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  1. Files Gone

    I just found a setting in Plex "allow media deletion" and turned it off. I know I have never deleted anything and I don't know that remote users would have been able to utilize that feature. It's just strange that it has always been the MKV file missing and never the BDMV. The only connection I can make is Plex. Plex has access to the MKV share but not the BDMV share....
  2. Files Gone

    Yes I'm sorry. I know this is an extremely open ended question. And I cannot even tell you when the files disappeared. I could have been months ago when I did a file system conversion but I did all the steps exactly as specified including rsync or whatever the commands were. I can tell you this is going to light a fire under my behind to do more regular backups. Diagnostics folder attached. Sorry I didn't attach it earlier.
  3. Files Gone

    Ok I didn't post about this the first time. Now I am getting worried. I have my really important stuff backed up in other locations as far as pictures but I haven't been as diligent about it as I should. I will now. I have roughly 400 MKV files on my server and the same number of BDMV folders. I have had numerous occurrences of MKV files disappearing. I don't know when or how but it's gone. I don't mean just 1 movie, I mean several. Movies I am 1000% sure I had as MKVs because I have watched them via Plex. The original BDMV folder is still in the other share, but my MKV share is missing the movie. What scenarios could explain this? Data corruption? Plex does not have the ability of removing the file does it? I feel like I am being a real idiot here..... Any help appreciated.
  4. [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    Is t here a written procedure on doing xfs conversion using some of the newer features of UnBalance? I did a a while back with midnight commander following a sticky post and with dual parity and a noob like me it was nerve racking. I have 3 disks left that are not XFS and have been kind of bidding my time hoping a more "click friendly / noob friendly" procedure would arise.
  5. Parity Issue during drive swap

    Thank you. Started it now.
  6. Parity Issue during drive swap

    Yes. There is a little more to the story that may be relevant. I unassigned Parity2 because I was going to perform a Reiserfs to XFS conversion. Then remembered I wanted to swap my Parity 1 drive first and use the old parity 1 drive as the new conversion disk. So then I re-assigned the original parity 2 drive, performed new config, and checked "parity is valid". Nothing changed. I literally unassigned and reassigned the same disk it did not even change physical slots. I believe I then performed a parity check "no corrections" and all was valid. After all that is when I started the parity drive swap.
  7. Parity Issue during drive swap

    Hi guys. I know this is a newb post but I have no problem swallowing my pride and asking for help. I was performing a drive swap procedure on Parity 1 with a different 8TB drive. I performed a parity rebuild on the "new" Parity 1 drive and it showed successful. For good measure I decided to perform a parity check with "do not write corrections to parity". This completed but showed 148 errors. I have never in my history of UnRaid had errors during or after Parity check. What would your recommendation be? I thought about rebooting the server re-seating the drives, and performing a check again but allowing it to write corrections to Parity. How do I know the errors are with the Parity? I am attaching the diagnostic log and I do still have the original Parity 1 drive and have not pre-cleared it yet. There was nothing wrong with it. Any an all help is much appreciated. Thanks, Andrew
  8. Preclear plugin

    Sorry I did not try another browser. I have never used anything other than Firefox with my UnRaid dealings. Everything works with Chrome. This seems to be an issue with Firefox as documented in this post
  9. Preclear plugin

    Updated preclear and I don't know if this is related or not but Im having issues. Unable to remove plugins (all) the check box does not appear and the "remove" button stays unselectable. At the same time I am unable to select a notification type or trigger when starting a preclear. Tried a reboot. Any advice? Thanks, Andrew
  10. 6.4 beta?

    I think in my trial I loaded 4.7 but when I realized my 2 3TB drives would not work correctly I think I went to a beta v5. Only time I have ever been in the beta crowd lol. I am still running the same server (upgraded along the way) and now have 50TB of disks in it lol. Man you guys have grown but I still consider myself an UnRaid newb. I appreciate this forum everyone I have a question.
  11. Preclear plugin

    I have never used the "Erase and Clear" option. Is the erase cycle normally significantly slower? I am running this on a 8TB 7200rpm NAS drive model ST8000VN002 and I am 38 hours in on step 1. Its staying right around 50 MB/s Edit: It finished erasing after 45 hours and moved onto zeroing. Zeroing at 240 MB/s. Thanks.
  12. Any one using a tripp lite ups? [Update: Mine works]

    I have an older rackmount and it never worked right. Even using nut. It was one of the little SMART500RT1U units. It has been replaced by a APC SmartUPS 1000. None of them I paid for. So I would never actually pay for a triplite if I wanted to use it for UnRaid
  13. LSI Controller FW updates IR/IT modes

    Gotcha. Thanks!
  14. LSI Controller FW updates IR/IT modes

    Hi, I am currently using this 16 port card LSI0024 (9201-16i) which I believe is the SAS2116 controller. I installed this thing about 1.5 years ago and just plugged it in and went to town. Its been working pretty well for me. I average about 110 MB/s parity check speeds with Dual Parity. I am just now reading about all this cross flashing / IT mode, etc. Is this something I need to do? Is it possible this will help my issue of not being able to reboot my server when my APC USB communication cable is plugged in? I have an older Smart UPS and whenever the USB cable is plugged into the Unraid server Unraid will not boot. It just sits on a blank screen with a flashing underscore. I have checked boot options on the mobo, nothing is available that isnt my flash drive or a data drive. Would IT mode help that problem? Thanks for all advice!
  15. Typical gigabit transfer speeds?

    Yea. I almost wish I had tried a difference PCI port. Thats one thing I hadn't done yet. Tower is using a Gold certified Seasonic power supply and is plugged into a APC Smart UPS so I would hope the power quality is good. I could bring a ln o-scope home from work and tinker. But probably wont lol. I'm happy for now! No trees were harmed in the sending of this message, however, a significant number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.
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