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  1. I noticed that I was getting a warning about inotify-tools being installed but no longer needed as I am on 6.3.2 and it is now built it. However when I go to the nerd pack settings the inotify-tools package is not shown to enable the issue to be fixed. Manually editing the underlying .cfg file for nerd pack shows that the option is set to "yes" so I can clear it by changing that to "no". However I should be able to do this via the GUI I would have thought? Not sure if the fix needs to be to nerd pack plugin or the FCP plugin?
  2. You need to give more information such as how full the drives are and what settings you have for your shares before anyone can give any sensible advice.
  3. Which GPU is used by unRAID is normally controlled by your BIOS and it depends on what has been set there as the default graphics device to use.
  4. You only get the temp displayed for drives that are spun up. It is normal for there to be an '*' in the temp column for drives that are spun down.
  5. As was mentioned this is a known problem, although it only seems to affect some motherboards. We are hoping that a newer kernel in a future unRAID release may correct the issue. Any specific reason you do not want to boot the GUI version? Doing so does not stop anything working as it would in headless mode.
  6. Just repeat the set of lines changing the file names as appropriate.
  7. It is worse than that - any attempt to do so will probably corrupt parity.
  8. Have you got the virtio CD assigned to the VM so that you can install the virtio drivers required for disk and network access?
  9. For parity to remain valid every sector on the added disk needs to contain zeroes. If this is not the case then parity does not remain valid when adding the disk. Parity can only be made valid by doing a parity build that reads every sector off every disk as part of the parity rebuild process. That is why the normal process of adding a disk (that is not already pre-cleared) initiates a 'clear' phase to write zeroes to every sector on the disk being added before it actually makes it ready for use reading up on how parity works in the online documentation might help you understand this better.
  10. No. Why would you want to do that anyway? Doing it the way you describe would invalidate parity so that you would be unprotected until you rebuilt parity. Note that if you do not have parity you can already add a disk without first clearing it.
  11. Why are you specifying port 8080? The default port is 80 (which is what is assumed by the browser if youomit the port). Perhaps this a remnant from running unMenu which used port 8080 by default.
  12. I have a feeling that the older versions of unRAID identified disks by the port they were connected to rather than the disk serial number which means it is not that easy to simply move a disk to another position..
  13. Although I would like to see such information I suspect it is not available. I think the Spindown messages relate to specific events within unRAID, while the Spinups are likely to happen automatically when an access is made to the drive (without an explicit Spinup command being issued). The closest I could see is adding a message to the log on the periodic drive checks when the Spin state is found to be different to the last one logged. Although this may mean the log message is delayed from the actual event happening it would still be useful information.
  14. KVM does not allow a single GPU to be split between multiple concurrently running VMs. I have also seen no indication that this is a feature that is likely to appear in the future. I think you will have to look at a different way of achieving what you want. Perhaps you should be looking at cheap thin clients (e.g. Something like a Raspberry Pi) attached to each monitor and these using RDP to access a central server? This would also give each monitor its own keyboard/mouse - not sure if you want this?
  15. That advice applied when you started preclear from a telnet/ssh session - not when started via the plugin.
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