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  1. The hard coded ups name is left over from the original plugin. I'll see if I can add a ups name field to the settings. I'll see what I can do about multiple ups in the details.
  2. Thanks. I updated several packages to be compatible with 6.4-rc7a
  3. I have a 2-120GB SSD in a RAID0 BTRFS. I was getting the same warnings. A scrub showed nothing. I ran a balance. When done, I stopped and started the array. The warnings are gone now. Rebooted. Still no warnings. Edit: never mind they came back
  4. Sorry these are outside the scope of this plugin. Both of these would require multiple other packages to work. I tried the intel-gpu-tools but gave up after about half a dozen packages.
  5. I added borgbackup. You'll need python 3.6 also.
  6. The details page is hard coded to this /usr/bin/upsc ups@$nut_ip to get an array of values.
  7. What's your upsmon.conf look like?
  8. I set my backup server to be a slave to my main server. It probably has something to do with the url tag. root@Tower:~# /usr/sbin/upsmon -u root -DDDDDNetwork UPS Tools upsmon 2.7.4kill: No such process 0.000000 UPS: ups@ (slave) (power value 1) 0.000052 Using power down flag file /etc/ups/flag/no_killpower 0.000091 debug level is '5' 0.005696 Trying to connect to UPS [ups@] 0.007133 Can not connect to in SSL, continue uncrypted 0.008960 Logged into UPS ups@ 0.009135 pollups: ups@ 0.009239 get_var: ups@ / status 0.009887 parse_status: [OL] 0.010032 parsing: [OL] 0.010119 ups_on_line: ups@ (first time) 0.010213 Current power value: 1 0.010299 Minimum power value: 1
  9. What settings are you using? Did you set Slave mode and enter ip? I just noticed you may have to select Slave the click apply. Then the ip field will be unlocked. Also you would need password to match on your QNAP or you could edit the monitor config with the webgui editor.
  10. I'm not sure but that may be moot since I don't have the time to figure out compiling this. I looked at this a bit and there's no info since slackware 12. And I could only find one script for aufs4 that would need to be heavily modified. Then if it's cut out of the kernel...
  11. Does anything show up on the scan page now after running the command manually? If not, what browser are you using?
  12. I'm not sure about deleting the old MAC. Maybe corruption of the xml file on the flash. For scanning try the following command, substituting you ip and subnet. /usr/bin/nmap -sn -oX /var/log/wakeonlan/scan.xml --exclude Maybe post your network.cfg again also.
  13. Try editing the sensors config from the webgui again. Then check the file ipmi-sensors.config. Let me know if the file is saved/changed from the webgui. If the file looks good then you can run this command. Otherwise edit the file then run the command. ipmi-sensors-config --filename=/boot/config/plugins/ipmi/ipmi-sensors.config --commit
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