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  1. You need to delete the docker image. Stop the docker service (see settings -> docker), after the service is stopped, you have the possibility to delete the image and recreate it.
  2. Windows isn't calculating the disk size properly. Below my Plex folder according to Windows and Total Commander.
  3. unRAID 6.3 is already officially released. Better post your question under General V6 support.
  4. appdata should have setting cache only, that is correct. Don't know how big your collection is, 150GB doesn't sound right for plex. For comparison my plex data is about 5GB for 2000 movies + 1000 episodes.
  5. Your Docker log shows level=error msg="Handler for POST /v1.29/networks/create returned error: network dm-31b59fc8085d is already using parent interface bond0" Which means Docker finds interface bond0 already in use by a different container assignment. Unfortunately the only way to remove this existing (erroneous) assignment is by deleting and recreating the docker image. This requires containers to be re-installed again (their appdata isn't touched though), which may not be a bad idea anyway since the docker log complaints about several containers not found.
  6. Make sure all your devices are in the same network workgroup. See Settings -> SMB -> Workgroup settings.
  7. You don't have /mnt/user0 because your use cache setting is set to "No", change it to "Yes".
  8. Go to Settings -> Global Share Settings -> Cache settings and change "Use cache disk" to "Yes".
  9. Start your server in safemode to see if it is plugin related.
  10. The plugin page makes an online check for each installed plugin to verify the latest status. How are your network settings, especially DNS? To omit automatic online checking and introduce manual checking, change "Plugin update notificationd" to "Never check", see Settings-> Notification settings.
  11. Post a screenshot
  12. Interesting thought. Can you make that a feature request so it won't get lost?
  13. A .plg file always refers to the latest available release and it would require a rewrite of the plugin system to make a selection of individual versions possible. Personally I don't see that happening. As you know rc releases are installed at your own risk
  14. But sometimes it pays off to wait and upgrade a little later, I remember the reiserFS bug and was happy I didn't upgrade at the time.
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