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  1. wifi router died, need into unraid

    You could easy login via the GUI interface unless of course your machine is already running then you might have to do some Command line.
  2. Ransomware resistance

    I wonder if its possible to setup a method using Shares with Read/Write to Cache and then ReadOnly on the Array unless something is disabled. I'm guessing that could be performed with the chattr in a Cron script a while after the mover runs. find /mnt/disk1/Media/ -type f -exec chattr +i "{}" \; I did tinker a few times with setting chatter +i and chatter -i and it appears to work rather well and even if your root you can't appear to do much. I however didn't try moving any files or folders after running chattr to see if it denied or disabled the command.
  3. [Support] Djoss - MKVCleaver

    Uh..... Lol Now I feel a bit silly.
  4. [Support] Djoss - MKVCleaver

    I have mine set to /storage /mnt/user/Movies/All//output /mnt/user/Movies/All//config /mnt/cache/system/appdata/MakeMKV I have mine set to the Storage and Output Path so I can drill down and find things or put things where I want with no issues. Not sure if that helps or hurts anything. Lol I'm running 6.4 Chrome Version 62.0.3202.94 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  5. I guess my question would have to be does it matter? Install an RC or not to install an RC should be your question. I'm running the latest RC and I haven't noticed any issues. If your waiting for a Final opposed to an RC the only difference is the name. If there are any undiscovered bugs in an RC they will be the same bugs that will be found in a final.
  6. Which Plugins are a must?

    User Scripts. Allows you to write any little script and push a button to make it run. You can even schedule things with its built in scheduler.
  7. Or your going to have to Pre-Transcode everything you give them so its ready to go without the need to Transcode anything. Use the Optimize feature in Plex and copy to a drive so its ready to go or you can use something like Handbrake and Encode the files to an AppleTv or something of the sort standards so its simpler.
  8. Plex has no port mappings

    Your best bet would to be to post this issue in the Docker you installed meaning find the Plex Docker Thread for and you'd get more eyes on it than just posting it up in General Support.
  9. krusader hanging up

    I'd post your issue in the krusader topic because your bound to get more support than just in General Support.
  10. What CPU cooler? (XEON e5-2670 v1)

    Cryorig H7. Doesn't Block Ram at all and in my opinion from all the research I've attempted to do. Fits better than Hyper 212 and performs pretty much the same or just a bit better, but I might be a bit biased since I bought 2. Lol BIoStar Here it is in an old Build of mine. AsRock Xeon Build with Cooler installed Its a bit smaller than the Cooler Master Hyper 212 and its now in my Xeon 1225. AsRock z97 Extreme 6 and doesn't block the Ram on either machine. Super quit and 34bucks from Amazon. 120mm and you can pull off the fan if you don't like the stock one. I've kept the stock fan on both my builds as well. Neither of mine are the same board your running, but you can check out the specs and print off a will it fit Origami Model for your board before droping it in too.
  11. Plex "should" do all that automatically. I don't use anything to scrap for meta data, fan art or thumb nails.
  12. Plex works with PS3 and PS4 unless thats something your not interested in.
  13. How much Ram are you running on your system and what are your typical file sizes you are moving?
  14. Plex Docker? Works on tons of devices.
  15. Totally True. I'm just trying to deter those people that attempt to remote login from anywhere else that isn't supposed to be on my machine. Basically keep the script kiddies out of my machine or I should say "our machines" I like the layer method of protecting my system. One layer of protection over another. I lock my front door with two locks. The bottom lock and the dead bolt.

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