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  1. Preclear plugin

    Try rebooting your server. I've had a few times where it doesn't start, but seems to work fine after a reboot.
  2. Exactly, which is why I used the term allegations and didn't say one should absolutely not use them, instead I leave it up to everyone else to be aware, seek out information and then make their own informed decision based on their own comfort level.
  3. One might want to read up on the allegations that Kaspersky has backdoors allowing foreign governments to abuse, before opting to install their products.
  4. It was nearly required for my system to convert to XFS from ReiserFS to stop all the issues it was having. I did this years ago, so maybe the RFS support has improved since then, but in the betas when XFS first showed up it seemed like RFS consistently caused trouble.
  5. Not sure how well these run in a VM but on my physical machines I use Esset NOD32 Antivirus and Windows Defender. I avoid anything Symantec or McAfee.
  6. There's no need for that at all. Use Community Applications and then search for existing dockers.
  7. Make sure all your plugins are updated to the latest version. Also, read the FAQ related to wrong csrf_token.
  8. Close your old browser windows. There is a FAQ for wrong csrf_tokens.
  9. Close out your old browser windows. There's a FAQ about wrong csrf_token if you need more details.
  10. AFAIR, You should never ever mix using /mnt/disk# and /mnt/user for copying because of a possible data copy bug causing data loss.
  11. I do parity checks on the following schedule: 1. Before Hardware Upgrades 2. After Hardware Upgrades 3. Before Moving the Server Equipment 4. After Moving the Server Equipment 5. After Graceful powerdowns due to Power Outages 6. Monthly
  12. Getting into a command line?

    The only interactive user is 'root'. All the other users do not have permissions to login.
  13. I don't think so. My drives are filled then I move on to using the next drive. The only time I move files around, outside of drive replacements, is if a slight OCD takes over and I want movies from the same set to be on the same drive (such as Aliens or LOTR etc...)
  14. On Thursday I picked up another 8TB External Seagate Drive, this time from Newegg. The model found inside is ST8000DM004-2CX188. It seems like they definitely switched over to this model. I'm not sure if they're using the Shingled Archive drives in externals anymore. For the parity drive, I'll have to run a few drive speed tests to determine which model would be better. I'm thinking the DM004 would be slightly better than the AS0002.
  15. Docker stopped / status change notification

    Do you have CA Automatic Backups or Automatic Updates installed? If so, you might have it being affected by those plugins.
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