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  1. What are you trying to do, out-release @Squid ? If so, then keep adding new features during the beta release-candidate phase.
  2. @csmccarron Maybe if you ask kindly to @CHBMB he could enable IA32 on his DVB builds too. Maybe they could serve dual-purpose until such time as it's built into the main build.
  3. You could always roll your own Kernel (similiar to the DVB project) and add the neded drivers, but running in a VM with device passthrough would be easier for most users. It all depends on your linux comfort levels.
  4. Yeah, its not like they're opposed to introducing major feature additions like uefi booting in RCs (ReleaseCandidates).
  5. Another option if you still want faster speed in network browsing those shares is to install more RAM so more directory-entries aee able to be cached.
  6. I may be mistaken but I do not believe unraid has any audio drivers built in so audio devices may only function inside of a VM with device passthrough.
  7. Can you try rebooting again now to find out?
  8. @csmccarron The Linux kernel .config files are always available in /usr/src/linux-* directory with every modern version of unraid, so just check your own unraid server.
  9. Post up Diagnostics. I do not believe the ransomware is running ON Unraid, but is from a WinOS client pc or within a WinOS VM. The docker.img might be shared from the following shares, depending on you configured them: appdata -- mine is available as appdata/Docker/docker.img Cache -- mine is available as cache/appdata/Docker/docker.img disk# - if you have your docker.img stored on an array disk, then it might be disk1/appdata/Docker/docker.img
  10. I have a few threads already in the unRAID forums that discusses how to do this from back in the 5.0 days. Can't find them now though.
  11. Pretty much everything ends up being doubled up as all the libs have to be 32bit too.
  12. You could probably wait a week or two for a newer Firefox version. Isn't that the pace of them?
  13. Well you could be an AI construct trying to learn through social interactions with yourself...
  14. With that many subscribers, you have enough money to not bother with individual UPSes and instead have an entire home backup generator system.
  15. Did you try CA advanced mode?
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