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  1. Older systems will always use more power.. but no so much more(mine is using ~150W in average, see my sig) - just calculate a difference you pay for new hardware with more power needed and you get how many years you can run this older system..
  2. ahh, ok. i always choose Intel cpu/boards and started my experience with ESXi version 5. from that i was able to run ESXi on every white-box system i choose..
  3. have you any personal experience with hardware not capable run ESXi? just remembered, i have my backup server with thread author's CPU i3 530 with 8GB RAM, Intel desktop board, and ESXi runs on it just fine.. i think any Intel Mobo/CPU combo that supports VT-x Tehnology can run ESXi.. but of-course - if you can, always go for server grade components for ESXi, if you can't buy new, got for used hardware. there are lot of threads about it on forums..
  4. this is not true at all, many people, including myself, run ESXi on their white boxes without any problems. i have one really old system with i3-2100 with 8GB RAM that runs ESXi with 2VMs. and i have couple of more moderns systems with various Supermicro MBs and all running ESXi without any problems too.. look at my sig for example..
  5. i have collabore working with nextcloud.. see here my comment: here is my start command: root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name="collaboracode" --net="bridge" -e domain="<your nextcloud domain>" -e username="admin" -e password="<admin paasword>" -e TZ="Europe/Kiev" -p 9980:9980/tcp -v "/mnt/user/appdata/collabora/":"/config":rw collabora/code
  6. Thanks, i tried it some days ago already with no luck. just tied it again with precise other software versions, and success.. looks like everything working now, happy days yes, but you need plex pass to get it working..
  7. Don't know, sounds odd.. I just tried myself again, can access web interface form Host machine, and from another Win10 VM too.. Edit: look at my unRAID network settings, i disabled some things..
  8. Sorry if this was asked before, but can you suggest PLEX Client for Linux(ubuntu)? i can play files in browser, but then trans-coding occurs - browser cant use local resources to play content if i understand correctly.. as far as i know, Plex have their own media player for Windows, Mac and Embed platforms only..
  9. No, network is not related to plopKExec at all.. i'm using bridged network, see picture,
  10. yes, there is no need for image file at all.. just boot from plopKExec iso, it then finds unRAID USB and continue boot from it..
  11. plopKExec is iso image to boot from USB much faster. just download iso, attach to VM, and boot from it - it then finds unRAID USB, and boots it much faster.
  12. That's not true - i just tried to make new unRAID VM under VmWare Workstation on Ubuntu as host. unRAID boots up ok with plopkexec, and then i successfully registered a trial version - this would not be possible with flash GUID missing..
  13. i think no, max 8 vCPU per VM.. but why you need all cores to one VM? if still you need them all, then you simply go bare-metal route..
  14. i'm running unRAID as VM in ESXi.. no probs with USB. you don't need pass-trough a whole USB controller, just a one device to one VM. i have not tried unRAID as VM in VMWare Workstation(you need some Type2 hyper-visor to run it under Windows10 ), but you can try it out..
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