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  1. ...should have 'unRAID' in the logo. IIRC, something Tom coined back in the days of 7-up, the 'unCola' commercials (with the late Geoffrey Holder).
  2. Unreliable and Unresponsive

    Just a suggestion, but not real smart to start a topic in CAPITOL LETTERS saying 'unreliable and unstable' in a pre-sales support thread and calling yourself "a computer repairs and retail business with a high degree of hardware skills, and solid networking skills. Our network is first class in its build and extremely stable on all of our windows computers" while building a computer with known faulty parts and not testing the new parts. Running a Windows network without understanding what local browser is and what workgroup names are, DNS forwarding to an Australian DNS while time zone set to Los Angeles. All over the map and a mess.
  3. Seasonic FOCUS Plus Series SSR-850FX

    I picked up a 650W version the last time Newegg had a deal. I posted in 'good deals' thread and linked to several reviews. Good supply for 80+ Gold.
  4. No network access (SOLVED)

    Did you change anything before you rebooted? Why did you reboot? Have you had jumbo frames enabled long? Any change to any other part of your network?
  5. Nice...those submitting copyright your work and license it.
  6. That ultimately depends on the platform the card is plugged into.
  7. Hello Gents....

    Have you tried the different scripts? There should be 5-6 different versions of scripts that you can select on the plugin GUI page. Try each one until it closer matches your web-based test speed. If you still have issues post in the thread for that plugin.
  8. IP change on container

    Your Plex, Unifi, and DDclient containers, can you post a pic of those config pages? Looks like they are running, but want to be sure you have unique IP addresses for those. If they do, this looks like a Docker config issue or remnants of the manual macvlan still on your system.
  9. IP change on container

    First pic you show eth0 with a bridge only including eth0, which is correct. Show a pic of the eth1 configuration. Your unRAID server is on x.x.x.192, you have the Domoticz Docker on x.x.x.193 - looks fine. Set to br0, not eth0: -e 'pipework_cmd=br0 @CONTAINER_NAME@' The Docker hub page for this Docker shows three port maps, a 1443, 6144, and 8080. Edit: According to the instructions 8080 is the port you use to access the application web interface.
  10. IP change on container

    Something is configured for eth1 or bridge br0 has eth1 included.
  11. IP change on container

    The '@CONTAINER_NAME@' needs to be exactly that, do not change it to match the Docker name: -e 'pipework_cmd=br0 @CONTAINER_NAME@' After you correct the container_name variable above, you would then use the port you have configured in the Docker config. I don't see '8443' in the pic you posted.
  12. VirtualBox Plugin for unRAID v5 and v6

    No, no dependency. The web server is only a requirement for phpVirtualBox which is not part of this plugin.
  13. CPU & Mobo Recommendation

    Memory prices are crazy right now, but rumor is they should start dropping next year as supply catches up. 24G of DDR4 is going to be pricey so factor that in for the when or what to upgrade to. Hoopster is fairly spot on with recommendations and really it comes down to your budget. i5 lacks Hyperthreading which may or may not affect you, but like he says, it only has four cores. However, those core are better than Ryzen cores on a per-core basis. Same with i7. i7-7700k, as example, has a passmark of around 2500 per core (or single thread), Ryzen is around 1900. With Ryzen you get six or eight cores on R5 1600 vs R7 1700, respectively. All Ryzen cores are the same on a per-core basis, assuming same clock speed. Plex has a guideline as Hoopster mentioned regarding typical passmark rating for a transcode. To expand on that: 1080p/10Mbps: 2000 PassMark, 720p/4Mbps: 1500 PassMark. Ryzen will get you more cores than an i5/i7, but single threads will be faster on i5/i7. Intel Coffee Lake which is just coming out bumps to six cores with or without Hyperthreading (i5 vs i7). So you get six 2500 passmark cores (as example).
  14. VirtualBox Plugin for unRAID v5 and v6

    Been too long since I set this up, can't do it from memory. Will look at it this evening when I get home to see if I can figure out what may be happening. What web server you are using (Docker/plugin, author) and phpVirtualBox configuration? Edit: Not sure if it was ever fixed, but phpVirtualBox 5.0.5 at one point didn't work with vitualbox 5.1.2+ without disabling the version check (or make static version). Details are in this post for how to correct. Basically, edit the endpoints/api.php file and search for this string: $response['data']['responseData']['phpvboxver'] = @constant('PHPVBOX_VER'); ...and replace with this: // $response['data']['responseData']['phpvboxver'] = @constant('PHPVBOX_VER'); $response['data']['responseData']['phpvboxver'] = "5.1-0";
  15. VirtualBox Plugin for unRAID v5 and v6

    The page doesn't update on its own when you start the vboxwebserv. A few seconds after you see the 'vboxwebserv service started', hit the refresh button in your browser, or stop then refresh.
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