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  1. [Support] Djoss - MKVCleaver

    This is the thread for MKVCleaver
  2. Real Docker FAQ

    Why are some of my applications randomly stopping and won't restart? (unRaid 6.4+ with Unassigned Devices mounting SMB shares) Several possible reasons for this: Corrupted or full docker.img file -> covered elsewhere in this FAQ Corrupted files in the appdata folder -> may be easiest to simply delete the appdata and start over again But, this FAQ entry will deal with another possibility. You're using the unassigned devices plugin to mount a remote share via SMB hosted on another server or computer and have passed that mount to the docker application in question. (If you're not using UD to mount a remote smb share none of this applies to you You will notice this in a few different ways After attempting to restart the application you will get a rather vague "Server Execution Error" appear You syslog may contain the following entries Nov 11 18:20:14 Test kernel: CIFS VFS: Error -104 sending data on socket to server Nov 11 18:20:14 Test kernel: CIFS VFS: Error -32 sending data on socket to server From the command prompt an "ls" command will return "Stale File Handle" when attempting to list the contents of the remote share Instead of restarting the container you edit it, make a change, revert the change and then apply you will see the docker run command which will fail with an error of Stale NFS file handle The solution is within Unassigned Devices' settings to Force SMB Mounts to use SMBv1 This problem isn't limited to docker containers itself though. It is a consequence that not all systems will properly support SMBv2/3, and those mount points you made in unRaid & Unassigned Devices may become unavailable over the network or to any application.
  3. [Support] Djoss - MKVCleaver

    Any progress on this problem?
  4. How to change permissions

    If you have Fix Common Problems installed, then Tools - Docker Safe New Permissions If you don't have it installed, then Tools - New Permissions, and make sure to only run it against the share that you're having trouble with Going forward, use a UMASK value of 0 in nzbget's settings (Security, umask) (at least I've never had a problem with a setting of 0) But, assuming that you have the far more common problem of Sonarr / Radarr etc have moved the file into place and then you can't do anything with it, within those apps you set (under show advanced settings) permissions on the moved / written files to be 0777
  5. Got it fixed on my server. Will issue a PR tonight for this.
  6. Known issue. Only recourse at the moment is renaming the share to something else.
  7. Apparently there are https://ferhatakgun.com/network-share-performance-differences-between-nfs-smb/ on synthetic tests. But those gains may or may not be realized in the real world.
  8. FTP and ControlR-App problems

    You didn't need to remove it. Simply edit the container and switch network mode from bridge back to host where it belongs Nothing particularly jumped out at me for the diagnostics and your problems, but I did make a PR to limetech to modify the diagnostics a bit to help out in situations like this. (Athough it could be because of your rather low-powered CPU and the system currently running a parity check - it wouldn't cause a crash, but it might slow everything down enough to make you think it did)
  9. Add another SSD to the cache?

    By default a cache pool is redundant so 500+500=500, although this can be changed via the command line Duplicati to backup anything. But for simply just backing up the appdata for your containers, then CA Appdata Backup / Restore plugin
  10. No. Thank YOU. Always appreciated.
  11. You've never actually said what your actual problem is. (with a screenshot if applicable)
  12. [support] limetech's docker repository

    lol. Now that's A1 support on a commercial product You've got this problem Dec 9 20:04:42 server-pc kernel: ata5.00: disabled followed by a million errors of Dec 11 08:50:44 server-pc kernel: sd 5:0:0:0: [sdf] tag#8 UNKNOWN(0x2003) Result: hostbyte=0x04 driverbyte=0x00 Dec 11 08:50:44 server-pc kernel: sd 5:0:0:0: [sdf] tag#8 CDB: opcode=0x85 85 06 20 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 40 e5 00 The drive dropped offline (possibly due to cabling being loose, etc) Is this an unassigned device or something (ST3000DM001-1CH166_Z1F24MMQ ), as its not assigned to the array so far as I can tell.
  13. A reboot will probably be best after making the change
  14. FTP and ControlR-App problems

    command is diagnostics and then upload the resulting file.
  15. FTP and ControlR-App problems

    yes diagnostics

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