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  1. There is a known issue with Firefox version 54, it doesn't show checkboxes. Mozilla has made a correction, should become available in a upcoming release.
  2. You need to run the "New Permissions" tool. See Tools.
  3. Teaser ... this is how it looks for me
  4. It is missing the name of the server... corrected.
  5. I have added the "shared" option, should become available in the next release.
  6. I believe this is already available in rc6, but with the current pace of changes I might be wrong
  7. Should be fixed with the next release.
  8. Microsemi / Adaptec has released their june 2017 driver update with several fixes, see here. Would be nice to have this version in unRAID. Thx.
  9. unRAID runs dnsmasq which is already listening/using port 53.
  10. Ok, installed your beta version and have a look. Regarding hdparm and smartctl. Just reading the disk state using hdparm doesn't cause negative impact on disk operation, but reading smart attributes using smartctl may have impact on disk operation, depending on disk brand and model. Therefor temperature reading in the GUI is set to an interval of several minutes (this is set thru Tunable (poll_attributes) under disk settings). Bringing it down to lower than a minute can give bad disk performance as it will interfere too much with normal disk operation. My advice: keep 1 minute as the lowest interval.
  11. Recently I upgraded to a Supermicro board with IPMI support. Time to install your plugin When done thru CA it installs version 2016.10.24, is this the expected version?
  12. With the new implementation you have the possibility to assign dynamic IP addresses to Dockers out of a predefined pool. This pool can be entered under Docker Settings with the Docker service stopped. Care needs to be taken that the Docker pool does not conflict/overlap with the regular DHCP service (usually your router), some planning is required.
  13. Your data will be fine. Even if you start with a complete new installation, unRAID preserves your data. You need to know the current disk assignment including parity, because this needs to be re-entered. Shares are automatically created from the top folders in your array, but will have default settings which may need to be updated.
  14. I have these 82.94.x.x Plex addresses in my list.
  15. Likely coming from Plex on your server. It sets up a secured connection to their side to allow streaming from your server to "elsewhere". Btw. It is not possible for an external IP address to get direct access to your shares, unless your have explicitely allowed this on your router.
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