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  1. Thanks, I had a feeling it was a little more involved Haven't had a chance to take a look yet, but will do hopefully over the weekend.
  2. Could you clarify if you have anything else done to get this working, as it doesn't recreate the abc crontab file for me. The command works fine in isolation and works great when I manually enter the same details in the abc crontab file myself. It wont though create the file itself on container update. I am trying to track down which logs I might find some information as to why at the moment.
  3. Didn't know that, as I thought it was building from github latest release tags.
  4. I've tried fully removing and installing from scratch and I'm am still on v0.14.25, Linux (64 bit) "Dysprosium Dragonfly", while github is showing v0.14.26 as being available? https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing/releases/ Not urgent, just wondered if others had gotten the update already?
  5. Mmh thats odd, as you could create two separate syncs, one for photo and one for video and select the sync time or on demand per sync pair. You can also select whether you want over wifi, specific wifi or 4g.... Add a file type filter to each, to only select pics or video if they are in the same source directory.
  6. Having the same issue as you on Nougat with their app. Have tried the beta and it doesn't work for me either. I have great success with foldersync on android though, which syncs everything with fine grained control, when and how I want, so I use that to be honest. I have the paid version, but there is a lite version you could try, to see if it supports nextcloud. The paid version works fine as I say.
  7. Ok thanks Probably right, just me trying to get the A+ from an A Seems there is some dev from LE to perhaps make the process more automatic, so maybe there will be more options in the future.
  8. I wondered if you had any plans of supporting manual updates, or forcing the use of the same CA cert, in order to be able to manage hpkp pinning? I have the certs setup and working, but the auto update would mean I likely lock myself out of my site each time the renewal occurs. I wondered if anyone had a working hpkp pinning process at all? Thanks in advance certbot-http-public-key-pinning-hpkp/
  9. Hi there Did you have chance to add a new thread at all? Also, tried with 6.3 and it doesn't appear to work, giving a wrong url error when downloading dependencies. Thanks in advance
  10. mmh, yes, thats what I was using too, but hadn't noticed a spurious hash in front of the command! Sorry about that
  11. OK, so my script ran according to the logs but only the nextcloud one worked. My other one failed for some reason. I think it was because in the grep command I only had piwik, rather than nginx-piwik. Just to clarify, your abc cron file, is that in addition to the root cron that exists in /etc/crontabs already? I presume so, so how do you get cron to see it as an additional cron? I have manually added abc cron file and restarted the cron service, but abc's commands do not get listed as current crons in crontab -l
  12. Appreciated, thanks for taking a look.
  13. Thanks for the insight and option for me to try. I have added similar for my case and await an update to test it. I was hoping for the letsencrypt crontab functionality to be added, but hopefully this will do the job.
  14. Is there a way to have crontabs remain past an update at all please, like the letsencrypt container. I've used this as a generic container for my web based apps, but am struggling with the cron getting wiped out. Thanks in advance.
  15. Thanks for the further guidance, which helped me get it working. This works for me; Edit jail.local and add the following to the nextcloud or other jail; Copy ..action.d/sendmail-whois.conf to sendmail-whois.local and then edit the last line of the action, changing the sendmail command line part;
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