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  1. Yes. Hence the emoticon in original post.
  2. Around July/August of 2016 I was so fed up with all the spamming Tapatalk was doing that I did the only logical thing left, I uninstalled the client application. I started using the mobile browser (Chrome) and have found it to be a substantially better user experience by being able to see the various themes of each forum and experience the atmosphere that allows. Another possibility is finding an RSS Feed Reader Application or Website Service and adding the appropriate feeds you're interested in, but replies typically dont refresh the feeds.
  3. Oh, sorry. I didnt realize this was a Version 5 thread because IPS software display on tablets absolutely sucks and doesn't show the full name of the forum. It only shows "General Sup" and 4 inches of empty space.
  4. You should be running it in a Docker and not as a plugin.
  5. This was the last straw for us, essentially duplicating all our content and serving it on their website by default and they continued to do so after we uninstalled tapatalk. We had to reinstall the addon in order to disable it and opt out and then had to send a request to them to remove all content. We were made aware of this from other forum admins. Here is their initial public spin of this policy: Heres a public post about this from another forum admin: We always hated their non-signature signature spam by default across the forums too.
  6. Stop using Tapatalk. I don't use Tapatalk. I stopped using TT around 6 months ago after their continued questionable business practices. We even uninstalled it from the forums we run. I find myself having a substantially better forum experience by simply using Chrome browser on my portable.
  7. It looks like it can be done, you just need to explore more... see attached pic.
  8. Or look into running dd-wrt custom firmware on it.
  9. Chances are it's your Router that has been hacked and not your workstation or server.
  10. Always happy to see more feature addons made available by the community! This will make it onto my server when I get the chance. I'll provide additional feedback after more usage.
  11. I would strongly suggest against selecting RFS filesystem. While it is on the list of supported formats, it's getting more and more problematic as time passes.
  12. I agree. As you can see in my screenshot, my tablet has plenty of real-estate to be used in exactly the same way as the desktop does but it goes unused. The responsive design needs to be tweeked. In this situation it should simply display the desktop sections as is when there is plenty of space available, which clearly there is.
  13. Click on the Menu button, the icon with 3 lines. It's on there if you're on a tablet screen because the site design isnt responsive enough.
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