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  1. [Support] - Nextcloud

    The commits merged today for this image should fix this
  2. [Support] - Unifi

    as you can see the image is using the latest stable release
  3. [Support] - Kodi-Headless

    you're confusing libreelec with this docker , there is no update folder because that is a Libreelec routine pure and simple. this headless docker has to be compiled from a patched version of the source code to run without window environment Leia is purely development at the moment and not entertaining doing builds for headless docker.
  4. [Support] - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

    could be a nat reflection issue at the router level
  5. Where did the urBackup docker go?

    urbackup was interfering with the btrfs docker loopback device that unraid uses definitely use at your own peril and don't be surprised if it messes with other docker images on your machine
  6. [Support] - Musicbrainz

    i'd be more concerned with `ErrorWarningSystemArrayLogin` which sounds like potential corruption on a local hard disk.
  7. [Support] - TVHeadend

    until inevitably he tries the same trick while inebriated and at wiping time gets the wrong hand......
  8. [Support] - Deluge

    the default setting in the template is for host mode, so any and all ports will be exposed irrelevant of the EXPOSE line in the dockerfile.
  9. [Support] - SABnzbd
  10. [Support] - SABnzbd
  11. [Support] - SABnzbd

    Bumped a new build to pick up 2.2.0 which was released to the sabnzbd ppa about 45 minutes ago (at time of this post).
  12. [Support] - SickRage

    The DMCA notice has been lifted so you don't need to resort to dodgy "fixes" anymore we're also going to move the git pull internal to the image instead of at runtime.
  13. [Support] - Medusa

    no dodgy fixes required anymore the DMCA notice on this repository has been lifted and we have updated the image to pull the files at build time
  14. Request: Flood - A Modern WebUI for rTorrent

    we've had one in our git repo for a while but haven't fully released yet
  15. [Support] - Musicbrainz

    they can but the issue is you're asking for support on a forum specifically for unraid and you're not using unraid
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