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  1. leave drive spun down

    Far more to this request that simply at shutdown / stopping the array. Because unRaid can spin up any/all drives concurrently under various circumstances (parity check starting, drive became disabled, or even simply simultaneous reads/writes from all drives etc) I would think that this would be a rather big overhaul to how the system handles things. True enough. But, the assumption that HBA's tend to make is that drives are in one or more RAID groups and that the drives themselves stay spinning once spun up.
  2. What's the correct folder to put cron scripts in?

    K. I'm assuming you're adding a file called something.cron The .cron file is a cron expression and then the full path to the script you're running E.g.: 0 12 * * * /path/to/script.sh
  3. What's the correct folder to put cron scripts in?

    Easiest solution is to run the script on a custom schedule via the user scripts plugin. You may need to specify the complete path to mdcmd
  4. Migrating from Debian to unRaid

    It's not a log per se. Rather its that such and such drive now has x number of reallocated sectors, drive x has been disabled due to a write failure, etc. You'd still need to investigate (especially for a disabled drive) why it became disabled - a legitimate write failure, the controller kicked it due to cabling, etc. Doesn't particularly matter. Only real time the flash is accessed is at boot time, so the speed increase is negligible. You will tend to have fewer problems with USB2 ports regardless of whether the drive is USB2/3. I'm still using a 512Meg USB1 flash drive on one of my servers.
  5. Migrating from Debian to unRaid

    Split levels to tell unRaid to keep certain levels of subfolders together on the same drive Per share basis. Public - Everyone has RW access Secure - Everyone has read-only access, certain users have RW access Private - Only certain users have read only, certain users have RW. Other users have no access Additionally, shares can be set to be "hidden" which won't display them when browsing through the network unless you know the name of them. If you set up notifications, you'll be emailed (or via push-bullet etc on your phone) when certain attributes on drives change.
  6. Mover script fails

    What are you expecting it to move? What are the share settings for that share? With the snippet you've posted it appears that your system share resides on disk1. Stop the VMs, and the docker service. Run mover (they'll get moved to the cache drive as that share is obviously set to be use cache prefer)then re enable
  7. cache drive issues

    While USB drives are supported it is really not recommended as disconnects are relatively common with that interface
  8. https://forums.lime-technology.com/topic/57820-limetech-release-process-how-do-i-install-prereleases/
  9. Unable to mount Harddisk

    Within Settings - UD Settings, you need to enable "Destructive Mode" From what appears when you hit "Help" on Main, Unassigned Devices
  10. [Plugin] CA Auto Turbo Write Mode

    The 1 is correct. The script should work. Not tested though.
  11. [Plugin] CA Auto Turbo Write Mode

    Run this as a script before mover starts /usr/local/sbin/mdcmd set md_write_method 1 After mover is done and drives start spinnning down, the auto turbo script will detect it and disable it.
  12. High Read on one Drive

    Active streams plugin or alternatively open files plugin
  13. [Plugin] CA Appdata Backup / Restore

    Auto Update Settings: Docker, Update Check Frequency: Disabled, Then either either update all applications, or set it to no and cherry pick what you want updated. Backup Settings: Update Applications on Restart: Yes Edit: Even though it does come with basically that as defaults, because the cfg file doesn't exist, Backup assumes you don't want it to run. Make a change, any change in the settings, change it back and apply. The cfg file will get written.
  14. Unknown setting

    unRaid is trying to spin down the drive. You can change the sleep settings for the drive by clicking on Main, Cache Devices, Cache
  15. [Plugin] CA Appdata Backup / Restore

    You need to go to auto update settings and set it up
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