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  1. i would agree with this (docker image maintained by me), please see my response to his post:- That is REALLY good news, and a very valuable feature for unRAID, although i hope never to use it :-).
  2. it maybe that doing a delete without the (all) option will result in some sub folders being left, as i THINK ir most probably wont be recursive, but hats just my theory, i haven't tested it, if you do get time and find out then please post back.
  3. Excellent [emoji16] Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  4. I realise that, but when you import your playlist the root folder of your media will be different and thus the import will fail Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  5. That's not the same change /music to /media and rescan Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  6. Is your /media volume mapped to the same location as madsonic? Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  7. lol, hmm yeah, patience young jedi :-)
  8. you're obviously doing the import AFTER you have re-indexed all your music right?.
  9. hmm ive never had to deal with this situation, but possibly:- 1. re-create user account 2. get user to login with their account, and then let them import the playlist (left nav), they can then select the tick box to allow other users to view the newly impored playlist or not. 3. rinse and repeat for each account. there maybe a better way to do it than this but i think this would work, its going to mean the users have to do a bit of work, but it shouldnt take more than 10 mins or so to import all the playlists they want. edit - ahh one problem, the import button allows you to browse the local file system of the machine your using to hit the web ui with, so you cant browse to the playlists you have exported on the server and pick and choose, hmm.
  10. it MIGHT work by simply dropping in the DB, but you may get issues, libresonic is a fork of subsonic not madsonic (madsonic being a fork of subsonic too with some customisations). It depends what you need to get out of your current madsonic setup, for me it was two things, starred tracks and playlists, the way i went about getting both out is as follows:- 1. turn all starred tracks into a playlist - now i cant quite remeber what i used to do this, but i got a feeling its either in the madsonic android app or the web ui. 2. export playlists - now you have your starred tracks saved you can now export the starred tracks playlist along with your others, this is done through the web ui. install libresonic, add library and re-import playlists, either through the web ui or dropping your exported playlists intothe playlists folder in /config/ and waiting (can take an hour or so for it to pick them up). The last thing is then just re-create your accounts and you should be done, sound ok?, to encourage you ive been using libresonic quite heavily and its rock solid, i have had zero crashes, not bad for something thats still being heavily worked on.
  11. difficulty is a very subjective thing :-), but possible? yes i would think so, you would need to look at the structure of the files/folders for the current container and copy them into the same place for the new containers /config folder, the problem you might run into is if there are any paths stored in deluge for the stuff you are already seeding, if so then it might mean you would need to re-seed the files after the transition, of course there is nothing stopping you running both side by side and then transition over slowly (make sure port is different on the host side to prevent port clash) which is probably the less stressful option.
  12. OK firstly i feel for you loosing that quantity of movies, i really do, its one of my worst nightmares (i saw your other post), i hope you get it back. Good find on that link to github issue, yes i think the reason you have fallen foul of this is two fold:- 1. You deleted the file using your mac and then also did a deletion of the torrent and data through the rutorrent web ui, obviously because you have already deleted the file manually it couldn't find anything that matches, and possibly then went on to do a recursive delete of everything (its a theory of mine nothing more) 2. you should never use the "Remove and.../Delete data (all)" option, instead you should be using the "Remove and.../Delete Data", hands up i have been using the (all) option myself, i guess i have been lucky that every torrent i download has a path and thus its limited to download only that selected folder recursively NOT the root folder, plus i dont point rutorrent at my array so the damage would be limited (see suggestion 1.) 3. Possibly the torrent you downloaded did not have a folder structure to it and this the zero byte file was in the root of the downloads folder, thus when the plugin kicks in and deletes it also deletes all folders (because of the use of the (all) option). 4. Never enable the option '"Don't add torrent's name to path", by doing this you are saying store the downloaded file in the root of the completed folder, if you then select the "Remove and.../Delete data (all)" option then it will recursively delete all files folder from the location of the downloaded file, i.e. the root of the completed folder (dont know if you had this option enabled or not?). There are also a couple of things you may want to consider in the future:- Suggestion 1. Dont allow rutorrent direct access to your array, instead seed stuff on your cache drive, this means if things did go wrong (and coding mistakes can happen) then the damage is only limited to whats on the cache, it won't wipe out your entire collection, this is what i do. Suggestion 2. Disable that option to prevent this happening in the future, as per the github issue you linked to. Suggestion 3. Backups, this is completely up to you, and hands up i don't backup everything either (too costly), but you have to ask yourself, if you lost share X is the time/stress of getting everything back greater than the financial cost of backing it up on a separate system? if it is greater then it should be backed up. I dont want to bang on about this as this is probably the last thing you want to hear, but hey its gotta be mentioned right. Suggestion 4. Make sure the CA backup plugin is enabled and working, this will at the very least then backup your configuration of each docker container, including important stuff like Plex metadata. OK last edit to this - i think in short people need to be aware that when they see the option "Remove and.../Delete data (all)" what that REALLY means is "Remove the torrent AND delete all data recursively from the current location of the download", if the location of the download happens to be the root of the completed folder then this will delete everything in the completed folder, i think i may add this as a FAQ.
  13. its pretty clear what the issue is, you either need to switch to protocol UDP by specifying VPN_PROTOCOL=udp or edit your ovpn file and remove the line 'explicit-exit-notify 3', i would recommend going with the protocol switch, udp is significantly quicker than tcp.
  14. you're asking in the wrong forum :-), 99% of people here run unraid and don't need things like Sync Docker (whatever that is) as we have a built in web ui, you're probably better off asking that question in the NAS Synology forum.
  15. Well if i copy and paste your command line into a bash shell prompt it works fine (only thing changed was path on host side), so the issue is with that docker app/web ui your using, have you tried issuing the command directly at the command line? proof:- docker run -d --cap-add=NET_ADMIN -p 8112:8112 -p 8118:8118 -p 58846:58846 -p 58946:58946 --name=delugevpn -v /tmp/docker/deluge/data:/data -v /tmp/docker/deluge/config:/config -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro -e VPN_ENABLED=yes -e VPN_USER=username -e VPN_PASS=Passwd -e -e VPN_PORT=1198 -e VPN_PROTOCOL=udp -e VPN_DEVICE_TYPE=tun -e VPN_PROV=pia -e STRONG_CERTS=no -e ENABLE_PRIVOXY=yes -e LAN_NETWORK= -e NAME_SERVERS=, -e DEBUG=false -e UMASK=000 -e PUID=0 -e PGID=0 binhex/arch-delugevpn Unable to find image 'binhex/arch-delugevpn:latest' locally latest: Pulling from binhex/arch-delugevpn 7368fdad902f: Pull complete 63103ef8f895: Pull complete 886bc19fa75a: Pull complete 5ebe09dc3070: Pull complete eda8514a153b: Pull complete 32f9f48aa48d: Pull complete 01ad81cd7f39: Pull complete ebe2eb1b0ae5: Pull complete 8150312626c3: Pull complete 17331dae0b3d: Pull complete 6604cf1620d0: Pull complete b29f8a7ef5ce: Pull complete ece425f21c23: Pull complete de94699b9740: Pull complete d9cf0cb5caf3: Pull complete 11703a066d42: Pull complete d6d4883c12a0: Pull complete 116edf5f15ac: Pull complete 3baa00bb8b6d: Pull complete 68b40c8a5519: Pull complete 434e22b77f65: Pull complete 04bf2c0dcea3: Pull complete Digest: sha256:b4b4a767400ac7515df11c0009a8e9e2c2c123b1659f610b9dba758e8b073706 Status: Downloaded newer image for binhex/arch-delugevpn:latest
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