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  1. This is something I cobbled together that I run twice a day since I have 150+ Movies to convert. Basically I have an HD for my Large Tv and SD versions for the iPads and whatnot. Basically it looks in a folder and grabs the oldest movie folder because my youngest son is giving me grief that a lot of his favorite movies haven't been ripped yet. lol I launch this from user.scripts. I'm sure somebody could come with something more elegant, but it works for me as of now. All folders and files have had spaces ripped from them simply because I hate spaces in Linux, but that is something else I can share if needed/wanted. #!/bin/bash #Copy to HandBrake based on oldest Movie #Find oldest Movie traveldump="`ls -t /mnt/user/filedump/ | tail -n 1`" #echo below not needed, but only so I can see it running from user.scripts popup window echo Movie to Process $traveldump #Copy Oldest Movie Media Files and then delete the source #Copy MKV MP4 AVI to HandBrake Folder add any other file types as wanted for FILE in `ls /mnt/user/filedump/$traveldump | egrep "mkv|mp4|avi"` do cp /mnt/user/filedump/$traveldump/$FILE /mnt/cache/HandBrake/dump/ rm /mnt/user/filedump/$traveldump/* rmdir /mnt/user/filedump/$traveldump/ done traveldump is just a variable to give unRAID something to pick as well all locations are my locations that I failed to edit/remove out of laziness to post up here.
  2. Honestly between changing settings, trying different things I got it to work on one of my machines, but I don't know which settings worked and what didn't. Lol It said it backed up 40 files which was a test group of text files, but it appeared to work late at night and I kept trying to force it to run "NOW" to make sure it would work and it never did except at night. What I did see is it would say. "Waiting for connection" Not sure if that is normal or if that is an indication of a problem. So I don't have any idea what actually made it work and was keeping it from working. My frustration was trying to get it setup and watch it work so I knew it worked so I could deploy it on a few machines at the house. I think what I'll do soon is do a fresh install, select some fresh files on one of my machines and do a little patience test and see if it just works without my intervention.
  3. Well yeah it does. Lol Oddly I was thinking you was hitting /mnt/disk I wouldn't say its a bad mount point just seems wide open, but now that I really think about it, its not technically wrong. I just like to compartmentalize my stuff. Things that need converting and so forth use a Share just to keep the things that don't need converting or whatever is going on protected from possible mishaps.
  4. Personally its "Their" Money so who cares? Right?
  5. Lol, No wonder you've been a little absent from the unRAID scene. Trust me you've missed a lot. None the less I'm glad your back bud.
  6. Id personally change /storage aka /mnt/user/ to a share opposed to the entire machine. For instance in my machine it would of been something like /mnt/cache/files/ Just make sure your pointing at something like a disk share or user share that has read/write permissions and you should be fine.
  7. Installed the docker using the default ports and basically all I changed was the location of Archives. Now when I start it I get a "Can't connect to Backup Engine" and it seems to freeze up some when I attempt to change settings. I'm sure its something simple, but for the life of me I'm a bit confused. Actually what it appears to be doing when I click save "Please Wait" Then it appears to save the change, but when I click on another menu I get a popup that says. "Save or Cancel?" I checked my Crashplan/conf folder and its set to nobody users just like the majority of my Docker Containers. When I install the Container I see all the files and they all landed in /mnt/cache/system/appdata/Crashplan When I intially login to Crash plan I noticed there was no adb folder and after I do it creates it, but after I attempt to change settings I don't see any changes to any of the files via timestamp date. and currently I only want to backup items that are on my local LAN. Nothing remotely.
  8. Are you suffering from this? If so here is a way to reduce your logs in your Docker Containers
  9. Some Containers get updated frequently and some hardly ever get updated. Just the way it is. I have the Advanced Buttons Plugin installed so I can single click to update all Containers that require a update or I simply pick and choose the ones I feel need it. Somtimes honestly I can go weeks without updating.
  10. I as well have a T20 sitting on a shelf. Bought it for a steal. One problem with the T20 is it will need an adapter if you want to drop in a new Power Supply, but you can get that off Amazon for around 14 Bucks since it uses a proprietary Dell power supply and the mother board isn't standard of course. The big reason I'd drop in a new power supply is if I recall its only around 290 Watts Total. Also the T20 doesn't appear to have the best air flow so it could be limiting. What I do like about the T20 is the Xeon 1225 Processor. I dropped a file into my Athlon setup and it reported HandBrake would take nearly 2 hours. The Xeon reported it would take 45 Minutes and my Jaw dropped. Lol I'm pretty sure if you search for T20 you'll come up with some pretty interesting builds here too.
  11. Just makes sure you put in a little research to which card would suit your needs the best. My card works well with my particular setup, but some say it doesn't with theirs. Lots of options just take some time and have fun with it all.
  12. You can buy a Sata Controller card that runs off a PCI slot. lol My MotherBoard only supports 6, but with an Expansion card I have 8 Additional drives for a total of 14 Drives.
  13. I tried tweaking this once or twice trying to edit the config file so I could pick the input and the output folders, but I haven't had any luck as of yet myself.
  14. Welcome to your newest obsession.
  15. The great thing about unRAID is the OS lives on your USB stick and loads into RAM on boot. All of your Data drives are useable space and if there is a drive problem it uses the other drives along with the Parity Drive to emulate the data. Also your data is not dependent on any motherboard, CPU or any other configurations so you at any time pull your USB out and all your drives and install into newer hard ware. As for Hot swappable basically the way it works for me in the simplist terms is you get an error message and shut down the array, swap out the problem drive with a new drive and turn back on. The system sees the new drive and rebuilds the data and of course its viewable/writeable by the user which should in part leave you with no down time. With user shares you can more or less install all the drives you want and when you create a share or multiple shares it looks like one folder spread across as many or as few drives as you choose. Only have 1TB to start then that's all you get. Slap in a second drive or a larger your share grows to that size. Think of Shares like Folders that the OS manages for you. You just setup the basic info an it takes care of the rest. As for connectivity your server will sit on your network like an appliance and you simply map your Mac, Windows machine or whatever device to it. Obviously you can set user logins and passwords for individual users. However as for remote login from outside your network it's possible, but just keep in mind if you can access others very well may try as well and they could put your data at risk, however there are so many cloud apps that you can sync with essentially giving you some remote acces. I use Dropbox myself so I can sync data from my MacBook to my unRAID and back. Also so the great thing about unRAID/Linux is there are so many Plugins/Dockers that many will more than likely cover all your needs or you could simply write some scripts to do normal tasks you may find you need.
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