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  1. We still have plenty of reiserfs disks in various servers, never see any "hangs". If you see this you definitely should start array in Maintenance mode and run File System Check.
  2. Please use latest 6.3.4 unRAID OS release. What do you mean by "hang"? Meaning webGui? If so can you still log into console? Can you still access shares over the network? When you are in this "hang" condition, and can access console, type: diagnostics This will place time-stamped diagnostic file on your usb flash in the 'logs' directory. Please upload that. You should be able to high power button on your server or from console you should also be able to type 'reboot' or 'powerdown' - that might take 60 sec to finish if indeed webgui is in "hanging" state, but it should work.
  3. This was probably due to a bug which was fixed in this release: webGui: fixed timing issue where sometimes a cache assignment would not be preserved Maybe this was actually the first time you rebooted after making the initial assignment? This bug was caused by a timing issue in webGui where 'Apply' buttons are initially disabled until the page loads and then javascript re-enables. Was hard to reproduce but we caught it once and fixed. Seemed to be some combination of browser/PC speed/server speed/dynamix configuration.
  4. Yes that's right.
  5. Upgrade Instructions Clicking 'Check for Updates' on the Plugins page is the preferred way to upgrade. If the new version does not appear, you can manually update by selecting the Install Plugin tab, paste this URL and click Install: Alternately the release may be Downloaded. In this case it is usually only necessary to copy all the bz* files from the compressed folder to the root of your USB flash boot device. Please also read the unRAID OS version 6 Upgrade Notes for answers to common issues that may arise following upgrade. Changes This is a bug fix and security update release. Base distro: libedit: 20160903_3.1 libevent: 2.1.8 ncurses: 6.0 ntp: version 4.2.8p10 (CVE-2017-6464, CVE-2017-6463, CVE-2017-6458, CVE-2017-6460, CVE-2016-9042, CVE-2017-6462, CVE-2017-6451, CVE-2017-6455, CVE-2017-6452, CVE-2017-6459) mozilla-firefox: version 53.0 (CVE-2017-5433, CVE-2017-5435, CVE-2017-5436, CVE-2017-5461, CVE-2017-5459, CVE-2017-5466, CVE-2017-5434, CVE-2017-5432, CVE-2017-5460, CVE-2017-5438, CVE-2017-5439, CVE-2017-5440, CVE-2017-5441, CVE-2017-5442, CVE-2017-5464, CVE-2017-5443, CVE-2017-5444, CVE-2017-5446, CVE-2017-5447, CVE-2017-5465, CVE-2017-5448, CVE-2016-10196, CVE-2017-5454, CVE-2017-5455, CVE-2017-5456, CVE-2017-5469, CVE-2017-5445, CVE-2017-5449, CVE-2017-5450, CVE-2017-5451, CVE-2017-5462, CVE-2017-5463, CVE-2017-5467, CVE-2017-5452, CVE-2017-5453, CVE-2017-5458, CVE-2017-5468, CVE-2017-5430, CVE-2017-5429) Linux kernel: version 4.9.28 added QLogic Ethernet support (user request): CONFIG_QLA3XXX: QLogic QLA3XXX Network Driver Support CONFIG_QLCNIC: QLOGIC QLCNIC 1/10Gb Converged Ethernet NIC Support CONFIG_QLGE: QLogic QLGE 10Gb Ethernet Driver Support CONFIG_NETXEN_NIC: NetXen Multi port (1/10) Gigabit Ethernet NIC md/unraid version: 2.7.2 bug fix: if one disabled disk and another invalid disk, should not be able to unassign third disk Management: create ntp and avahi users if missing update smartmontools drivedb and hwdata/{pci.ids,usb.ids,oui.txt,manuf.txt} emhttp: if valid old key on same usb flash device as Trial key, offer to replace key emhttp: fix 'btrfs check' running status not detected correctly webGui: fixed timing issue where sometimes a cache assignment would not be preserved webGui: Upgrade tooltipster to version 4.2.3 webGui: Fixed file read errors when system is started but array is stopped webGui: Fixed regression error in erroneous display of disk table on Dashboard webGui: Registration page refinements
  6. Probably won't make into 6.4 but I use a procedure very similar to your "Method 2". FWIW we use btrfs exclusively for all VM vdisks and all development. Haven't had any issues whatsoever.
  7. Exactly right. This happened to me when we lived in Colorado. Had a server in an unheated building with drives spun down. Temps got below freezing and I spun up all the drives for a parity check - lost about 5 drives out of 12 all at once. First and only time I ever had more than one drive failure. Thankfully didn't lose all the data, just the ones on those drives. After that I started putting a cardboard box over the server. That kept everything warm enough with drives spun down. Of course, removed the box in the spring
  8. This thread is spam and will be deleted by end of day.
  9. comfox- What is the history of this pool? Meaning, do you recall which unRAID OS version you were running when you first created the pool? Also, in your email to me you say this is the third "catastrophic" failure - please elaborate on that here.
  10. It's going to be device-level encryption that would apply to all assigned devices. "Go big or go home"
  11. Right, no Spotlight support is currently built-in to unRAID, mainly because we don't include "Gnome Tracker". Here are my notes on the subject: I am going to move this topic to Feature Requests.
  12. There are a bunch of these lines in the syslog from the you sent me: May 2 11:01:17 Tower root: error: plugins/unassigned.devices/UnassignedDevices.php: wrong csrf_token Please boot in 'safe mode' to verify things are working then please make sure all your plugins are up-to-date.
  13. Sure we'll get these drivers into the next release.
  14. Yes but neither are transfer times either.
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