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  1. Make sure under Settings/Network setting the first DNS server IP address points to your DC. What version of Windows server are you connecting to? We haven't done a lot of retesting of AD after updating our networking to support VLAN's - could be an issue here.
  2. You can type: mover stop This will stop the 'mover' when it's finished coping the current file being copied. If there are unmoved hard links to files already moved, those will be copied as files instead of recreating hard links upon next run of the 'mover'.
  3. With respect, this post adds nothing unless you can provide more details. What were the circumstances under which this happened? Were you using a backup program or just transferring files? Did it result after file was moved by mover? Can you reproduce? This might not even be an unRaid issue depending on answers to this.
  4. In the 6.4 series there will be some significant changes in the way shfs handles timestamps. This is to address this issue: And address other backup-related issues. Hopefully these changes will correct the problem your backup program is exposing as well.
  5. Please elaborate on exactly what happened.
  6. Yes you should Stop array and then Start again. I think it says to do that in the Install Key dialog box.
  7. You installed the key? It should appear on usb flash in 'config' directory. What does it say on the Registration page?
  8. Right, you cannot transfer an existing Trial config to a different USB flash device. If you copy everything from your current USB flash to a new USB flash device, and then install a Basic/Plus/Pro key, your configuration will be retained.
  9. At present this is not strictly true. Your key file is tied only to your USB flash GUID. We do keep an association in our database of email/key, but that is mainly to help us process manual key replacement requests. When a key replacement occurs we are rebinding the key to a new usb flash GUID, and you will get sent a new key file. At that point you should delete the old key file and discard the old USB flash device.
  10. If you have a lot of memory pressure you can try installing the Swap file plugin listed in Community Apps.
  11. Normally for this kind of error I'd say check your cabling, reseat controllers, etc., but it looks like there is nothing attached to that port. What unRaid OS version did you upgrade from?
  12. Using latest bios for your motherboard?
  13. Does 6.3.3 exhibit the same problem? If so, please post a new topic in Defect Reports board so that it can be tracked better.
  14. Upgrade Instructions Clicking 'Check for Updates' on the Plugins page is the preferred way to upgrade. If the new version does not appear, you can manually update by selecting the Install Plugin tab, paste this URL and click Install: Alternately the release may be Downloaded. In this case it is usually only necessary to copy all the bz* files from the compressed folder to the root of your USB flash boot device. Please also read the unRAID OS version 6 Upgrade Notes for answers to common issues that may arise following upgrade. Changes This is a bug fix and security update release. Base distro: reiserfsprogs: version 3.6.24 (downgrade to address reiserfsck regression) samba: version 4.5.7 (CVE-2017-2619) Linux kernel: version 4.9.19 added CONFIG_BLK_DEV_PCIESSD_MTIP32XX: Block Device Driver for Micron PCIe SSDs (user request) Management: emhttp: get rid of SO_LINGER on connection socket emhttp: override array autostart if safe boot mode emhttp: silence "Transport endpoint is not connected" messages emhttp: btrfs cache pool set to raid1 only on new pool creation syslinux: include "unRAID OS GUI Safe Mode (no plugins)" boot option update hwdata/{pci.ids,usb.ids,oui.txt,manuf.txt} update_cron: generate system cron table only from installed plugins webGui: Ignore mover log entries in color coding webGui: Fixed wrong reference to Display Settings in Main page webGui: Fixed: missing creating of eth10 settings page webGui: Add in links to dashboard webGui: SweetAlert bugfixes webGui: Add tooltipster to dynamix and add a tooltip in DiskIO toggle at /Main webGui: Fixed DNS server assignment when changing VLANs webGui: Fixed DNS server assignment follows IP address assignment webGui: Fixed incorrect display of BTRFS check for non-btrfs disks. Removed unused buttons. webGui: Fixed missing csrf token and code optimizations in SMART report generation webGui: Cleanup unused parameters when saving configuration files webGui: Disk read/write IO in background daemon webGui: Remove the old temp .plg file on remove webGui: Remove href bookmarks on anchor elements webGui: Provide control to initiate btrfs balance on btrfs-formatted array devices and single cache device. webGui: Remove preset btrfs balance options; btrfs-raid1 is default only for initial creation of multi-device pool. webGui: DeviceInfo shows all check/balance/scrub operations but greyed out depending on arry started state webGui: Add lscpu output to diagnositics webGui: toggling acs override will now apply to all boot options in syslinux.cfg
  15. Please hold off on that until after 6.3.3/6.4.0-rc1 is released since we are about to release. I agree we should deprecate ReiserFS but here are the reasons we haven't taken an official stance on this yet (other than making xfs the default for array disks and btrfs the default for cache): So far it really hasn't been much of an issue until this latest upgrade to reiserfsprogs. Yes there was a big snafu a couple years ago with data corruption, but reiserfs hasn't been the only filesystem to ever have those kinds of regressions. I thought the reiserfs maintainers learned their lesson with that one, but the differences between current reisersfsprogs and previous is that SUSE, for some damn reason, decided to "refactor" and put some common code into a library. Why they decided to do this with legacy s/w is a total mystery to me. But you all are right, it's time to dump this thing, but... It doesn't feel right to tell everyone to not use a filesystem, and in fact recommend to migrate off, when we don't provide a tool for doing so. The solution to this will come in 6.4 series where we also fix the "Unexplained Disk Spinups" issue. To fix that issue we are generalizing the 'mover' to be able to move contents of any device to any other device or device set. The implementation of this utility will fix the spinup bug but can also be used to depopulate a device. A couple reasons to depopulate a device would be in preparation of removing from service, or in preparation for changing the filesystem on the device.
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