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  1. Exactly this. I have a SSD sitting there anyways. Fill it up some.
  2. Why not just write to SSD and be done with it? Basically its exactly what I do for everything. I know your asking for more, but its helped me significantly with my setup.
  3. Totally makes sense.
  4. I probably would of tried to use his MakeMKV docker first to grab an image and then run Handbrake. Its at least an idea.
  5. Does the putting a . in front of a directory not still work? Here is some talk about disabling the Mover Script. Of course its part of the OS, so keep good notes of what your changing incase you want to restore things. I do exactly what @itimpi Posted about. I use different shares and User.Scripts to automate my moving of files to other shares with either something Automated or via a clickable button.
  6. Exactly what I did. I have two servers using Unassigned Devices to each other while I take care of some scripting and conversion for a couple of weeks. Shares: Tower is known as Tower_Movies which is a Share on Xeon Xeon is known as Xeon_Movies which is a Share on Tower Only so I don't confuse which one I'm looking at when I'm moving/copying things back and forth between the two.
  7. I plan to recycle my existing Cooler Master 590 Case and drives. Just want to step up my Processing power from my Athlon.
  8. Found this Board just trying to decide if its the "right" board. Looks like it has an Intel controller for 6 of the Sata3 ports and a ASMedia ASM1061 for the remaing 4 Sata2 ports. As well Duel NIC with Intel for one and Realtek for the other. Both I believe are 1GB which shouldn't be an issue DDR3 as well. I wonder how that would effect the prices of ram.
  9. Trying to put together some ideas. Please Help. I picked up a Dell T20 with a Intel Xeon E3-1225 V3 at a pretty good price. I'd like to find something more robust than what the T20 offers in its stock form. Would likes: Something that supports my Intel Xeon e3-1225 v3 (Socket LGA1150) Intel NIC or I could swap in a new one Support as many SATA ports as possible Support a couple PCI-E slots for expandabilty I currently have a AOC-SAS2LP-MV8 which only supports SATA 2 from what I read, but I'd like to look at updating that too. I need to support at least 10 drives in my current configuration Of course the object would be to make it as unRAID flexible as possible. Lol
  10. Boss? Hardly. I normally end up in my office watching things on my 37" or in our other room similar sized TV. Never mind the 58" Plasma and complete surround system is in the room shes claimed as her reading area. And for the record she doesn't like Game of Thrones so I know exactly how you feel. Lol I'm just glad I was smart enough to have network access in most of the rooms and access to Plex or I'd be seriously mad half the time.
  11. Lol, That's when I would say... "Sorry Honey, but guess what your going to suffer through and watch with me again"
  12. Play back seems fine when I'm using Kodi, but if i use Plex on a Desktop machine it seems to act a bit odd. Basically its a slight but noticeable shutter every 15 or 20minutes. Not sure if its a Transcode and stream at the same time or if its network related. I'll do some testing or just give in and deploy my new machine. Lol I was hoping to squeeze some more juice out of my machine, but I guess you can only squeeze a rock so hard before it doesn't produce anymore. I'm probably going to say its probably a Transcode and stream issue if its taking HD and Transcoding it down to 2CH from 5CH on the fly.
  13. Thanks guys. I'll check out how much space I have in my machine Just depends on how much space I have next to my Sata Controller. My New to me machine already has a Intel Nic built in, but I suppose if it was flaking out I could throw in a PCI-E from this just as well.
  14. @Frank1940 any suggestions on which Intel Card to pickup or to avoid? I'm looking at PCI versions myself. That is if you have any particular suggestions. Otherwise I'll just grab a Intel 1000mbs PCI and roll the dice myself. I bring this up because I had a Sempron 140 and ran it on a BioStar Mobo aka one of the Original Budget Builds. I've moved on past the Sempron, but sometimes suffer with some lagginess that I seem to get for some odd reason.
  15. Just did a Trust Parity and all seems well.
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