.4.0-rc13 available

    Yes, you can. Under Tools -> Update OS you'll need to select the stable branch instead of next.
  14. unRAID OS version 6.4.0-rc13 available

    Take your USB stick out and check it in a Windows machine for any corruption.
  15. unRAID OS version 6.4.0-rc13 available

    AFAIK this is related to a plugin, but honestly I can't remember which one.
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