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  1. Can access unraid server by IP only

    I am back to what I had prior to Windows 10 upgrade - on my home PC I can now access unRaid by name, but on my office laptop I still can't Local Master Browser sometimes my home workgroup, sometimes I see domain from my work. I read these days that Microsoft are going to drop SMBv1/Cifs support from next major upgrade, what does it mean to us?
  2. Can access unraid server by IP only

    Frank1940 First, thank for your dedication to resolve the issue Yes, I do have a plug-in (isn't the one that tells me what is the current domain?) RE - friends, I wrote they have Synology, not unRaid. Synology, Qnap - nobody experiencing these issues. So, you say I should have these lines - [global] preferred master = yes os level = 255 ntlm auth = yes
  3. Can access unraid server by IP only

    My friends have simple Synology boxes, they never had any issues with accessing the shares.. B.T.W.
  4. Can access unraid server by IP only

    should I remove then these lines from the SMB Extra - [global] preferred master = yes os level = 255 Where should I add the SMB config lines ("ntlm auth = yes" )? I want to emphasize again that I don't have any security and I don't want to, the only user I have on unRaid is a default one 'root' without password
  5. Can access unraid server by IP only

    I do have static IP assigned for unRaid machine. I access by IP address maybe for the last 3 years, my wife, working on the win7 was able to access to name, until she got upgraded to Win10 Isn't it about adding few entries into SMB configuration in unRaid? How this can impact my work machine?
  6. Can access unraid server by IP only

    That might be a 'Local Master Browser' issue (?) I use a laptop from my work, which has one domain but all other machines, including the unraid, belong to a specific workgroup When I connect to the settings page of unRaid, under SMB I see that currently elected domain is the one of my work, not the local. And something weird, I do see that this elected master browser change for 1-2 second to this of my home, but then immediately changes back to domain of my workplace weird
  7. Can access unraid server by IP only

    I have brand new computer, it could not access unRaid from the start. Computer it replaced ran Windows 7, the new one is Windows 10. All my shares are Public No credentials stored on Windows machine The only user is 'root' without password I get a login dialog when I even try to access the \\server, just to get a list of (public) shares
  8. Hello probably there is an easy solution to this I can only access my server via IP, like \\\ If I try to access it by name, \\Server\ I get a user/pass dialog, and no matter what I enter I can't get in Basically I don't have any security on the server, just 'root' without password
  9. The least expensive option to backup 3-5 TB

    Hmm. Yes, we're in unRaid forum. I assumed that's the default. Anyway, it look like for 36$ for two years that's the best offer I can get, and after Aug 2019 maybe there will be better options out there
  10. The least expensive option to backup 3-5 TB

    How it can be useful to backup NAS? Actually, I just took an offer of CrashPlan and switched to the Small Business plan, free for the first year, then it is 36$ for 2nd year, and after that 120$.. for Unlimited
  11. The least expensive option to backup 3-5 TB

    https://www.idrive.com/idrive/signup/el/promo90 IDrive 7$ for the 1st year for 5TB, and then 70$ per year
  12. The least expensive option to backup 3-5 TB

    I saw somebody mentioned also here JottaCloud https://support.jottacloud.com/hc/en-us/articles/216758168-Uploading-data-from-a-network-drive-NAS-with-Jottacloud But the review were not favorable
  13. 1) Backblaze B2 is 60$ per 1 TB, like Amazon Cloud Drive. Personal backup does not allow uploading network files. Means $180 - $300 per year 2) CrashPlan for Small Business - $120 per year (unlimited) 3) Dropbox Advanced - 240$ per year (unlimited) I don't have to change immediately as my subscription runs through Aug 2018. just thinking..
  14. CrashPlan Home Ending

    That's right. Backblaze is not an option at all, they prohibit use of network paths in backup

    Hi I just got a reply from Broadcom that So, then it is identical in the operation to the older 9201-16i, right?
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