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  1. Its the files from the flash drive that are being uploaded continuously. Currently the backup deletes the existing backup within appdata for the flash then simply recopies it (flash drive got tacked on, and it was a simple solution to how to handle it). I'll issue an update to switch it over to an rsync, but in the meantime, you can set a separate destination for it outside of what rclone is looking at
  2. No where near enough information, as for instance Why is it copying the files over to the backup set... Post the settings for the backup..
  3. Easy enough. I can't test it though until next Friday's round of lsio updates, so a release will have to wait until then. You will however have the same issue on any docker stops issued by unRaid itself (array stop, etc) as there is no option for that, and will utilize docker's default of 10 seconds.
  4. If you're using dated backup sets, then rclone would in fact continually upload every day because the folder name itself has changed every single time the backup runs, even though only a few files within the folder have changed. If you're not using dated backup sets, then it should work fine for you as the datestamp on all of the files is correct, and unchanged files are not updated in any way at all. But feel free to play around with the rsync options if you choose. On my system, the timestamps are not changing
  5. Internet slang. Opening post or original poster. In this case it means opening post (first post of thread)
  6. Diagnostics would tell the story.
  7. Doubt it. Sounds more like the write was corrupted. (or your memory is no good -> run memtest)
  8. IE: copy on the flash the contents of the "previous" folder to the root (over write all files), then boot the server again. After its back up, try the upgrade again.
  9. The errors that precede the write errors are all implying bad / poor cabling / power / HBA. Reseat everything. Minimize power splitters, etc
  10. How do I get a command prompt within a docker application? docker exec -it NameOfContainer /bin/bash
  11. In case anyone is wondering, I am attempting to recreate the docker FAQ during my spare time, as it doesn't appear that the issue that is currently affecting it is getting much attention. THIS WILL BE THE LAST TIME I DO THIS. While it may seem surprising to some, I do have better things to do, but this community needs this resource, even in a scaled down form than its previous iteration.
  12. If I need to delete my docker.img file, will I lose my application's settings, etc? No. Pretty much any application available on the apps tab stores all of its information outside of the docker.img file and within the Appdata share. Re-adding the applications after recreating the docker.img file is easily done through a variety of methods: - Docker Tab, click Add Container, then select the appropriate user template via the template dropdown list - Apps Tab: Go to the Previously installed apps section and reinstall the appropriate application - Advanced Buttons plugin: If you have save a "state" of applications, then you can restore them all at once. Either method will automatically install the apps the exact same way as before. No modifications of the templates should be necessary. After the downloads are completed, it will be like nothing ever happened.
  13. Fix Common Problems plugin is complaining about UD Mounted paths not mounted with the Slave Option. What do I do? See here:
  14. Fix Common Problems plugin is complaining about Container Port x not found or changed on installed applications. What do I do? As a general rule, there is absolutely zero need for you to ever edit the container port for any given application. (And unRaid 6.3+ makes this harder to do). Only ever edit the Host port. There are however some cases where the template author / maintainer adds in an extra port to support an extra feature, etc for the application. Your best course of action is always to ask in the appropriate support thread for the application.
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