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  1. did an update happen at the same time? I know that there is now a drop down menu that you select what network the docker is attaching to on the latest 6.4 rc. I have a dual nic server but only one is connected and I dont have an issue....
  2. what version of unraid are you using?
  3. k, I have to go offline now. Maybe a value was added to the allowed networks settings on the plex server via web interface (or automatically). Plex doesnt like the "not fully formed" ip address and is refusing to let you in.... Good luck!
  4. Yes - I need to add proper labels on those! Thanks Tony
  5. is there a 192.168.1 item in allowedNetworks key in your Preferences.xml file
  6. actually its name is Plex Media Server.log . (may be!)
  7. The plex logs are at: (on my machine) /mnt/user/appdata/plexmediaserver/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Logs/ and the file: Plex (anonymous).log Does anything look strange with this file on your machine?
  8. that is weird. I wonder if plex stores an ip address in its settings. I will remote in to mine and take a look
  9. you just installed and uninstalled on the server? did you do anything to the clients? do you have any other clients you can try? I cant see how it could affect it ....
  10. any other plex clients you can try? Other than a server reboot, Im not sure what to suggest ...
  11. does everything else on the fire tv work? any logs from the plex docker?
  12. try clearing your browser cache or try private mode....
  13. Pihole should be fairly easy to use. Either run it on the server and use the servers ip address for the dns server for the clients.If this doenst work (you have another dns service on the unraid server) use the set separate IP address for a docker instance detailed a couple of posts back. If you want to disable pihole on one of all clients, just change their settings to use dhcp to get their settings from the router or change their dns settings to google and and reboot clients. Pihole doesnt affect plex directly - it may just be your dns settings on the clients
  14. have you set the clients to use pihole? 2 ways to do this - 1) on your router, set the dns servers to point to the unraid box (or pihole IP address if you have changed it) 2) turn off dhcp on the clients if you have not chosen (1) and manually add the pihole server ip as the dns server address
  15. would this help you? I think that KVM/VM subsystem can use port 53....
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