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  1. I sometimes use TeamViewer to access my machine on a windows machine and then remote in via that machine. However I'm lucky enough to live/work 5 minutes away so I can enable and disable this feature when I need.
  2. Couch Potatoe for TV Shows

    Thanks I'll have to take a look at them. I just don't want to download stuff just do the laborious post processing of stuff.
  3. Couch Potatoe for TV Shows

    I currently source my own TV shows an Movies from ripping. However is there any Dockers that will look at a folder and provide imagery or rename files like Couch Potatoe does for Movies, but for TV show Episodes? So what I'm saying is I'd like to Rename and find Imagery for Plex and Kodi like Couch Potatoe does. Currently I use TheRenamer, Ember Media Manager in Windows. I tried to mess with FileBot, but I had some issues and maybe I should just revist that. lol
  4. XBMC v 9.11 on my Big Screen in my Living room. Its on an older AsRock ION 330 with XboxDongle. It works so I never updated it. Plex on everything else. When I say everything else I mean. Our iPads, iPhones, Xbox's, ChromeCast and Chrome Browsers.
  5. Longest server uptime for unRAID

    My Last Linux server lasted over 4Years. Could of gone longer, but I had to unplug it and move into our new house. Lol However with Unraid it does require updates now and then. Both of my machines have been up running for 38 Days and 42 Days. Had to reboot both of them to swap around some Hardware other wise who knows how long they would of been running for.
  6. I thought it was just me. .... Plugs do take a lot longer on my Xeon machine. Athlon 6.3.5 running 2000 Passmark Xeon 6.4.0 running 7000 Passmark easy takes 2x-3x longer to pull the plugin list. They are both on the same Network and both use the same cabling and both use the default settings.
  7. Move Movies into folders

    @squirrellydw Here is the code I currently use in one of my projects that runs nearly hourly to take the output of a Handbrake job and move it to its finally location Spaces Removed and replaced with a . and dropped into a folder that has the file name as its on. Transformers.(2007)(1080).mp4 will become Transformers.(2007)(1080)/Transformers.(2007)(1080).mp4 #!/bin/bash find /mnt/user/HandBrake/ZZZZZ -maxdepth 1 -type f -mmin +5 -exec mv {} /mnt/user/HandBrake/ZZZZZ/move2travel/ \; #Remove Spaces and throw into move2travel folder cd /mnt/user/HandBrake/ZZZZZ/move2travel/ for f in *\ *; do mv "$f" "${f// /.}"; done #Create Folder from name and move to final location. File types editable below. We don't like spaces so the above had to work. for FILE in `ls /mnt/user/HandBrake/ZZZZZ/move2travel/ | egrep "mkv|mp4|avi|vob|iso|MKV|MP4|AVI|VOB|ISO"` do DIR=`echo $FILE | rev | cut -f 2- -d '.' | rev` mkdir /mnt/disks/TOWER_Travel/$DIR mv /mnt/user/HandBrake/ZZZZZ/move2travel/$FILE /mnt/disks/TOWER_Travel/$DIR done 1 . First line moves all files, but insures that a file hasn't been touched for at least 5minutes because HandBrake might be processing it and I didn't want this script to move a file being written to. 2. Now to give you a clue what is going on . I created couple of folders. move2travel which is a temporary folder that pulls from a folder named ZZZZZ to remove spaces before it removes all spaces and then shovels it off to its final destination folder which I called TOWER_Travel Anyways if you need any help or have any questions on my Bubble Gum, Duct Tape coding skills feel free to ask away. This code Does not like Spaces so I had to remove them. HandBrake Share /dump /ZZZZZ /ZZZZZ/move2travel Move Share /HD /Travel aka SD versions
  8. Move Movies into folders

    I did this in unRAID. Follow this link.
  9. Not sure if you've seen this.
  10. No idea if it works or not, but this popped up in search.
  11. Glad I caught this thread. I'm about to build an AsRock machine and I was considering an optical drive too. I'll make I avoid the ASM Controller.
  12. Lost unraid Key

    @Uk_tomcat_fan Start here.
  13. Is this damaged board functional?

    Personally and I do mean personally. I wouldn't touch it if I didn't own it. Even if I owned it I'd be a bit Leary, but I wouldn't buy it damaged.
  14. I used to have my Videos sorted By share's, but I would copy files to "The Disk I wanted them on" via Disk Shares. After a while I'd guess 3 or 4 years of it I decided I would simply just copy files to Shares and let unRAID deal with it. So glad I did because its so much easier just dumping files to my SSD and magically they are whisked away to where ever they end up. Of course sometimes I'll mess around in Shares via the GUI and happen to find a stray folder that has files listed on two drives, but its pretty easy to use MC to merge them. I do a lot of Ripping of Videos from Large format to a lower format so I have Duel copies in my house for HD players and SD players so as you can see it gets rather cumbersome to manually do things when I can simply use User.Scripts and shares to manage where my files go and since I'm often ripping to a SSD it just works out perfectly. Here is my current layout. -Parity -Disk 1 TV -Disk2 TV -Disk3 HD Movies -Disk4 HD Movies -Disk5 HD Movies -Disk6 SD Movies -Disk7 SD Movies -Disk8 Everything else -SSD -USB Drive via Unassigned Devices for system backups I use Cache_disk to limit multiple Drive spin ups and typically the only thing that is spun up is my SSD drive or a source drive that I'm batch pulling files from to do some ripping. My 8 Year old loves Plex so he has a way of keeping my SD drives spun up because for the life of me he can't start a movie and actually finish it without scrubbing through the video and then changing to 5 other Movies within an hours time. Lol I'd set your remaining space as low as possible according with the largest file you plan on storing on each disk so it can maximize space on each drive and not freak out like I used to worrying about how much space I had on each drive when between 3 drives I'd easily have a TeraByte. Personally and I do mean personally I would not store stuff in folders by Letter. You will end up moving letters around and drive yourself a bit Mad in the end unless your OCD simply can't do it any other way.
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