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  1. [Support] - Nextcloud

    When upload large file I get /etc/hosts full. It looks like it store temporary files there, but I have tested to change some settings, see below. From my php.ini in the nextcloud docker from my config.php
  2. [Support] - Nextcloud

    Trying to update my docker as well with larger file, but I can't find php.ini? Can you please wrote down all files that you change with path and what changed you did on each? Thanks! Peter
  3. I did an update from App Store
  4. I updated clover today and I now got same issue. //Peter
  5. New Version! Now the web page is disabled when generate server certificates!! Please test and see how it works for you! //Peter
  6. Wonder howe that could be done? a check to see if the process is running and disable the buttons while is running ? Anyone have a clue how that could be done ? //Peter
  7. New release available , now with an new tab for download of client config files! //Peter
  8. When changing settings for the server that needs new client certificate I recommend to "Regenerate the server certificates keys" this will give you a fresh server with all old clients deleted. Will this meet your requirements ? I can look at the download of client file what I can do.
  9. Hi, See info on first post and a link ,I will summarize it better in first page when I have time. "Unpack your provider certificate/files to /boot/openvpn (create that folder if it's not exist) , can now be several ovpn files"
  10. Look a the syslog about info from the plugin installation
  11. You must have a bad USB drive since the openvpn is not installed.
  12. NO I’m on 6.4 also, try type in openvpn and see what it’s says. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  13. This tell you that the openvpn packages are not installed, maybe you should verify your USB drive in a windows computer for error.
  14. What about the path and file I asked for ? /var/run/openvpnserver/ /etc/rc.d/rc.openvpnserver restart openvpn --version Try above 2 command and post results. //Peter
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