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  1. I use a Libresonic docker and Dsub app my android devices. I also setup Letsencrypt docker to reverse proxy so it's available outside my network. My wife uses the Dsub app all the time, working out, streaming to the car radio, casting to various speakers in the house.
  2. Forgot to remove the tablesorter package. It uses a cdn link now. It's fixed now.
  3. Thanks I fixed the link.
  4. I would say it's original. I started it as a way to learn/improve my php. I used various libvirt-php classes/examples and the libvirt php api to start with. Then[mention=11201]Eric[/mention] took it to another level to where it's at now. Well maybe a couple more levels too. Edit. I just looked at my vmMan repo and that was almost 2.5 years ago. Where's the time gone. So much has changed in unRAID.
  5. It's for the beta. I won't update the old repo except to update the plugin file to point to the beta/new repo. 2017.06.21 The update was to fix the auto setting and to return the fans to the previous mode set in the BMC.
  6. Your case should have come with 1 side filter that covered the 2-120mm fans and one on top for the power supply intake, similar to the link you posted. Silverstone probably has replacements or might send you some it you didn't get any. That power supply is a full size you would need a sfx. This is the one I got. But I would wait and see if your board still keeps shutting off. I had that same power supply with more drives and it worked fine. It's still working in my backup server. Maybe it was just a power outage/flicker. If you don't have a UPS, that would be a better investment. If it's just freezing you can log in to the ipmi and load up the console and see if there some errors or hook up a monitor.
  7. The blue cable by the exhaust fan is connected to the Intel controller. The 2 closest to the memory are sata3 the other 4 are sata2. The cables on the right by the drive cage are all Marvell. The 2 closest to the memory are the 9172 the bottom 4 are the 9230 and all are sata3. I noticed from the pictures that you have the oem fans. Your board won't be able to controller those. They will just run at full speed. I also noticed the dust[emoji33]. If you use the magnetic filters you'll have zero. With this case you'll also need to cut a piece of cardboard or plastic that is as long as the drive cage and a little wider than the distance from the motherboard to the drive cage. Otherwise your hard drives will run hot. As for your problems the firmware updates should fix everything. But my first reaction was power supply. Although I had 7-3.5" and 4-2.5" drives in mine with the same power supply. But recently I replace a drive with a 4TB Seagate and soon after my server would randomly freeze every day. It might have been something else I was doing with dockers. But I ordered a Corsair 600 sfx and put the 450 in my backup server. Both are running fine now.
  8. I looked at the conf and should this line return 301 https://$host:443/$request_uri; be return 301 https://$host$request_uri; or this. But I think the :443 may not be needed since it's https. return 301 https://$host:443$request_uri;
  9. Do you have a manual host set or is it auto?
  10. Yes that's the way the fan control has always been. The original point of the plugin's fan control was to control the side fans of my case based on hdd temps especially during parity checks/rebuilds.
  11. I wouldn't worry about it. If it's working fine. My manual looks just like the picture you posted but says nothing else. I was just going off other manuals and the faq. I was just worried it might be running off system temp instead. Anyway I did more testing and research. Setting a value of 00 for the fan isn't Auto. The board just kicks the fan up to full speed when you set it too low. I now have to Auto setting or 00 value do nothing in the script. So it will use whatever Mode you have set in the BMC. I'm using this command to set the fan speeds "ipmi-raw 00 30 70 66 01 00 XX" XX=00-64, 64=100%, 32=50% Also when the fan script is stopped it resets the fans to the mode you selected in the BMC. If the FANA stuff wasn't confusing enough the modes are too. 00 is Standard 01 is Full 02 is Optimal which is lower than Standard 04 is between 00 & 01 I'm using this command for this. "ipmi-raw 00 30 45 01 XX" The one thing I am wondering though is even though the fan script is changing the the fan speeds does the BMC use the Mode to adjust those same fans at some point.
  12. I'm not sure. I see what you mean but I'm not sure 1-4 = system and A = CPU. I got this from their fact. I know its from a different Motherboard but I have seen similar. Sometimes it seems like there's some conflicting info. Question We have a X9SCL-F and connected Chassis fans to FAN-1/2/3 and CPU fan to fan header "A" on this mainboard. Now we see that the fan spin up/down, or sometimes full speed. What can we do? Answer FANA is for add-on card and controlled by system temperature. FAN1~4 is controlled by CPU temperature. CPU Heatsink fan should not be connected to FAN-A. CPU Heatsink fan can be connected to FAN-1. Chassis fans can be connected to FAN-2~4 or FAN-A.
  13. Also if anyone who tries the beta above wants to go back you can just uninstall it and install the plugin from the OP.
  14. The FAN1234 is just a the group. The fan speed that is shown is only for the first fan available I the group. That's why hiding the other fans shows rpms. It's really just a reference and is never updated unless you refresh the page. I was thinking of just picking the highest or getting rid of it altogether. I need to double check the auto to make sure I'm using the right value. But auto right now sets a value of 01. Edit: 00 or 01 does not equal auto. 00 is auto for ASRock. You also might check your manual but I'm pretty sure FANA is for I/O but not sure what temp sensor it's based on. I believe FANS 1, 2, 3 & 4 group are based on cpu temp. There was some discussion a few pages back.
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