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  1. Add another SSD to the cache?

    You can adjust the raid level of the BTRFS pool. I don't know the specifics but it's been posted a few times buried somewhere in these forums.
  2. It's far more if you count up all the sub-letter releases, like RC# then RC#a then RC#b and so on. Somewhere between 50 to 64 at a gut feel, but we'll never know how high some of the private Release Candidates went. rc15e = 6 rc14 = 1 rc13 = 1 rc12a = 2 rc11i = 10 rc10b = 3 rc9f = 7 rc8q = 18 rc7 = 1 rc6 = unknown rc5 = 1 rc4 = unknown rc3 = 1 rc2 = unknown rc1 = 1
  3. Which Plugins are a must?

    Community Applications Any of the Community Applications related enhancements UnBalance
  4. Delete Files For More Space

    And you changed your bios options to select the new usb device too?
  5. 3XSSD Cache - Total Size Incorrect

    You're not paying attention to the units. GiB is not the same as GB. 1 gibibit = 230 bits = 1073741824bits 670.71 Gib = 720 169 378 775 bits 1 gigabit = 109bits = 1000000000bits. 720GB = 720 000000000 bits
  6. Delete Files For More Space

    Post the zip file here.
  7. Best way to keep unraid secure?

    If you don't want any changes to be done to your files you could set them all as immutable and take other steps too. See this topic for info:
  8. Another thing to keep in mind is that HDMI 2.1 has been standardized and will require entirely newer cables at higher bandwidths. The new cables are specified as 48G.
  9. forward the syslog to log server

    Yes. Everything is ran from a ram disk. The system recreates on reboots. You need other means to make changes persistent. User Scripts plug-in could help. You can also edit the "go" file on usb to do commands to.
  10. There are products which include both hdmi and usb passthrough such as the following: I have no actual experience with said product, but they do exist and they're fairly inexpensive. No, they're not as cheap as beer, but you generally get what you pay for and around $100 isnt bad at all for the convenience it provides.
  11. Unassigned Devices.
  12. If its btrfs then its possible it might be due to housekeeping items. Lookup btrfs balance.
  13. Plugins - Update All

    Have you tried the CA Plugin that can auto-update plug-ins and dockers for you?
  14. Not sure of best or any of that, but have you looked up HDMI Over Ethernet? Wireless HDMI?
  15. Cannot update Dockers

    Only if you mapped /tmp in the docker setup, otherwise its filing the docker image.

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