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  1. if you upgraded from 6.3.5 then just copy contents from your flash drive folder "previous" to the root of the flash and reboot.
  2. if they are so close, then passive DAC should work just fine, just find one that's working none at the moment i think, but you can latter achieve very length cable distances with fibre if something changes with your setup, e.g. move server to the basement or so..
  3. No, you can run with fiber transceivers too..
  4. i have 2 mellanox connectx-2 and with my Cisco 7m ACTIVE DAC they refuses to connect at all. Brocade Active DACs working very well. i just finished my 10Gbit home network some weeks ago and this was my only incompatibility between all equipment. so, i would try to change cable for test.. what are a distance between your PCs?
  5. Post Diagnostics - Tools->Diagnostics and post it here.
  6. According to supermicro site X9DR3-F is E-ATX. I have 4224 with X8DTH-6F and it's E-ATX too, so yes.
  7. i don't think coretemp will work from VM inside, so: First, look in bios for BMC LAN Configuration, configure it, and then read sensors inside VM with: ipmitool -H <ip> -U <usr> -P <psw> sensor list all
  8. your picture is look like from Ubuntu. if you run it under ESXi, then you are ok - i have some Ubuntu VMs under ESXi, and all the sensors are the same as yours - that mean, you can't read it from VM this way. Does this mobo have some IPMI? i can read my Supermicro mobo sensors with impitool for example inside VM.
  9. ok, then two IBM1015(rebranded LSI9240-8i) and RES2SV240 - 16 + 8, or may be 3 IBM1015 cards. it depends from motherboard too - how many and which PCIe revision slots it have.
  10. @johnnie.black or LSI SAS 9201-16i and RES2SV240 with two SFF cables between them for no performance penality?
  11. start here: https://wiki.lime-technology.com/Hardware_Compatibility#PCI_SATA_Controllers
  12. hi, and heads up mate if you have any questions, just ask.. and yes, EE-ATX will fit in Supermicro chases only as far as i now.
  13. happy days to you i'm looking at your server pictures - those HDD labels on the front, is this good idea, cos some went holes i think is partially blocked?
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