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  1. All credit for the "skirt" goes to danioj. He's the skirt master[emoji1]. You can use a thin piece of cardboard, plastic or some other pliable material. I used plastic for durability and longevity. I just cut a piece that was as long as the drive cage and a little wider than the distance from the drive cage to the side intake fans. Then I just wedged it into the case. It fits in between the motherboard and two side intake fans perpendicular to both and rests against the bottom of the drive cage. Depending on your settings for fans this may not be enough. This isn't a fault of the case but if you have your fans set with a smart fan value too low they may not spin up fast enough to cool the hard drives or the motherboard and other components. This is due to the fact that the smart fan is usually cpu dependent. So if your cpu never gets hot enough everything else may cook under load. You could try raising the smart fan thresholds, set them to a fixed value or I fixed this problem with an ipmi plugin I created. The ipmi plugin's fancontrol is only useful for Asrock boards right now. Although I just set up a backup supermicro server. So soon I'll add support for supermicro. It allows you to control individual fans based on separate temperatures. So you could control the front two fans based on hard drive temps and control the rear fan based on motherboard temps, also even the cpu fan.
  2. Thanks. Update went fine. Everything is working great.
  3. Not really unless someone wants to convert the to use pushover. The underlying scripts are not mine. Zren had a previous java node implementation that had pushover.
  4. The net-snmp package from the nut plugin is probably the reason the SNMP plugin doesn't work either. I was thinking of looking at the nut plugin too. I use nut on my router for a separate ups.
  5. Thanks, I see the problem. It's the Nut plugin installing freeipmi 1.4.8. I would just remove the freeipmi package lines from the Nut plg file. Or a little more complicated would be to copy the lines from the ipmi plg file. Except I use variables. So you'd have to copy those too or translate them. E.g. replace the variables with their definition from the top of the ipmi plg file.
  6. No don't overwrite the two. They are different. I would just rename them both or move them to a backup location. So when you reboot you'll get a fresh copy from the bmc. You won't lose users or anything like that. It's different for each board/manufacturer too. Some have settings that are persistent and some you have to load again. I should have a supermicro x10 system up soon as a backup server.
  7. That's a bug. I found the same error the other day on a temp sensor. I'll include the fix on the next update.
  8. My motherboard can only control 4 pin PWM fans. I picked up some Noctuas but they are a little expensive. The stock fans are 3 pin but seemed decent.
  9. On the flash in /config/plugins/ipmi
  10. See reply above if you updated the bmc. Is it a different fan?
  11. I would try clicking the revert command to pull a new config from your IPMI but if you loaded on startup then this might not work. Try renaming the ipmi-sensors.config or ipmi.config (whichever one is relevant) and rebooting. Then make changes to a fresh config. My thinking is that something has changed in the config options with the bmc update and your writing config values that aren't valid anymore. Maybe the sensor or variable names have changed.
  12. It looks like your board has IPMI, so everything should work except fan control.
  13. Great case still. No problems other than the air flow through hard drives which was easily solved with a plastic partition separating the intake fans from the motherboard and forcing the air through the drive cage.
  14. I suspect it's just the hard drives temp since it's pulled from the disks.ini. So for some reason your ipmi through the kernel module doesn't work sometimes. I always use the network connection.
  15. I looked through the snmp plugin's code and packages but didn't see anything obvious that would conflict. How are you connecting to IPMI, local or network? Try network if using local. Which sensor is the only one showing? hard drive? Thanks for the STH link. I hadn't seen that one before. Too bad the X9 doesn't support the raw speed controls. I think I may get a SM X10 board to test with and act as a backup.
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