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  1. $152.99 but can only be shipped to a confirmed paypal address. Seagate Expansion 8TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0
  2. [Plugin] CA Appdata Backup / Restore

    I have been trying to delete old backups also to no avail. I have had to do 2 unclean shutdowns to get the system back to respond. Delete starts ok but after a few mins it just freezes my system. I have tried in windows but holy moly the plex docker in itself is over 30 gigs with folder after folder of junk. SSH and rmdir does not work. and krusader does not work. I am going to move everything but my backup folder off the drive I have configured and pull the drive out, shrink the array and reformat that drive. Just too many folders taking up way to much space. And with a weekly backup running since July, it is getting out of hand. If anyone reads this, I recommend to not backup your plex folder. Seems all the other dockers delete ok.
  3. Precleared this disk once again and re-ran a smart test(short) attached is the report. It had 46 errors but now reporting 0 but uncorrected is up 2. would this driver be ok as as second parity? preclear_report_Z840RYN4_2017.09.13_08.52.44.txt Update Dead drive
  4. superblock read failed

    At this point I am thinking of pulling another 2 disks out and then shrink the array. Run a parity check (synch) on the shrunk array. The disks I pull out transfer the files off of them to my backup and re introduce back into my main server one by one with a clean format. Does that sound like a good game plan? If disk 15 goes offline again after this, the only thing left to look at is the back plane of the Norco 5x3 drive cage.
  5. superblock read failed

    I have done the procedure once again. This time around disk 15 fell out of array. I have replaced the psu with a 750 and also replaced all break out cables with new ones. Took all disks but the parity and cache drive off of m/b connections and running them off the adapters. Pulled disk 15 out and am transferring those files off of it to my back up array through a usb. I have four 8TB drives that have came in yesterday that I will preclear but wondering how to go about introducing those into the broken array? Introduce 1 as the missing 15 disk and let parity rebuild and then continue down the line with each one? or?
  6. superblock read failed

    I have updated the firmware to the latest from HP. Only says V as of April of this year. I have also ordered a new power supply 750 and breakout out cables. Now after firmware update I start Unraid back up but have not started the array. All disks are seen but parity is red x . saying "ALL DATA ON THIS DISK WILL BE ERASED WHEN ARRAY IS STARTED" that is ok but disk 12 which was the disk I replaced still has a "Device is emulated". If I start the array I assume that parity will start and I will lose the data from disk 12?
  7. After much google and many, many different files, I have decided that this is the best I can do on my HP H220 cards.Version: (17 Apr 2017) from the HP site. I did all the changes in UEFI shell. That download is an .exe file but with 7 zip you can extract it to a folder and pull the H220_it.fw and mptsas2.rom. Put those into your bootable usb along with Shellx64.efi and sas2flash.efi . My m/b can boot into the shell. Once booted in shell, type "fs0:" well it was for me but your usb might be different. Once in FS0: type "sas2flash -list" will show you all the adapters. To be on the safe side I had taken out all but the one adapter I was flashing and had no connections to hard drives attached to it. So now I flash with "sas2flash -o -f h220_it.fw -b mptsas2.rom" and hope all goes well which it did. Try "sas2flash -list" again and now see my firmware is V15.10.10.00 . Shut down and place my other adapter in and do the same.. Done I hope.
  8. Need some advise or help on this. Started having problems with my server. Per Johnnie.Blacks advise I am trying to upgrade the firmware of my controllers to p20. I have a launch EFI from a system device in the asrock uefi utility. I plug in my usb with the files I got from SAS 9207 . I get into the shell and dir to fs0 dir and proceed to use x64sas2.efi -listall and am greeted with image is not an application. Dunno this may/probably be over my head.
  9. Seagate Expansion 8TB USB 3.0 sorry sale ends today
  10. Well I ordered 2 more today since the price went down another 10 dollars. Didn't have any problems during pre-clear and mounted ok. Guess time will tell.
  11. superblock read failed

    I saw all those errors. What confuses me is the parity disk is plugged into m/b and the other disks are running off the HP H220 controller. I guess I shall order new breakout cables, and new controller card. My goal is to shrink my array to 12 drives all 8TB. With 8 onboard ports which cards would you recommend?
  12. superblock read failed

    Well I have followed these steps and upon start up disk14, 15 and parity went offline. 14 & 15 as unmountable and parity as red ball. All these drives are the 8TB archive drives and all have no errors on smart reports. Either all these drives suck or my unraid is dying a slow painful death. All dockers stopped, mover disabled, everything running minimal resources. I am at the moment copying files off of my old disk 12 onto another unraid system. Took out drive and hooked it up with usb connector to that machine. Looks like I may be in for a long haul if I have to do that with the other 2 disks, each with 4TB data on them. Harro.zip
  13. superblock read failed

    running extended smart on the one that failed after reboot of disk replacement. If I do a new config. I will lose one data drive for sure correct?
  14. Yes it has "compute" listed under the Barracuda name. I was getting excited.
  15. I just received two more of the Seagate 8TB external expansion drives and they no longer have the archive drives in them but a Barracuda ST8000DM004 model. If my google is correct it would be this model. ST8000DM004 . And that is a great bargain for the external drive at 179.
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