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  1. Only problem with this approach is LT would be back where they started with everyone complaining about how long it is taking for a stable release. I don't personally see how it would be possible to keep two branches active with similar features (I.e. KVM and dockers will most likely be more on the bleeding edge side for the foreseeable future). Personally, in order to realistically have a stable version and a bleeding edge version you would want an unRAID NAS only version (stable) and an unRAID (docker/kvm) version (bleeding edge) - just my opinion.
  2. I have a feeling that a standalone commercial skipping docker would be pretty popular. I would be testing it out for sure.
  3. Just thought I would post an update in case anyone else comes across this issue. I asked Tom to take a look and got the following reply. I wonder what else is coming up in 6.4! I would like to thank the LT team for their quick response time.
  4. Thank you for installing FF on IOS to test! I wonder what the problem is. FF does show me the credential window for my router... not sure if that helps solve whether is it a FF or unRAID problem though.
  5. I found out that if I remove my unRAID password and leave it blank I can open unRAID from Firefox on my phone. If I add the password back it does not prompt me for my credentials.
  6. Nope, nothing like that.
  7. Yeah, I just did again for good measure! I can use Firefox on my windows VM without issue. All I wanted to do was switch to Firefox from chrome but I swear nothing is easy.
  8. I am trying to open unRAIDs webGUI from Firefox on my iPhone. It keeps giving me "401 unauthorized" and does not let me enter the username and password. Safari works just fine. Ive tried clearing all history, deleting the Firefox app, restarting my phone but nothing is changing. Is anyone else able to access unRAID through Firefox with 6.3.2? Is there a setting inside the Firefox app that needs to be changed??
  9. +1 +1 +1
  10. Since I seldom need it, I don't usually have it installed. If I do use it, I plan to let it send my statistics. I don't have a problem being asked, but only once, and that should be the end of it. Some explanation of what is being sent woudl be good too. Agreed, it would be nice if it indicated it was part of the preclear plugin and it collects the following data.
  11. Thanks, I figured it was part of a plugin but just wanted to make sure. The tin foil hat gets stuck on the head a little tight sometimes. True, I also do not use it very often. I suppose I will leave it be for now and see how often this happens.
  12. I have been randomly getting a pop-up that says "Install Statistics Plugin". It doesn't pop-up often but has shown up enough that I am posting now. First, can someone confirm that this pop-up is "normal"? I am assuming I am getting it because of one of the plugins I have installed? I did search for "Install Statistics Plugin" here but nothing caught my eye. Second, assuming it is a normal pop-up and my server is not being hacked as I type this Is there a setting somewhere that disables this pop-up, as I would not like to participate in anonymous reporting.
  13. powerdown will do a safe shutdown Perfect, that worked. Thanks Squid. I was under the wrong understanding that the powerdown command was deprecated with the powerdown plugin. Glad I was wrong.
  14. Upgraded without issue. Everything is acting as it should. I do have one question, what is the correct ssh cmd to safety shutdown the server? I tried "/sbin/shutdown now" but that caused my server to hang. If I use the web GUI to shutdown it works fine so I am assuming I am doing something wrong from the cmd.
  15. I think I have narrowed it down to Website Protection and Windows 10 VirtIO network driver. If I passthrough my Intel PCI-e network card to the VM and disable my VirtIO driver everything is OK with both 2.2.1 and 3.0. Hmmm
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