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  1. Tried doing an advanced search and narrowing by User?
  2. Green Drives = WD Drives = Garbage Drives
  3. Page # 1: https://web.archive.org/web/20160701083948/http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=40937.0 Additional pages are not present on the wayback machine
  4. The plugin leverages the built-in functionality of turbo mode aka reconstruct write available under disk settings to enable / disable turbo write mode depending upon the number of hard disks currently spinning. Main difference is that enabling turbo write via disk settings means you're always using turbo mode while the plugin bounces back and forth. Plugin is basically used to take advantage of when all drives are already spinning, but when some drives are spun down to drop down to the slower mode so that you save money on your hydro bill. Trurl may not have been aware of its existence.
  5. That's a typo of mine in resetting permissions via Ransomware protection plugin. Nothing to actually do with anything unless you have disk shares enabled and directly access the disks over the network.
  6. Might be simply a case of loose / bad sata cable / power to the cache drive, as a ton of errors from the driver either follow or precede the reiserfs errors. I'd reseat the cabling and see what happens. If still the problems, Check disk filesystem on the cache drive. As an aside, of any drives that should get converted over to XFS, I'd put the priority one as the cache drive, as by far its going to receive the most amount of writes in the system....
  7. IRQ 16 got disabled (why is anyone's guess), and then the kernel decided to disable one of the USB ports. I'm not the expert on this, but if you have no other issues, then I wouldn't lose sleep over it right now. Drives get disabled when a write to it fails. No other reason. I think the clue here is this: I'd hazard a guess that you have a crappy connection / cable / backplane to the drive that's causing all of this, since its seems to be relegated to this particular drive
  8. Not quite sure how to take that... Good / Bad / Annoyed at my humor or what.... Certainly hoping that its annoyed at the humor.... Can't have people thinking that I'm "normal" or anything like that.... While your issue with what appears to be a kernel oops hasn't reappeared, its hard to tell what happened because the beginning of it scrolled off the screen (and you may not have been able to scroll it back up) Post your diagnostics after this happens (try logging in to the local console and type "diagnostics". )
  9. Yup... Actually didn't think of that more likely scenario
  10. Don't bother following the link in the OP to hit the old version of the Docker FAQ. The link is no longer functional, and the entire docker FAQ is currently unavailable for the time being
  11. IIRC dynamix smart drive db update was released when there was an issue with the smartdb then currently present in unRaid being way out of date. Since then, LT has been updating the smartDB with every release, so the plugin shouldn't be needed anymore (hence why its not available in CA which is why FCP yells about it).
  12. Odds on, you do not have the EXACT same mapping for your downloads (both host and container) mapped to the radarr container. (Or you're downloading into the appdata share for NZBget instead of a dedicated download share) The actual error from Radarr will tell the story
  13. Are you sure about that? Or is it just an old docker.img file...
  14. It should work just pointing the config folder to the already existing appdata folder. Ask in the lsio support thread for plex to confirm Sent from my LG-D852 using Tapatalk
  15. So I discovered also today. Waiting for a response from @jonp with regards to this They did work when I posted originally. Sent from my LG-D852 using Tapatalk
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