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  1. High Read on one Drive

    Active streams plugin or alternatively open files plugin
  2. [Plugin] CA Appdata Backup / Restore

    Auto Update Settings: Docker, Update Check Frequency: Disabled, Then either either update all applications, or set it to no and cherry pick what you want updated. Backup Settings: Update Applications on Restart: Yes Edit: Even though it does come with basically that as defaults, because the cfg file doesn't exist, Backup assumes you don't want it to run. Make a change, any change in the settings, change it back and apply. The cfg file will get written.
  3. Unknown setting

    unRaid is trying to spin down the drive. You can change the sleep settings for the drive by clicking on Main, Cache Devices, Cache
  4. [Plugin] CA Appdata Backup / Restore

    You need to go to auto update settings and set it up
  5. HELP: Upgrade CPU with microcode.dat file

    Don't think that will work. AFAIK microcode updates have to be applied at every boot unless they're part of a BIOS update
  6. Admittedly I didn't read you entire post (TLDR), but the above is quite normal on many add-on controllers (not just SAS). The alternative is to utilize spinup groups where disk A, B, and C will all spin up simultaneously when any of them are accessed, or to always keep the drives spinning.
  7. [SOLVED] Dockers gone!

    You're looking at a setting that GB, but looking at the size elsewhere listed in Bytes (ie: your 21 is actually GiB, not GB) I suspect that you're going to see the same problem again though. Install Fix Common Problems, and it'll let you know as the docker.img starts getting full. Then you've probably got say a downloader saving files into the image instead of appdata (or /downloads), runaway logging, etc. Peruse the Docker FAQ here
  8. [Plugin] CA Fix Common Problems

    All versions of FCP would issue the same error. FCP highlights things that tend to trip people up. As with in the world, there may be valid reasons to do what is seemingly wrong. Just ignore the error.
  9. [SOLVED] Dockers gone!

    The image is getting a write error when it mounts probable due to the image being either full or corrupted. Easiest course of action is settings, docker, advanced, stop the service, the delete the image and then restart the service Following that, apps tab, previous apps section, and reinstall your old apps. No adjustment of the templates will be necessary. We can't however address why the image filled up though until after everything gets back and running
  10. [SOLVED] Dockers gone!

    Post your diagnostics. Even though you rebooted, it should still show what's going on.
  11. Should basically work out of the box. You can fine tune the parameters as needed.
  12. [Plugin] CA Fix Common Problems

    That's my bad. Pushed the change, then didn't have a chance to check before I had to run out. Try it again 2017.10.15a
  13. You'll have to flash it to IT mode if it doesn't come like that. https://forums.lime-technology.com/topic/12114-lsi-controller-fw-updates-irit-modes/ Should be plug and play. But, never hurts to take a screen shot of your drive assignments (and back up the flash drive) just in case the old controller and the new one name the drives slightly differently.
  14. Call traces found (diags included)

    Update the preclear / unassigned devices plugins if any updates are available. The actual trace is referencing this: https://forums.lime-technology.com/topic/46802-faq-for-unraid-v6/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-589187
  15. dmaxwell was last online in June. Last posted in April. Last update to to the container was 6 months ago.
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