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  1. I just did the same as above and can confirm the same results. My Windows 10 VM has never started as quickly as it did today. I barely saw any of the startup screens. Great work everyone!
  2. Lol, thank you for posting this!
  3. Woot! I would think that this is about as good of a guarantee we are going to get for a definite release date of before next year at this time
  4. Lol, sorry I could not help myself.
  5. This has got "danger stranger" written all over it!
  6. Looks very nice! Thanks to everyone involved!
  7. Yeah the IP/app_name is what I am looking for. It wouldn't necessary need to have a valid SSL as most of them are just http currently. I just do not want to be able to access them through my external ip address.
  8. I have this installed so that I can access certain dockers from a outside network. I was thinking it would be nice to use the reverse proxy for internal network access only. Is there an easy way have the outside and internal network separate from within this single docker or would it be best to install a separate nginx docker for internal only items?
  9. PITCH FORK TIME?!?!?!?!!?
  10. Yum, cookies! Good choice (with a side of vanilla ice cream... )
  11. Alright I suppose I can live with that as it is a valid reason. Lol
  12. Cake over ice cream?!? WHAT??
  13. Only problem with this approach is LT would be back where they started with everyone complaining about how long it is taking for a stable release. I don't personally see how it would be possible to keep two branches active with similar features (I.e. KVM and dockers will most likely be more on the bleeding edge side for the foreseeable future). Personally, in order to realistically have a stable version and a bleeding edge version you would want an unRAID NAS only version (stable) and an unRAID (docker/kvm) version (bleeding edge) - just my opinion.
  14. I have a feeling that a standalone commercial skipping docker would be pretty popular. I would be testing it out for sure.
  15. Just thought I would post an update in case anyone else comes across this issue. I asked Tom to take a look and got the following reply. I wonder what else is coming up in 6.4! I would like to thank the LT team for their quick response time.
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