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  1. [Support] binhex - Libresonic

    ok guys it really is fixed now :-), as ive mentioned earlier, don't expect anything new, this is the same release as was released several months ago, just code change to build it, nothing more. incase you aren't aware, development on libresonic has slowed (last commit to master was 25th may) as most of the dev's moved over to airsonic, if you see issues or you just want to see what the latest features added are then you might consider a switch over:-
  2. [Support] binhex - get_iplayer

    you dont need to putty in, all you need to do is edit the container and define the shows you want to download by setting the value for env var "SHOWS" (comma separated) get_iplayer is run for you inside the container and will search and download any shows that match the values.
  3. [Support] binhex - DelugeVPN

    no thats not the issue you had there, you couldnt even establish a vpn connection, however having said that if your vpn provider doesnt support port forwarding then even if you successfully got a connection you would have crap dl speeds, my advise go with PIA, they are cheap, fairly fast, very secure and offer port forwarding.
  4. [Support] binhex - DelugeVPN

    this looks like a bad ovpn file to me, i would suspect the port number is incorrect in the ovpn file:- 8113 you could try editing the ovpn file and replace the above number with 1194 (default port) save and reboot the container.
  5. [Support] binhex - Plex Pass

    no, privileged is not required.
  6. [Support] binhex - Plex Pass

    plexpass editions include early access to features that aren't available on the free edition, but generally the features available make it into the free edition fairly quickly, so in my opinion unless you want a particular feature that is only available in plex pass, then you might was well stick with the standard plex edition. remote access works fine for both, i myself use the free edition and it works fine, im assuming you have allowed upnp on your router? or defined the port in plex and port forwarded this on your router right?.
  7. [Support] binhex - Couchpotato

    yep i got lazy :-), couchpotato and couchpotato-git are both supported in this thread, and as i have just deprecated couchpotato i dont think i will bother seperating it. impressive for software that was last released in 2015! (talking about github "release" here) :-) A) yes B) you SHOULD be able to just copy your config across and it SHOULD pick it up - not tested, so be cautious when doing this. C) if i were you, yes. ha nice ref to monty python, "i feel better, you're not fooling anyone!)
  8. [Support] binhex - Plex Pass

    Glad you got it going even if it was by using a different docker image [emoji16] still not sure what your issue is, you re the first person to raise this issue in over 100,000 downloads of this image so I'm confident it's not a general problem. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  9. [Support] binhex - Emby

    I'm aware of the issue guys, not sure yet how to fix it but if I get time I will take a look this weekend. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  10. [Support] binhex - DelugeVPN

    This should now be fixed in the latest image, please pull it down and give it a go Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  11. [Support] binhex - Plex Pass

    when you say anything important, does that include the configuration for each docker container?, what exactly are you storing on the unassigned device?, screenshot of the configuration for the plex docker would def help. its located in the host path that you volume mapped /config to, i cant tell you what that is as it could be anything, so for me its:- /mnt/cache/appdata/config/plex/supervisord.log
  12. [Support] binhex - Libresonic

    Thanks for the report, fyi there is no change in the version of libresonic, this was purely a build script change from me that triggered the build, so you wont notice any difference in the version, ive just triggered a new build so this should fix the issue.
  13. [Support] binhex - DelugeVPN

    possibly yes, look at firmware updates for the router and apply if there are any, if this does no good then try borrowing a separate router from a mate and verify that fixes the issue, thats what i would do, or simply do as suggested and torrent from midnight onwards and ignore the issue :-).
  14. [Support] binhex - DelugeVPN

    its not specific to airvpn, its the fact you are using a vpn tunnel, this causes additional stress on your router (and your host too), in short if you are seeing slow downs on your other devices when attempting to access the internet when the tunnel is running then the finger of blame points normally at the router (or bad config which looks like you have fixed), what router do you have btw?.
  15. [Support] binhex - Couchpotato

    fyi guys i have marked arch-couchpotato (not arch-couchpotato-git) as deprecated, last github "release" was 2015, highly unlikely CP will ever see a new release.

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