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  1. @jonathanm I tried to run Memtest with a brand new power supply and no disks spinning and it fails after 5 minutes during the test #7 [block Move]. I also tried swapping around the memory modules but it doesn't help.
  2. Tested several combination but it always fails when mixing 1+3 and 2+4 banks so I ended up just keeping 4G of memory (1+3)...A little bit weird but I'm not in a mood for swapping motherboard and CPU.
  3. Hello, My unRAID installation has been stable for many years, running on a C2SEA motherboard with the latest 6.2.4 release. During the past three weeks I have two kernel panics related to USB. The first one occured once when I came back from vacation and power up the server. It did boot up correctly and the kernel panic occured about 10 minutes after the reboot. The last one occured this morning at 7:10am without anything special triggering it. Looking at the error message it seems to be related to USB. The only USB peripherals that are actually connected are : 1) the USB flash drive running unRAID 2) UPS using the NUT extension. Has someone seen that kind of kernel panic? Thanks alphazo Well Kernel panic kicked in again an this time not related to USB. It then became hard to just boot the server or with some weird video artifacts. I went through a memtest campaign and found mixed results: All 4 memory modules: memtest freezes after 5 minutes Memory modules 1+3 installed: memtest runs fine Memory modules 2+4 installed: memtest runs fine Memory modules 1+2+4 installed: memtest freezes after 5 minutes Memory modules 1+3+4 installed: memtest freezes after 5 minutes Memory modules are 99U5471-002.A01LF (KVR1333D3N9K2/4G). I'm going to run longer memtest tests and also swap memory modules around but at this point the motherboard seems to be dammaged. What's your pick?
  4. I wrote about encFS many years ago on this forum and wanted to provide an update. A number of new alternatives have emerged and unRAID architecture has changed quite a bit. Block device encryption remain the fastest way to protect a hard drive especially if the CPU provides AES-NI instructions. Will unRAID be ever able to mount external dm-crypt encrypted USB drive used for backups? Now for NAS/unRAID storage and also Cloud storage a per file encryption is prefered and encFS has been around for quite some time but has never been perfect security and performance wise. I recently cam across a couple of new projects that aim to be an alternative to encFS such as : gocryptfs securefs I ran a simple benchmark on a desktop and a SSD and wanted to share it with the unRAID community.
  5. My bad. It was also an Adblocker issue in my case (uBlock Origin). Since I recently went through a full re-install of my laptop I guess I forgot to copy over the adblocker whitelist.
  6. I have the exact same issue since I updated to 6.1.7. While the user shares appears in the CLI they no longer show up in the "User Share" GUI. Like in the original post I do have an extra drive assigned as cache that I don't use for cache purposes. All my drives are XFS formatted including the cache drive.
  7. That was an easy one. I might have interrupted one of the update (docker operations can be frustrating sometimes since the GUI becomes very unresponsive). I have been able to remove all the orphans. Thanks Alphazo...Just posted my 100th post
  8. I recently noticed that my docker container list now shows a number of applications I have not installed. Where do they come from and how can I get rid of them ? They seem to be linked to my borgbackup application but can't figure out. Thanks Alphazo
  9. Updated the docker file so it now uses /sourcedir instead of /B. BTW borgbackup v0.25 has been released and brings fast lz4 compression algorithm.
  10. [ARCHIVE] binhex docker repository

    Have you been able to fix that issue? I'm also using a custom VPN provider and get the exact same result even with the righ .ovpn files and all the parameters set. Thanks I am also trying to get this to work with SlickVPN (without any luck). I set the provider to "custom", and put my .ovpn file in place. However, when the container starts, I see this error occurring over and over: 2015-062015-06-27 23:49:42,866 DEBG 'start' stdout output: Sat Jun 27 23:49:42 2015 UDPv4 link local: [undef] Sat Jun 27 23:49:42 2015 UDPv4 link remote: [AF_INET] Sat Jun 27 23:49:42 2015 write UDPv4: Operation not permitted (code=1) I can't even connect to deluge! However, if I disable OpenVPN and Privoxy, and then run the container, I can at least use Deluge. Can anyone suggest anything to try?
  11. Fully agree on this one. I don't know what was the motivation of the original author.
  12. Just to post another success story on moving from ReiserFS to XFS. Well it took some time (14 disks) and I only used rsync, hashdeep (found in md5deep package) and vim (not on unRAID). Basically I did for each disk and in parallel using multiple screen sessions. diskX is the source (rfs), diskY is the destination (XFS) diskZ is a scratch area to save the checksums. mkdir /mnt/diskY/diskX rsync -av --stats --progress /mnt/diskX/ /mnt/diskY/diskX cd /mnt hashdeep -r -l -e diskX > /mnt/diskZ/hash-diskX-source cd /mnt/diskY hashdeep -r -l -e diskY > /mnt/diskZ/hash-diskX-copy Then it was time to compare the hashes before wiping out the source disk. Since the hashes are not written in the same order. There might be more elegant way to sort and clean the top of the file but I just used vim (on my PC and not unRAID) for that. vim /mnt/diskZ/hash-diskX-source Then I needed to remove the 4-5 top lines 5dd Then sorted the hash list :sort :wq Same Vim operation needs to be done with /mnt/diskZ/hash-diskX-copy After that diff can be used to verify that the copy is perfect. diff /mnt/diskZ/hash-diskX-copy /mnt/diskZ/hash-diskX-source If the diff operation doesn't return anything bad then you are good to go for: Formatting diskX Moving everything from /mnt/diskY/diskX to the root of /mnt/diskY (this can be done with mv and doesn't take any time Move to the next drive I recommend to keep a spreadsheet handy so you can track the actions to run especially if you run concurrent rsync and hashdeep operations. I do recognize that going through the hashing is a bit extreme and paranoid but heck it doesn't hurt as well.
  13. Hello, borg-backup ( is a fork of the excellent Attic ( that provides deduplicated and optionally encrypted backup. Pretty similar to bup that I have been using extensively. borg bring many new exciting features over Attic including configurable chunk sizes to accommodate lower RAM (important with very large backups) and different password based encryption scheme. The latest git version also brings lz4 compression scheme (in addition to zlib). One the reason for moving away from bup is the impossibility to prune older backup. I'm planning to use it on unRAID both internally to do periodic backup/snapshot of important data (doesn't take additional space if nothing has changed) and also remotely from clients. Based upon the work done by Silvio Fricke I published two projets on Dockerhub: - Latest git version: - Latest released version: You can find and install them using the new extended search feature found in the Docker Community Application plugin. I quickly tested it and was able to perform backups. I haven't gone through the generation of the unRAID template yet. Hope this will be useful to the unRAID community. PS: this could also be used in a distributed encrypted incremental and deduplicated backup scheme where you store some of your content to another (untrusted) remote unRAID machine.
  14. Thank you very much. I guess the thread can be closed then.
  15. Hello, I completely missed all the progress that have been made on this topic. I'm on 6.0.1 so it looks like I have the xfsprogs 3.2.2. ;D My last question before I do the big jump is: Are the additional flags (-m crc=1,finobt=1) used by default when I click on the Format a new drive button using XFS filesystem? Thank again for the effort. Alphazo
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