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  1. Fan speeds are constantly cycling

    If earlier you were referring to my IPMI plugin (, Fan Control won't work yet for Supermicro X8 or X9 boards. Even when I implement it, there will only be a control over all fans using high, medium and low based on a single temp source. However all other functions of the plugin will work. Most useful to this thread is the Config Editor, a web based text editor. It allows you to edit the sensors config and save/commit it to the BMC. It will allow you to load the config on system start if settings don't persist through a reboot. So you don't need to load any packages or use the command line. The plugin uses freeipmi instead of ipmitools.
  2. Value motherboard w/ IPMI?

    I bought a used Supermicro X10 SLL-F m-atx board a few months ago on eBay for about $100. It's for backup/testing purposes so I only bought a used Pentium G for it and 8GB ECC. But you could put a nice Xeon V3 in it. Also IPMI is useful for many more things than just remote boot. But if your server does hang for any reason you can always reset it and view the last console remotely. With an X10/X11 or Asrock you can use a sweet plugin to control individual fans based on hard drive, motherboard or CPU temps. You can view real time actual sensor readings without the sorcery of lm-sensors and sensor.conf's. You can get push notifications of critical server events. E.g. Memory errors, high/low temps, volts, rpms. I would never get another board for a server without IPMI.
  3. I updated python to a version that included pkg-resource right after you posted.
  4. You should only need python3 and borg. I updated the python3 packaged. Update it and try again.
  5. [Plugin] IPMI for unRAID 6.1+

    The Sensors page takes the highest hard drive temp from the already available /var/local/emhttp/disks.ini. I didn't want to re-poll the hard drives since they had already been polled. This however only includes array drives. The fan control script takes the highest temp from all drives. That's the reason for the 38 in the fancontrol log and 26 in the readings. There was some talk recently about possibly adding an ignore function to fan control. This would keep fans from spinning up due to external or preclearing drives. That's on my todo list. Similar to the dropdown checklist for sensors but for hard drives.
  6. Fan speeds are constantly cycling

    What board do you have?
  7. updated shellinabox to latest 2.20 Notable changes/fixes: OpenSSL 1.1 fixes May build with MUSL library Fixed issue #222, LOGIN service Fixed issue #360, ignore escape sequences to fix dir listing Fix for function key presses Adjusting scale on IE New option to disable peer check (issue #364) Add option for custom SSH port Support for APL characters PDF documentation Fix for BSD build New ready event support for iframe messages
  8. I compiled it again and added msgpack a and pkg_resource.
  9. Give the new package a try and let me know.
  10. Maybe airbillion knows Msgpack 4.8 is included in the borg package. Maybe I'll try compiling msgpack myself.
  11. Not sure. Was this happening on 1.0.11?
  12. I reverted it back to 1.0.11. Maybe I'll try and compile it again without fuse support.
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