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  1. There's an entry in the Docker FAQ about that
  2. What version of unRaid? And post up the docker run command
  3. If you had chosen the "user templates" IE: my* templates from the drop down, everything is already prefilled out for you. Alternatively you could have also used the apps tabs and the previous apps section to accomplish everything.
  4. 250 Pending.
  5. I was going to add a comment to the app within CA until I noticed this in your MineOS template <Repository>yujiod/minecraft-mineos</Repository>
  6. You get the diagnostics from the tools tab. Not sure about the errors. Probably be good to wait for the resident guru @johnnie.black Sent from my SM-T560NU using Tapatalk
  7. You need to Check Disk Filesystem on disks 1 & 2 Disk 3 & 5 did drop offline, but it may be a simple case of cabling being loose. BTW, its recommended to always upload the complete diagnostics as the file contains the SMART info for the drives, the syslog, and a whack of other items.
  8. Updated FCP to not report this
  9. Every disk sector contains a ton of ECC information so that in case of a misread bit or two (which happens all the time), the sector can be properly reconstructed. Its when this process fails that you get the reported uncorrectable / reallocated sectors etc. Seagate is one of the rare companies that actually reports the value. You only need to worry about it when the value begins to approach the threshold
  10. But, back on topic, best wild guess cause is this line in the log I'm going to take a flyer and say that because of that, libresonic is storing stuff within RAM which is causing the issue. It should be /mnt/cache/...
  11. As do I, but if I see it installed and there's memory issues then I also recommend to uninstall it.
  12. And like every other test, FCP highlights what tends to trip people up. If you know what you're doing, then there's no reason why you shouldn't put stuff within /mnt (and then ignore the error)
  13. Have you been manually editing the share .cfg files? They don't look quite right. Here's the TV.cfg # Generated settings: shareExport=e shareExportNfs= shareExportNfsFsid=0 shareComment= shareValidUsers= shareInvalidUsers= shareExceptions= shareInclude= shareExclude= shareUseCache=yes shareAllocator=highwater shareSplitLevel=1 shareFloor=0 vs your share starting with "3" # Generated settings: shareComment="" shareInclude="" shareExclude="" shareUseCache="yes" shareCOW="auto" shareAllocator="highwater" shareSplitLevel="" shareFloor="0" shareExport="e" shareSecurity="public" shareReadList="" shareWriteList="" shareExportNFS="-" shareExportNFSFsid="0" shareSecurityNFS="public" shareHostListNFS="" shareExportAFP="-" shareSecurityAFP="public" shareReadListAFP="" shareWriteListAFP="" shareVolsizelimitAFP="" shareVoldbpathAFP="" They're supposed to look like the 3 share one. I would go into each share's settings, change the use cache to say no, then change it back to yes and go from there
  14. Post the diagnostics Because files contained on the cache drive are part of the user share system. IE: Its the same file you comparing
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