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  1. Live Snapshot

    then i think you post on wrong forum, ask here: https://forums.lime-technology.com/forum/51-vm-engine-kvm/
  2. confirmation when mark forum read

    @jonp and again confirmations from main page is on...
  3. look at this for example..
  4. Live Snapshot

    HI, Are you asking about Vmware Esxi VM's backups?
  5. Are there any good mid range SATA cards?

    i have no experience with buying form China. i'm in Europe and always buy from Europe.. so, aren't there any good options from your region?
  6. Are there any good mid range SATA cards?

    Another option similar to M1015 is DELL H200/H310. You can find them on ebay for 50$/EUR without shipping.. and for cables - if you need connect them to SATA HDDs, then you need SAS 8087 to SATA Forward breakout cable.
  7. How does VPN work? And how should it be set up?

    what speeds are you expecting? to achieve 100+Mbit/s if you go router path, you need very capable hardware to encrypt/decrypt data. if you choose application path then this power is needed in application - like tdallen mentioned, deluge, sab, etc or virtual router like pfsense. i'm using virtual router from Mikrotik(Cloud host router) for site-to-site vpn and it works very well.
  8. i think, that's not true - they require internet for pre-releases too to stop using them after full release released. please correct me, if i'm wrong..
  9. CrashPlan Home Ending

    Nextcloud have deleted files too.. you have to set up how long keep them and what delete policy to choose.
  10. Power consumption

    my previous server board with dual x5680 and 2ssd, 10hdd, mellanox too, was about 200w idle (measured by ups usage - 40% of 500w). i'm just replaced it with newer dual E5-2670 and with the same other stuff it idles about 140w (28% of 500w the same ups). so i think, it's ok with your setup.
  11. confirmation when mark forum read

    looks like it gets worser with this - confirmation is now asked when you click on Mark Read bubble on main page too...
  12. CrashPlan Home Ending

    That's not true. there are various solutions with various features. i use nextcloud, and it supports file versioning.. for me, a missing feature with nextcloud is scheduled backups..
  13. are there any option not to ask for confirmation when marking profile as read?
  14. i would recommend Supermicro. https://www.supermicro.nl/products/motherboard/Xeon3000/#1151 you can get one with SAS card builtin, but i'm not sure about cross-flashing to IT mode. what is your server main purpose? just pure NAS or some Dockers/VMs too?
  15. ok, i think, i got it.. no probs for me with self signed certificates, i just use firefox for my servers maintenance - you can add exception on first time and forget about warnings. and i don't wanna make access to my unRAID from Internet side, even with some reverse proxy from my main webserver. if i would, then i will need to integrate my own certs into unRAID. Edit: that's not true. BTW, from the next year Let'sEncrypt will support wildcard certs - for me it looks more secure than list all my sub-domains for one pair of certs..
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