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  1. Read through that. It will help.
  2. I will get those diagnostics for you. I did confirm that the Seagate is only seen when connect to motherboard sata controller. After parity sync I connected into the 5x3 which is from the supermicro controller and started . Unraid stated disk missing. I then tried through the HP h220 controller and same thing.disk missing. I then connected one cable from motherboard to one connector on the back of the 5x3. Unraid shows missing disk. So I can not confirm if it is the bus controllers or the 5x3 cages. I have 3 cages and tried one spot of each cage with always the same outcome. Missing disk. What is confusing me is that I have other 8TB seagates in the array through the 5x3 cages. I will get the diagnostics for you. May take a bit, Have to pull tower out again. Thank you
  3. You need to look into Sonarr renaming config. I dont use sonarr so that it up to you.
  4. I have been in the process of converting my disk to XFS format and all is going fine. In the meantime I have a new Seagate 8TB Archive drive pre-clearing on another test box I have. The pro-clear finished and last nite I thought I would install it in my main box, replacing a WD 2TB green drive formatted to XFS. I do a clean powerdown and take out WD green drive and install new Seagate drive. Power server back up but server does not see new drive. I have 3 of the Seagates already in array and thinking WTH. Powerdown again and switch the new seagate to a different position in array. start sever back and still no device shows up. NowI power down again and connect the Seagate to the motherboard and it now shows the new drive. So now I am wondering if mt 5x3 Norco's are the problem. But still have 3 other new seagtes installed in the same 5x3 Norco's. Running a parity sync now but will find out later if once I take it off the motherboard connection and try adding it back into the 5x3 if the problem persists. Any ideas in the mean time is helpful.
  5. Yes Your folder path in sab under categories should look something like such.. You can plainly see my shares for sab. Now I just choose which share I want for that category.
  6. is the container path and and host path the same? Another option would be to watch some videos.. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZDfnUn74N0WeAPvMqTOrtA
  7. Can you see your share on the network? Tv?
  8. Now you need to map those same folders in your docker config.
  9. You do not want your shares on the cache drive but on the array. If you do that all files will be left on the cache. Thus the /mnt/user/tv or whatever name you are using. Go to settings , then global shares and set to use cache drive then go to Shares and add a share.. once you have done that, your shares are now on the array and all downloads will go to cache temporarily till they are moved to the shares on the array. To set the time for the files to move , go to settings and then scheduler. Under mover setting is where you can set how often to move the files off of the cache drive.
  10. Have you set user shares up for your media? aka. music folder, movie folder, tv folder ..etc, etc..? If so in sab your category mapping should go to those shares. Your dockers should also represent those mappings to the shares. aka.../mnt/user/movies, /mnt/user/tv..etc.. If you have your user shares set up, then they should be set to use cache.
  11. Everything went smoothly and I must had had some excess gas with a lot of brain farts the other day. Have drive converted to XFS now and will continue with the rest. Thank you all once again.
  12. I will let everyone know tomorrow. Should have another drive empty tonight sometime. Ready for XFS . Thank you all.
  13. This is exactly what I had done after removing all data from that disk. Problem was the format was grayed out and would not let me choose the xfs format, only could add back to array with the reiserfs format. That is why I went to the other steps, thinking that the disk was holding some info from preventing me to format to xfs. Like I previously stated, only empty share folders remained on disk... Would that prevent the disk from formatting? I am moving data from another drive now but will post a screenshot if I run across that again. .
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