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  1. Map /usr/bin to a folder in the container. Have your script directly reference the appropriate path. You May need to map / instead Sent from my LG-D852 using Tapatalk
  2. Quick googling shows this: lsof | grep inotify > /boot/inotify.txt Then edit the file inotify.txt on the flash drive (using Notepad++)
  3. I see the same thing (I'd guess you tried to start ~2:43) Jul 21 14:43:22 Tower emhttp: err: mdcmd: write: No such file or directory Jul 21 14:43:22 Tower emhttp: shcmd (130): rmmod md-mod |& logger Jul 21 14:43:22 Tower kernel: mdcmd (41): start STOPPED Jul 21 14:43:22 Tower kernel: md: do_run: lock_bdev error: -2 Jul 21 14:43:22 Tower kernel: md: unRAID driver removed Admittedly, I don't know everything, and that error is something I'm not familiar with and can't recall seeing around here. Perhaps @limetech might have some better understanding. Also might want to email support@lime-technology.com pointing them to this thread with an explanation.
  4. Safe thing is to try and start, then post another diagnostics.
  5. Did you try and start the array during before grabbing the diagnostics? If so its probably this line Jul 21 11:00:15 Tower kernel: md: do_run: lock_bdev error: -2 of which I have no idea. Side question: Are you really running a 100Mbit/s network? Just so rare nowadays to see one still running.
  6. Probably the recommended way of changing the watches is through the tips and tweaks plugin, but what you did is fine.
  7. From looking at the history for Dynamix on GitHub, it appears that Bonienl has modified dynamix to prevent unnecessary disk spin ups for unassigned devices. Won't be published however until 6.4RC7+
  8. Known, and to be expected. If you hit the command line, then you have to take the appropriate precautions. The Open Files plugin might help. Before shutting down, open a new tab pointed at it, and shut down from another tab.. Additionally, if off of a clean shutdown you get parity checks when rebooting, then try stopping the array. Once its stopped, run diagnostics and then post. Alternatively, install Fix Common Problems, toss it into troubleshooting mode, then try and stop / reboot the array. Maybe something will show up in the syslog
  9. Anything executed in the "go" file is run before the array is started. Mounting the drives is going to wind up spinning up the drives. While I can't comment on why the drives won't spin down when mounted with UD, what you're going to want to do is either: Set up a script with UD that runs after the mount happens and starts a background process to spin it down after your timeout happens Run your script with the user.scripts plugin to do the same thing.
  10. Put Fix Common Problems into troubleshooting mode, make note of what it says to do after the crash, then start the array and wait for the problem to happen.
  11. Does it make a difference if you map a drive in windows to that particular share? Don't do this against all the drives / shares if you run any docker apps. There's a reason docker safe new permissions exist.
  12. The file attached to the post. Save it on the flash drive, then enter in that command. I got rid of the popup in the hopes that something might appear. It's a hail-mary.
  13. The browser is timing out on the response from the code. And since there's no response the popup won't close. Not sure why as I've ran that popup waiting for a response for over a half hour at a time. Try: A different browser Clearing browser cache or navigating to instead of /server and try again. The last resort is to download the file attached to the flash drive then cp /boot/UnraidDVB.page /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/UnraidDVB/UnraidDVB.page[code] Load the DVB settings again, wait say 10 minutes, and maybe something will appear on the screen. After that, I'm completely out of ideas since neither I nor @CHBMB can replicate. (Beyond completely simplifying your network and basically going back to a stock normal network) But try the above ideas first. UnraidDVB.page
  14. That's fine. Slower than mine, but more than acceptable. Only other possibility is a javascript error. Can go back to the settings, load unRaid DVB, wait a couple of minutes, then: (I'm assuming you're using Chrome) Right click anywhere within the window and say inspect. Within the new window, click on "console" and then post whatever errors appear.
  15. Does this command work without an error (and how long does it take) curl --max-time 60 --insecure --location --fail https://files.linuxserver.io/unraid-dvb-rc/
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