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  1. Is this right to use ...... host-passtrough??. According to posts above <cpu mode='host-passthrough'> <topology sockets='1' cores='4' threads='1'/>
  2. Did you get the client to connect?
  3. Enable help and check settings for server settings. It shall explain settings.
  4. Can you see if you have any client logs ?
  5. I,m restoring a backup and will try latest Clover later today [emoji3]
  6. And you did update Clover before updating?
  7. I got this error when trying to update Pulling image: lsiodev/nextcloud:latest TOTAL DATA PULLED: 0 B Error: Error: image lsiodev/nextcloud:latest not found
  8. Great, what carrier did they use?
  9. Hi, I'm also mailing natex to get a deal för a MB --> INTELS2600CP2J-CUSTOM. So far I have get a $98 for shipping costs Via DHL. What did you got? is it a better way to get shipping to Europe (Sweden) EDIT I will go for this case: Enthoo Phantam Pro case //Peter
  10. If you like to start VPN client during boot you can add this to your go file /etc/rc.d/rc.openvpnclient start
  11. You see in the error log that some error is pointon on IPv6. unRAID don't have IPv6 in the kernel, If you have IPv6 in your config file you going to get problem.
  12. Can You post your ovpn file? Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  13. Lock at the info and Link on first page
  14. Can you try to give it same time before reload the page ? Will it disappear then ? I will try by my self how it looks.
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