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  1. I ran your diskmodels.sh and this was my output. is that what you are looking for? Checking model [HGST HDN724040AL] - Added Checking model [ST8000AS0002-1NA] - Previously added Checking model [Cruzer] - Added Checking model [Samsung SSD 850] - Previously added
  2. Thanks for the replies. Another question: I thought I had read a long time back on KODI forum on the headless thread that you could move your addons to the headless container, restart and then you would be able to use those addons under the headless container. You would also have to adjust that in the advanced xml also. Can this still be done?
  3. Been toying with the idea of this docker. I am wondering how the database handles a large collection? Does it bog down or crash with a large amount of movies, tv shows along with music videos and just music? Does the database actually hold the artwork or just links to the artwork in the media folders (movies, tv, music etc..)? Lastly if a large collection , how much space will be required of the docker if running in mnt/cache/appdata/ folder?
  4. Newegg has these on sale for 174.99 with this promo code EMCRFRE42 Seagate Expansion 8TB
  5. Haha...ya the server finally came out.. but then went right back in. I have been monitoring the temps since the fan replacements and it seem that the temp are holding well within specs. 30 - 40 C, When I have no one over I keep the closet door open now since the noise level is very low. So far I am very impressed and also happy with how quite these fans are.
  6. I recently moved and had to find a place for my server. I settled for a closet off my living room for the server. . I have three Norco 5x3 cages in my server and have never modified them. So the fans in the cages sound like jet engines ramping up. LOUD. Even with my closet door shut, I could still hear the server running. Tired of that I finally pulled the fans out of the cages and went with 3 of the Coolink SWiF2-800 Quiet PC Cooling Fan 80mm Proceeded to pull the fans out of the cages and made a few blunders. If anyone is familiar with the fans in the Norco cages, you know that the fan mounting holes slide through a plastic sleeve. I broke one off on my first fan and then two on my second and just a half of one on the third.Wow..I suck. Put in put in the new fans but missed either one or 2 screws to hold the fans in on each one.Powered up the server and wow a huge difference in noise. Quit now. But with only 2 or t3 screws holding each fan, I was concerned about them moving. I pulled case apart again and took the fans back out. The new fans had come with mounting screws, so I thought I would use those but fasten the fan from the outside in. I took a 1/16 in drill and drilled through the hole in the plastic sleeve. Drilling from the inside out. I then turned the rear mount of cage over and used a 3/16 in drill to drill through my pilot hole. I then mounted the fan back I could then use the screws that came with the fan and screw from the outside of housing through to the new fan. Nice and tight. I have attached pictures.
  7. Thanks johnnie. Ordering a new controller now.
  8. Are most controllers backwards compatible? Can I use a pcie 3 on a pcie-2? If so I would get another hp220
  9. I updated plugins for Dyn etc.. and after update I have run into this again. This is the same drive as this post was created about. Question I have is what would be a good controller to replace this SUPERMICRO AOC-SASLP-MV8 PCI-Express x4 Low Profile SAS RAID Controller with. I am only running 4 ports off of this controller so a 4 port would be ok. Apr 24 12:03:25 Tower kernel: sas: Enter sas_scsi_recover_host busy: 1 failed: 1 Apr 24 12:03:25 Tower kernel: sas: trying to find task 0xffff88014d7b7700 Apr 24 12:03:25 Tower kernel: sas: sas_scsi_find_task: aborting task 0xffff88014d7b7700 Apr 24 12:03:25 Tower kernel: sas: sas_scsi_find_task: task 0xffff88014d7b7700 is aborted Apr 24 12:03:25 Tower kernel: sas: sas_eh_handle_sas_errors: task 0xffff88014d7b7700 is aborted Apr 24 12:03:25 Tower kernel: sas: ata12: end_device-2:3: cmd error handler Apr 24 12:03:25 Tower kernel: sas: ata9: end_device-2:0: dev error handler Apr 24 12:03:25 Tower kernel: sas: ata10: end_device-2:1: dev error handler Apr 24 12:03:25 Tower kernel: sas: ata11: end_device-2:2: dev error handler Apr 24 12:03:25 Tower kernel: sas: ata12: end_device-2:3: dev error handler Apr 24 12:03:25 Tower kernel: ata12.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action 0x6 frozen Apr 24 12:03:25 Tower kernel: ata12.00: failed command: READ NATIVE MAX ADDRESS EXT Apr 24 12:03:25 Tower kernel: ata12.00: cmd 27/00:00:00:00:00/00:00:00:00:00/40 tag 5 Apr 24 12:03:25 Tower kernel: res 40/00:00:00:00:00/00:00:00:00:00/40 Emask 0x4 (timeout) Apr 24 12:03:25 Tower kernel: ata12.00: status: { DRDY } Apr 24 12:03:25 Tower kernel: ata12: hard resetting link Apr 24 12:03:28 Tower kernel: drivers/scsi/mvsas/mv_sas.c 1435:mvs_I_T_nexus_reset for device[3]:rc= 0 Apr 24 12:03:28 Tower kernel: sas: sas_ata_task_done: SAS error 8a Apr 24 12:03:28 Tower kernel: ------------[ cut here ]------------
  10. That may be true but they are also in the business to sell drives/enclosures. So if a enclosure goes sour after 2 years, they are hoping the customer just buys a new one. Where as in unraid customer is looking for a longer life span from a drive. Having a new drive with high temps will only cause a shorter life span in my opinion. I shucked all mine and then pre-cleared with temps no higher than 32. They now are in array with average temp of 27-31. I am hoping these will give me a long life.Same as the drives I replaced which were 5-7 years old and no errors on them.
  11. Thank jonathanm. I have it up and running. took some time with restarting router and dvr to new ports but I think it will be worth while in the long run.
  12. Even if that dvr is using port 443? Or can sub-domains be set up?
  13. I guess that is what I am confused about. If I use duckdns for a domain to my static ip. Any connection to that domain name will open the dvr viewer. How to get other internal ip's on lan available to the static ip is where I am confused on. Whether that be on port 80 or whatever.
  14. I would like to set this docker up but have some issues involving conflicting ports. I have a stand alone dvr recording 18 security cameras, This dvr has port 80, 8082 and 443 used for outside access. I have a static IP which the dvr forwards to. I think I can change ports on the dvr and then set the router to forward those ports but the 80 port for web access gets me messed up with how to distinguish between the dvr internal ip and and my other computers on the network, Any help on this or direction would be appreciated..
  15. I have not had any problems with the 8TB drive as parity. Last parity check I ran was on 2017-04-14,took 21 hr,48 min,20 sec at 101.9 MB/s with 0 errors. That is on 17 drives.
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