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  1. [Support] binhex - rTorrentVPN

    there's always one! :-), ok this would be the procedure:- 1. edit /config/rutorrent/conf/plugins.ini and add the following and save:- [tracklabels] enabled = no 2. download tracklabels plugin and copy it to:- /config/rutorrent/user-plugins/ IMPORTANT - make sure to name it something other than 'tracklabels' e.g. 'tracklabels-custom' 3. edit the configuration for the plugin, once your happy then restart the container 4. if you now look at rutorrent webui plugins tab then you should see it available, it will be named the same as the foldername you specified in step 2, if its not loaded then load it
  2. [Support] binhex - rTorrentVPN

    ok new image building, this one will include the tracklabels plugin, should be ready for pull down in about 20 mins from now.
  3. [Support] binhex - rTorrentVPN

    that isnt so easy, if you do a check that says dont copy across any plugins that already exist in the destination then you won't be able to update any user plugins at a later date unless you delete your container, and i don't want to manage a list of known baked in plugins. so i've gone with the approach of only update if source plugin is newer or doesnt exist on the destination, at least that means it won't stamp over a newer plugin that already exists and is loaded. not too keen on this idea either tbh, i would need to maintain the list, i might add a url to the readme though. at the end of the day the user can always get back to a clean working state by simply deleting and re-creating their container, so im not too concerned.
  4. [Support] binhex - rTorrentVPN

    ahh you're right!, i have a note in my code that it was causing issues and thus i delete it during build time, im assuming its been stable for you?, if so i will remove the deletion so next build will include it.
  5. [Support] binhex - rTorrentVPN

    Alright, so i've come up with a method of allowing user plugins, so if you want to add additional ruTorrent plugins then do the following:- 1. download the latest docker image 2. start the container 3. download and unpack the plugin (if compressed) to /config/rutorrent/user-plugins/ or if its a theme then /config/rutorrent/user-plugins/theme/themes/ 4. restart the container. IMPORTANT - do NOT copy across en masse the previous plugins as you may/will end up with duplicate plugins and/or plugin clashes, instead please identify additional plugins and copy those across only - see HERE for a list of plugins already present (excluding 3rd party plugins list)
  6. [Support] binhex - rTorrentVPN

    tracklabels is actually already included.
  7. [Support] binhex - rTorrentVPN

    ok excellent, yep if they worked previously then i see no issue with them working again, i just need to work out the mechanism for copying them in to the container.
  8. [Support] binhex - rTorrentVPN

    yeah as i suspected, probably all bar one or two of those plugins will still be loaded and are present in the latest image, so your task is to identify which of the above are ones you have manually added in, look at created or modified date of the folder would prob be a good indicator, cos you dont really want to copy across all of the above back inside the container, especially if 99% of them already exist, you just want to include the ones you added.
  9. [Support] binhex - rTorrentVPN

    out of interest, what additional plugins do you use?
  10. [Support] binhex - rTorrentVPN

    the default set of plugins are still included, so unless you downloaded an additional rutorrent plugin then you should be fine and wont need to backup the existing plugins folder, if however you have manually downloaded an additional plugin then for now you will have to wait until i work out the best approach for including them.
  11. [Support] binhex - DelugeVPN

    ok i would suspect you probably have the LAN_NETWORK defined incorrectly, can you tell me what you have this set as, also what is the IP address of your unraid server?.
  12. [Support] binhex - SABnzbd

    from memory i think there was an issue with 6.1.9 and docker updates not being found, basically there was a change on docker hub's end and it broke unraid docker update support, so your options are either learn docker command line and pull it down using docker engine, or update to unraid 6.3.x, i would go for the second option if i were you, but be aware there are a couple of hoops to jump through when going from 6.1.9, cant quite remember all the steps but i know you will need to delete and re-create your docker img file, and thus will loose all containers temporarily, if you get stuck i would advise a posting in the general support section of the forum.
  13. [Support] binhex - rTorrentVPN

    IMPORTANT - The Docker image building right now has an important change in it, if you have any custom plugins in /config/rutorrent/plugins then please copy these to another location, due to corruption of plugins and incompatibility between version of rutorrent i have decided to remove the sync from container to /config volume mapping, thus all plugins in /config/rutorrent/plugins will be deleted once you pull down the latest image and start the container. i may consider a future enhancement that copies custom plugins from /config/rutorrent/plugins to the container depending on the number of people requesting this and complexity, sorry guys but it was getting too gnarly to keep rsyncing between the two.
  14. [Support] binhex - rTorrentVPN

    so, this has now been done and the image built, in order to use this you will need to create an environment variable called:- ENABLE_AUTODL_IRSSI and set the value to either 'yes' or 'no', if undefined it defaults to 'no' edit - a buget (small bug :-) ) has been found currently rebuilding image...
  15. [Support] binhex - DelugeVPN

    have a watch of the following video, it will walk you through setting it up:-
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