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  1. Thanks Squid. I currently have something more or less of the same sorts. I was trying to find a unRAID version of it so I could pull my windows box out of the mix now and then, but I guess I'll continue to use what I have until I find something that can run via linux. I attached what I'm currently running in windows. Its Basically a VBS file I found on the net long time ago. Kinda me freaked me out trusting a .VBS file. Lol dim objFSO, objFolder, b, c, newfolder dim colFiles, source, destination source = "\\\cache\ZZZZZ\" destination = "\\\cache\Travel\" Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set objFolder = objFSO.GetFolder(source) Set colFiles = objFolder.Files For Each objFile In colFiles b = objFSO.GetBaseName (objFile.Name) 'get 'text' instead of 'text.txt' c = objFSO.CreateFolder(source & b) 'create folder of same filename in same location as source directory objFile.Move c & "\" & objFile.Name 'move file to within new folder set newfolder = objFSO.GetFolder(source & b) newfolder.Move(destination) Next createfolder.vbs
  2. Very True, but they was the only thing I could find that I could by choice physically unplug the cable internally as I wanted vs rely on some built in Backplane. My thought was if it fails the entire Cage is more or less bad. Chances are probably very slim, but at the time it's exactly what I wanted. I did look at exactly what you posted as the alternative and it would of been exactly what I would of picked. I just went a different way and currently I'm very happy with them.
  3. Lol. No worries. You got me exactly where I needed to be.
  4. For instance I'd like to do something of the sort. From Some Folder lets Say /mnt/Cache/2BeProcessed/ Transformers.mkv Aliens.mkv KingKong.mkv SuperMan.mkv into: Movies/ Transformers/Transfomers.mkv Aliens/Aliens.mkv KingKong/KingKong.mkv Superman/Superman.mkv I'd like to be able to execute a script or click a button and move a group of files into their prospective folder and place said folders in a final destination. I guess this would work great from Cron or from user.scripts just as well. Actually I think it would be a bit cleaner to run it from user.scripts honestly. Please and Thank you of course. I tried a few times to find some code that would execute this, but oddly I can never get the loop to work right or for it to pick a folder opposed to executing it directly from the folder the script sits in along with the files.
  5. I just swapped out my cages that where basically a Brick and you had to pull out 4 drives to get one out with this. I like the fact I can plugin/unplug drives from the back without a back plane of any kind and pull the drive out. Sure it means you have to crack open the case to access, but its alot better than I had before and these have swappable 120MM fans too.
  6. Just remember to pass it forward and help future people or post up your issues/solutions in a build of your own topic so others can find solutions too.
  7. Personally on unRAID Updates I make sure all my dockers are shut down and nothing I mean nothing is going on with my machine. Knowing there is typically a reboot I'm to the point of shutting down anyways before pressing that update button.
  8. @Jorgen Thanks. I'll give that a try soon. Totally makes sense in what your saying. Knowing how picky Linux is I've always tried to keep things space proof so I'll just keep it simple and leave out spaces or do my favorite. this_is_how_I_use_spaces or I'm getting this when I run it via the Watcher. My custom file is in the same folder with the Handbrake.conf file in the /appdata/system/Handbrake/ 152 (process ID) old priority 0, new priority 19 [10:25:28] hb_init: starting libhb thread [10:25:28] thread 2b701f772700 started ("libhb") unknown option (--import-preset-file) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Found the little mistake that was messing me up. the import and preset was swapped. Not a big deal you had me on the right direction and a little GoogleFu fixed it right up. Old HANDBRAKE_COMMAND='HandBrakeCLI --import-preset-file /config/mycustompreset.json -i "$SRCDIR/$SUBDIR/$FILENAME" -o "$DESTDIR/$SUBDIR/$BASE.mp4" --preset "mycustompreset"' New HANDBRAKE_COMMAND='HandBrakeCLI --preset-import-file /config/mycustompreset.json -i "$SRCDIR/$SUBDIR/$FILENAME" -o "$DESTDIR/$SUBDIR/$BASE.mp4" --preset "mycustompreset"'
  9. Something that is confusing me. I edited my /cache/appdata/Handbrake/Handbrake.conf to iPad2 I created a iPad2 preset because I want my files to be 1024x768 and now when I run this its not running. I checked my logs and its seeing the file hit the WatchFolder, but its skipping right over the files. I'm dropping files that are at least 1280x720 and it should be working. If its because of the custom preset how can I force the GUI to save any of the presets to 1024 since it keeps wanting to create new ones? ******Update****** Logs say iPad2 is an invalid preset.... How can you change the already set presets to a configuration that you actually need?
  10. KewJoe did you setup your WatchFolder location in the Docker Template as well as the Output?
  11. Worked Great. So am I to assume that after it rips a movie from the Watch Folder to the Output Folder it will periodically check for new files in the Watch Folder, but compare to already done files in the Output folder. Basically I have two copies of the same movie, but one is the original that resides in the Watch folder and the converted file in the Output folder.
  12. I normally use a spare machine running nothing but console and pre-clear. I never had any good results running the pre-clear gui version myself. Its more than likely just my build, but I gave up trying to figure it out.
  13. Nice Speeds!!! I just remembered Pre-clearing my 4TB Greens Blues and thinking.... OMG I need to pick up a new Hobby waiting for these things to complete.
  14. Exactly thats what stumped me the first time was the global shares not set Cache to yes. http://tower/Settings/ShareSettings
  15. It'll at least give you a start until you come up with something you like better.
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